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A Mask For All Occasions


Whenever I am around other people with gifts I seem to be mimic them passively. For example, I have a friend whose entire maternal line is granted at least empathy and potentially pain reduction (others only) and or precognition.

I don't normally have empathy, it is very difficult for me to normally read people in fact I am admittedly pretty much socially inept in that field. But after being around my friend or her family, for just a few minutes I am able to feel and almost think what people around me are feeling and thinking. It gets pretty intense if someone gets angry with several empaths (two daughters, their mother, grandmother and aunt if she drops by) multiplying the rage. The empathy lasts for a few weeks afterward, slowly dwindling back down to nothing.

Though perhaps more disruptive is that my own "natural" ability to see the future is amplified to the point that I'm constantly seeing in at lest two times at once. Thankfully that's mostly only when my friend's aunt is around and lasts only as long as I am in close proximity.

I tried to find other gifted people to see if it was a function of the empathy or something of my own but was met with limited success. I chatted up an old friend who could see auras, which I successfully mimicked. But two instances is hardly grounds for a solid statement of ability.

I haven't seen another story like this so if you have had a similar experience or can link to a similar story please comment below.

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