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I am here to try to find someone that will be able to help me with the experiences my wife has been having lately. When she is sleeping she has found herself waking up to see her grandmother, whom passed away years ago and whom she was very closed to, standing at the end of our bed. She found herself dreaming with her and has also felt her touching her. My wife does not really know what to do and has asked her to tell her what she wants. She thinks she might be upset because no one remembered her death's anniversary but isn't sure.

My wife's aunt has also waken up to see her a few times almost during the same time my wife has. She says she has asked her to tell her what she needs and wants or to leave her alone. She was told that she wants to "take her with her" (her aunt does not remember the name who was told) and therefore she is scared and has advise everyone to be cautious and take good care of themselves.

I have found it hard to go to sleep at night because of this. I stay awake and stay alert to my wife's sleep since I myself have experienced this thing in the past.

As I said before, I just want to find someone that will be able to help us. We would like to know what her grandmother wants.

Thank you

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Edmund (578 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-01)
Niel... I have a different spin... If G-ma is waiting for G-pa to cross over because of age or ill health its understandable. But I always have a hard time buying into the concept that she is all alone and wants her daughter or grand daughter to die and join her! What kind of grand mother is that? Was she that selfish in life? If not its probably a low level spirit using grandmas image and memories to get a toe hold on you and your wifes life. That's what low level evil spirits do... Keep a bible in the room, get the house blessed, say some prayers, burn sage... Etc. If its really g-ma it won't hurt her. And if its a low level spirit that's the first steps to getting rid of it and getting a good nights sleep!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-02-25)
When we are coming in and out of the sleep state we can have hypnogogic or hypnopompic experiences and see/hear/feel into the etheric and lower astral which is where she currently resides.

It sounds to me that the grandmother has not fully crossed over and is lonely. What she wants is someone to be with her. This is your proverbial "ghost" situation which is simply a soul that is stuck near the earth plane.

The solution is to try and help her fully transition to the other side. This can be challenging if you don't know anyone with that kind of experience. But generally, sending her visions of white light, asking assistance from a guide, and telling her that she is loved but to move on. She can of course refuse but I were you, I'd remove negative thoughts because those are low in vibration and if anything, will hold her closer to this plane. It's the high vibrations you want to encase her in and help elevate her to the next plane. So think light and love if possible.

Hope this helps.

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