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Was My Great Grandmother Trying To Contact Me?


I know that dreams aren't allowed, but I think it ties into a ghostly category. I had a dream about my great grandma and we were celebrating her birthday. I believe it was her 96 or 99 birthday, and I told my dad and he said her birthday had just passed and she would have been around that age. I was there and I was able to hug her and we where talking and then we were in a different room and she told my dad something about a white angel and I saw a mental image of it, and she said something else it went something like when you see her say. And that's all I can remember of what she said. Then my dad and her looked at me and I was going to tell her about my experiences with ghost and having abilities, and I don't exactly know what to call it but it feels as if I'm falling and I'm vibrating and there's pressure all over my body and I wake up. At first I thought of astral projection, but it couldn't have been because I saw my dad and my live grandmother there as well. Could I have actually talked to her; my great grandmother that has passed a long time ago. Why did she mention the angel and it seemed important to. And what did I wake up in that weird way. I did ask god to let me talk to a passed relative just once so I could talk, could he have chosen her for some reason? Why not my grandfather (her son) that I mainly asked for most of the time. Could it be because I didn't get to say goodbye to her before she died? Even then I didn't get to say bye I just said hi and hugged her and talked to her.

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