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What Kind Of Ability Is This?


I was having a great time driving back to school with my friends. And as I drive into to the school parking lot a song comes on the radio. I was listening to it, and then I got really focused on looking for a parking spot. But then my friend turns off my radio and ask me " Who is that". Me being me said something really stupid about a person that was in front of my truck. But she then corrected me saying she wasn't asking about him, she was asking about the song on the radio. She then began to explain that the song was by Nickleback. But this is the weird part. I unconsciously was singing along with perfect notes, perfect words, no hesitation. The only thing is. I haven't listened to Nickleback in about 5 years. Nor do I listen to that specific radio station a lot. I have never heard the song before. It's weird though because I didn't even know that I was singing along. And if you ask me about the song; I can't remember any of the lyrics, except that it is by nickleback. And that is because my friend told me that.

Could this be a manifestation of my abilities in a new way? Why did I zone out when I did this? Why can't I recall singing along with the song perfectly? My friends seemed pretty shocked that I was doing this. And I really want some answers to help me figure out what it was because I can't even remember moving my lips!

I know I am an empath, I can sometimes hear, see, feel ghosts, and sometimes know when people are close (usually by a smell that is connected to that person, and then within minutes they will show up). I am a healer as well. I can sometimes tell when things are going to happen, mostly because I am an empath though. Could any of these abilities cause my unconscious sing along incident?

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texryan67 (1 stories) (39 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-10)
I came up to a weird ability today as I was sitting at my desk. First of all, I could mentally zoom in to a particular person, and then I could mentally smell her, and two, I looked down the way at my manager, and I could see her green aura float around her hair. The first one was really a what kind of ability is that, for sure. I love experiencing new things like this. They are probably derived from the binaurals that I listen to at night from you tube... 😊
DAYDREAMER95 (12 stories) (52 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-02)
Hmm sounds like what happened to me. I'll take a look at that link thanks.
Sayliei (6 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
This sound like a trance. A good trance. When you concentrate on something, bordering on obsession, and block out everything else, this can produce a very calm state of mind. Most people discribe this state as "Calm and flat" Think as the mind having two levels, -The top level is your concious mind, and it's keeping tabs on everything- "What am I having for lunch today?" "There's a cat over there." "Take the car out of third gear and out of second."
While the subconcious mind takes care of things you don't notice, breathing, heart beating- Those things. A trance (At least what it feels like for me) Brings the subconcious level closer to the concious, (Meditaion also produces trances) allowing you to have greater control over your any psychic abilities you may posess. Sometimes the subconcious just takes over these abilities and you use them without noticing when you enter a trance.
Trances will help bring out any ability your subconcious may be hiding! Most of the time, when you are unaware that you entered a trance, that when you snap out of it, you realise you have lost a whole chunk of time. Happens to me too.
I'm sure you have zoned out before without thinking right? Well that's a light trance.
Not sure what ability that would be though, if you have time, try this page:
You may find something!
Hope this makes sense!
Best of luck,
Jessie ❤

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