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Looking At Us Through A Gas Mask


Ever since I was younger, about 8 years old, my mind would wake up while I was sleeping. Immediately before this started happening, I was sleeping in the attic at my grandma's house on a futon and my father was sleeping in his bed. I saw a shadow floating down the hallway by the stairs in the attic and it started flying towards me extremely fast. It then washed over me and I woke up in fear, having completely felt the shadow rushing at me.

I'm 22 years old now and two years ago I was finally informed of Astral Projection. When I was reading all about Astral Projection, it would happen so often that I was afraid to go to sleep at night and would stay up until the sun would come up, then I would pass out. I then began to hear voices before falling asleep that would startle me but after looking on this sight and seeing that other people have experienced this, it does not scare me as much. Now, I'm much less afraid of this state of mind awake and body asleep but it is still very uncomfortable so when it happens I force myself to wake up by trying to breathe very heavily or by focusing on moving a finger or toe.

When I'm in this state I also will feel as if something is in my room with me but I read that it is quite common to experience that during this state as well.

Several months ago my boyfriend was sleeping next to me in my room and I could see my room while I was sleeping, but I knew I was awake and that there was someone in my room that wasn't supposed to be there. After a few seconds of this realization, I realized that it was touching and poking me and I got terrified and forced myself out of this state by my fear and fast breathing. My boyfriend was awake, lying next to me when I woke up shaking and I told him what I dreamed. We eventually fell back asleep.

The next day I asked my boyfriend if he remembered what had happened, and he did but he said something very startling. Only a second or two before I started shaking in my sleep, he woke up and was wide awake for no reason. And he saw a face that was wearing what looked similar to a gas mask. He said it looked as if it was leaning over the bed, looking at us. He didn't tell me during the night because he didn't think much of it, or the fact that I was freaking out in my sleep. My boyfriend pretty much doesn't have any psychic experiences, although he does have an open mind.

What would this have been? It has only happened like this once.

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LouraFriend (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)

Here are my beliefs which I think apply to your situation:

1. We are all spiritual beings and stuff from the God side as well as demonic side can occur. They are not all the same side.

2. Coming from my Biblical perspective, what good comes from these gifts towards others? In other words, I ask myself if my gifts (as I call them. More on that in post) are truly beneficial to other people, or do they fill me with fear or pride? If they aren't doing anyone any good, I do not pursue them.

3. The more open I am with others about my experiences, the more I find I am far from alone.

4. I strongly believe and have seen it happen in my own life, that watching certain movies, listening to certain kinds of music, reading certain books (even popular fiction) and playing certain video games or experimenting with tarot cards, Ouija boards, etc. Has a ton to do with obtaining and growing in psychic abilities. If you want it to stop, action should be taken in these areas. Being open about what's happening and asking for prayer is also extremely helpful.

5. As I said before, I think there are two sides to spiritual stuff: God's side and not God's side. Neither is neutral and one produces frightening results. If you are creeped out, there is a reason. I know I'm about to make myself sound like a cracked fanatic when I say this, but... I think the "not God's" side are demonic spirits, hence the creepy factor. Demons hate people, but they can be very subtle and manipulative, playing on pride, anger, and fear. Most people are afraid of them, but many others are enticed by them and believe they are the ones in control (that would be an example of pride at work).

My thought is that God gives me "psychic" experiences for my good or for the benefit of others (not what I think would be beneficial, but what God says is). I have never tried to conceal the truth, blast it at people, etc. When I have a "message" I say it gently but plainly and so far no one has "seen the light" and turned from their ways. But that is not my part. Mine is to just deliver the message. Also, so far I have only been given "messages" to other believers or myself.

I do hope you visit my post for more detailed info. I would be glad to answer any other questions too at bigloumedia [at]


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