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First Medium Session And My Involuntary Leg Jumps


I have always been very skeptical about all these stuff like spirits, and generally could not wrap my head around the religious stories and requirements and the concepts of heaven and hell etc. During my early college times, I was having some sort of buzzing feeling and sounds in my head, when I go to bed and especially when I about to sleep. As if there were several electrodes inside my brain and they were giving me electrical voltage of some sort. Later I figured that it was happening when I've had a short nap earlier, to gather strength to study some more afternoon when I came home. Then finally when I go to bed later that day it was happening without a skip. First I was really scared but later on I got used to it. I was even playing along and doing tests to it. When it happens, I of course wake up and could still hear and feel the buzzing effects going on inside my head even though my eyes were open. And as long as I am flat on bed that was there. As soon as I stand it was going away. Almost all my college years I had this whatever it was. But never happened when I was awake, so didn't bother me that much.

I had a friend in college soon to be my best friend. Anyhow, we were always together days in school, and even late night we were having whatever you do in college years together, like meeting friends, getting drunk, having girlfriends etc. One day, close to midnight we were arguing about the existence of god. I was kind of atheist those days and clearly remember that the argument was about the things written in holy religion books about existence of God etc. I obviously was in denial. At some point my friend said, "Ok, let's involve my brother and his friend to this argument and ask them." I felt like what would possibly be different when we involve his bigger brother, but had no argument there. What his brother said was a shock to me. He said "let's make a session". I am not good at this terminology, but what he meant was a medium session and we all obviously agreed. They seemed they had been doing that for a while. And later on I was one of them. He started to relax on one side of the room on his chair as if trying to get into a trance. I was being skeptical about it, but not to disturb or offend anyone was just sitting like the others and waiting for session to begin. I was kind of excited about the event but mostly having fun. It was probably 20 minutes of waiting, when I felt this familiar and sudden electric discharge in my brain with its buzzing sound and everything. Being in a shock of having this when awake, my left leg started jumping - literally- out of my control. Being already in a shock, the session started. The whole thing was like I felt the spirit's energy as these things happened to me, then session started. I didn't get scared or anything, all I felt was like a funny shock and amusement in a funny way. Entity said in his brother's body: " welcome". I was standing at that point half laughing about my leg still being jumpy and out of my control. Showed it to his friend (he was the operator of the session) and whispered: "I am not doing this!". My friend got mad at me thinking I am having fun of them, but that was not the case at all. Operator told me to ask the entity about it. But the answer was kind of unsatisfactory to me. He said something like: "we do not do that. It is your psychological response.".

We didn't have internet those days. When I remembered this event last year while chatting with friends about spirituality, I started an internet search. The only thing I came close to was an event called "Kriya" in Yoga. To make it more clear, what I meant for "leg jumping" was not jerking at all. It was jumping literally and took 20 minutes to fade. Has anyone had anything like that before? What was it?

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