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Seeing Things Since I Was Around The Age Of Two.


Everyone, I need help with this. I have been seeing things since I was around the age of two. It somehow got progressively worse, from seeing things that happened while I was asleep then seeing into the future while I was asleep. To seeing Dead family members, and also people I don't know.

It got really bad when I entered the fifth grade. That is when If I concentrated on someone I could see into there conscious almost snapping into it. Its very very odd that this has been happening. I like being able to do these things, but I really need some advice now. I have taken an astral test on an different website, and scored a 11159 putting me in the top 100's of that website.

I am 14 now I would like any advice on this, and no I refuse to talk to the dead people I see. I am a huge coward when it comes to this. Is anyone else facing these same things? Are there anyways to focus them, and strengthen them? Are there any theories, or facts as to why we have these problems? Is it due to child hood trauma? Or an indecent? Or is it run through out the family? All, and any information pertains to my "symptoms" would be greatly appreciated. Oh I don't know if this helps, but when I was two-seven I had an imaginary friend that could do these things he looked like a gargoyle almost.

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ZiShu (129 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-30)
I would like to help you with this. Since you said you don't want to talk to dead people, that's okay. You cannot exactly get rid of this ability but you can be more comfortable with you. I have helped many that had this gift. Basically you can control it to where it won't feel like scared any more. I can say, yes it does deal with some childhood trauma, but much much more is involved. It can also be some type of genetics. Can any of your scribblings or parents see spirits or mention having any abilities as well?
I would like to speak to you more about this in email contacts. That is your choice. I will keep everyone here updated if they wish. I just don't want to see you suffer from this and use this "gift" the wrong way. As everyone says on here, it will be okay, you are not alone at this at all.
A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-26)
This happens to me too, but pretty much never on purpose. The things I dream and See happen, and are usually bad. I'm an empath. Astral projection doesn't work for me. I've tried.
I talk to ghosts. With a few acceptions, they're fine, just like living people but smarter and far more approchable about matters. I understand your fear of them, but in all truth they're the ones who help me the most. And the people on this site.
Ghosts can explain your gift a lot better than I can. Most times either the spirits need you or the other way around. It's both in my case. They feel out of place in this world and don't show themselves to many because they would be feared. Very few people can See them, so consider yourself to be lucky. it out here, might help
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-26)
Seeing things while asleep is called: PreCognitive. See the future can be Askaic records, some see by remote viewing, while many see by astral projecting. I see what appears to be books which move quite swifly forming a pictures, sometimes it like a movie (hall of records aka: Askaic records). I seen family that passed, records, latey 2 different angels when I ask information. The beginning of the year I noticed more sound in my ears when I awoke. At one point it sounded like a space trip, past the white noise which people normally say is astral projection.

You can use the suggestions of shielding.
To keep out spirits,rituals, or just a strong will not to see.

There is nothing wrong with you. It is not something done incorrectly by speaking to a child hood guide. A key to seeing is using the imagination.
Some people see spirit because mom/or dad saw. It can also skip generations.

Others have said that spirits are attracted to the light we radiate while others are oblivious to their presence, ones with seight see/sense, know they are near.
A friend once told me she believed they were confused and thought they were moving toward the light but found her. She would then help them move up into the light with the help and assistance of her guides.

Best wishes
Callie (68 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-26)
Reading about your grandfather made me smile.:) It may seem shocking at times but he obviously has a reason to be sticking around and watching the two of you grow up.

Nothing can hurt you without your permission. It becomes an issue of your willpower versus theirs. There can be bullying spirits (or mean or evil ones) but my first impulse to say to that is - well, pop-pop's still there, right? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't let anything mess with your family.
Rain-Hannibal (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-26)
Towards Rich
Thankyou seeing as I tried practicing on people at my highschool today I was comnpletly drained and I didn't know why
and one more thing has anyone ever broken a table before? While they where very angry and the table leg kind of broke while someone was sitting on it?

Towards callie
Thankyou so much this has been one of the more harder things to deal with growing up seeing as my parents thought it was just imaginary friends until I started seeing deceased family members such as my grand father great grandmother and grand father
My 4 year old brother has seen my grand father but only once three days after he had died is there any ways these ghosts could harm us if they are an evil spirit?
I'm asking because my grandfather has pulled down the blankets in my bed and strkoed my hair back and even once pulled the recliner lever back in his favorite chair so that it flung forward
Towards Aroura
Thankyou is there anyway I could help them? Also what would I do if these ghosts mean harm and don't want help? I'm asking because I noticed one from a dream seemed to pop in and out of my sight today (during school) and the night before
Aurora1344 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-25)
If you think you spirits they come to you because you can see them they come to you for help with some unfinished business or guilt about something because your the only one who can help
Callie (68 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-25)
It can be creepy when dealing with spirits/astral entites/'dead people' etc. They always tend to have this sense of 'more power'.

'Testing the spirits' had been one of the hardest thing, at least for me, to learn to manage without fear; especially when they do total creepy like come up to you and call your name. It can feel like a violation and the beginning of a dialogue that you don't necessarily want to enter into.

It feels harsh when my brain defaults to the answer 'start from the beginning' when people have stories about being stuck 'starting in the middle', as it were, with these sorts of experiences. It feels like telling someone to read a driving manual when they tell you they're suddenly stuck driving a car down a freeway at top speed and aren't sure what to do next. However, being able to take some time to skim through that manual is valuable nonetheless. It will help in dealing with those situations the next time they arise. The only book in my library on that subject at the moment is one of Ivo's (Of Spirits), and though VERY thorough, it also assumes a base level of knowledge of energy working. As others have suggested, there may be articles here on the site that will bring things more down to earth for someone new to the terminologies used in dealing with spirit contact and energy manipulation.

Ability can run in a family, it can also seem to surface 'out of the blue'. Its always hard to approach family with these sorts of things and ask them 'am I the only one?' as they too may find it hard to ever admit to it. One trick I've found that works is to pick what could be an appropriate time and ask family members if they know any 'ghost stories'. This is an innocent way to get people to open up and admit to any experiences they may have had. Then you can use that knowledge to try and find out if it is a familial trait and if their experiences parallel your own.

My advice of course fits that which you have gotten so far which means - learn the basics. This involves developing a sense of control over the ability (to turn it 'on' or 'off' voluntarily) and/or developing self-defense mechanisms to deal with what does come through, when it comes through. At this point it would be your own choice of style - if you want to be 'always on and protected' or to set yourself up so that your abilities are only active when you enter a controlled mental state. There are obviously benefits and defecits to each.

At your age, of course, eveything will be haywire. I've gone through it, I'm sure lots of others here have gone through it:) It's something about the teen years. I think the cutrent theories state that it's loosely connected to the sequential activation of the chakras during different stages of grown and development of the physical body. At least there is the Internet now to find people who can deliver answers right away when 'spooky happens'. It helps us all not feel so alone.
AnandaHya (guest)
11 years ago (2011-01-25)
you should learn how to make and shape your psychic shields, meditate, etc. There are a lot of good articles and advice on the site.

Its like any skill or athelitic ability, you have to learn how and strenghten your muscles, these happen to be your mental muscles and psychic ones.
hippy (1 stories) (18 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-25)
Hello Rain-Hannibal,

Nice to meet you, seeing spirits, moving consciousness's, and such are not uncommon. There are many people that develop these abilities and usually have them start young also.

"I am a huge coward when it comes to this. Is anyone else facing these same things? Are there anyways to focus them, and strengthen them? Are there any theories, or facts as to why we have these problems? Is it due to child hood trauma? Or an indecent? Or is it run through out the family?"

I'm confused, are you scared or excited? It sounds like your both. To focus them, first step to pull yourself to the ground. Try not to act out on these abilities in society, because it may be that your not ready for the full effect it will have on your mind. Try practicing at home to turn it on and off, to control it's availability. Practice while your in bed, giving you time to think about the results. As far as strengthen, you have to know that you want to strengthen them first. Faith in yourself dramatically affects psychic abilities. Why we have it? I believe it's a matter of a deeper understanding of yourself rather than traumatic events and family genetics. But some of the more powerful psychics have had it in their family lines for years, I believe this is because parents help their kids control their psychic abilities.

Blessed be,


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