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Do I Have My Grandmother's Abilities


Ever since I was young, I have had sense of seeing things play out in my dreams at night and even when I would daydream I guess you could say. What I would see would also happen within the week. This became an almost everyday occurrence. Later I found out that my father's mother had these abilities as well. Hers on the other hand did not stop there, she could go as far as to, over the phone she could tell you where a lost item was in a house she had never been in let alone seen. She also did much more. However I started forming this sensitivity as well. Through my teens I kind of let it go and lost touch with that side of myself and tended to ignore it.

Now I am 22 and I have been regaining it. I have got to where I can sense my friends and families emotions without seeing them or talking to them. I randomly know what my friends are troubling themselves about in their minds usually before they sleep and have called them and talked to them about it.

One night I shocked even myself. Me and my girlfriend were laying in bed when it was though I pulled a memory she was thinking of about an ex boyfriend. I gave her the description of the car's make, model, and interior, as well the look he would give her in it, and their destination, and events that happened that night. I have also had so much other stuff like this happen to me here lately and seems to be getting stronger some days. It is to the point my friends cannot lie to me nor can they hide a problem they are having. I also feel as though I can feel the emotions of the strangers around me in public as though their auras.

I don't want to call myself a psychic or claim anything but would like to know if I could have the abilities of my deceased grandmother, and if so how could I focus this and learn to develop it better, and be more controllable over it?

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barry2962 (2 stories) (104 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-27)
Hello fellow Tennessean. You more or less answered your own question... FOCUS is the key, along with intent... Which you already have. I have found meditation to be the best way to improve my abilities. Why? Because buried deep in your past... You knew how to be what you now seek. So the way to get there is by remembering that you already know. Beliefs keep us from experiencing our true self. Say this affirmation over and over... I AM UNLIMITED. When you hear that little voice telling you that you aren't...boot it to the side and say it again... Check this out... It has helped me much...

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