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Visit From Great Dead Grandmother


So as I have mentioned in my other story I submitted, I was the one to tell everyone when my great grandmother was going to die. My only nightmare I have ever had was of my great grandmother and grandma disintegrate in front of me. I have never had any visits from my great grandmother until the other day. I was at my aunt's house cleaning and I felt like someone was watching me. The corner of my eyes I saw a shadow coming towards me. I turned around and it was my great grandmother. Keep in mind she was not cremated she was buried. What I saw didn't look like her. She was completely burned! She told me she had been wanting to speak with me for some time but then she just vanished. I was left feeling depressed and I just started crying. What does this mean?

The other day my grandma who is like my mother gave me her cross necklace its beautiful and I didn't take it off. Til I noticed I'm not having good energy follow me. I take it off and I feel fine. Put it on and I feel dark. My grandmother is indian, a "dreamer". She sees when things will happen to others in her dreams. Her father was Indian but brought up as a Pentecostal but her mother my great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian and didn't worship Jesus (God). She believed in mother nature and so forth.

I have so many questions and I'm just finding I have been lied to about almost everything my whole life. I just found out my sperm donor wasn't just Indian but Mexican. His father was from Guatemala. I had to find all this out from a blood test because for some reason its been a huge secret from me!

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StrawberryMoon (3 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
Thank you! Makes perfect sense! And your correct my mind goes 100 miles a min!
Humindigold (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
One of the best ways I know to attract the answers you desire from the universe, is to let them "come to you" without so much as an effort on your part, for yes, the universe within you has all the answers and more, so much more to share into your human consciousness. Strawberry moon, you strike me as a "harbidy" thinker (one who thinks about virtually everything at the same time). My suggestion would be to "relax",meditate,and observe what you see in the course of your meditation. As regards my opinion about your grandmother's contact with you,i'd suggest that you be cautious, thread along the dimensions with the wisdom of the light, that can see any being, or entity for what it really is.Summarily,i'm asking you to First find and reconnect with the light within you without any bias or questions. Create quality time for "light meditation",and as you improve, and develop this relationship with your higherselves, all else would fall into place. Do take it easy I beseech you. Your soul type does require that you must be patient. Blessed be!

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