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Is There A Psychic Mask One Can Wear?


I've had psychic abilities since I can remember, except that before I used to call them nightmares, monsters and ghosts harassing me. At around 4 years of age, I used to be afraid to die, because I knew I would go somewhere I couldn't come back from! When my auntie died I was about 5 or 6 and I spent the whole day sitting next to her coffin, I wasn't afraid of her laying there dead, I was just so sad she was gone, I couldn't leave her side, her own daughter wouldn't even go near her. Later that night while I was asleep she woke me up and padded me on my shoulder said she's going to be fine where she's going, I never cried about her again, felt she was at peace.

Once when I was barely 5 years old, I spend weeks having the same dream of my uncle in chains laying down on my grandmother's bedroom floor, and every time I would try to pass by he would grab me, in this dream he had a tail and horns! I saw him as the devil himself. Later found out my uncle had become addicted to drugs and his life was really troubled after that, he died in his 40s, when I dreamt this he was in his late teens.

I was very smart in school and very aware of life at a very young age, I always felt I had the whole world on my shoulders. In my late teens early 20s (when I still lived with my parents) I started remembering a parallel life I was having, for some reason I kept getting confused with events that were not really happening! At times I would remember renting an apartment in NYC and having this older lady friend who would visit, I had a bed that was inside the wall, and my apartment was very small and surrounded by books, I was happy and I lived in mid-town Manhattan. Of course this wasn't really happening!:) but I would just say I must've dreamt it. Years later (mid 20s) I moved out on my own, rented a very small apartment surrounded by books, not in NYC but in North Bergen, NJ (very close to NYC) and I did work in NYC! And was very happy:) ! And yes I befriended an older lady...

At 20 years old this psychic (hot guy) gave me my first reading & told me I was a vessel!? Ended up dating him, & later found out he only wanted to use me. I was stupidly naive! I had no idea I could do all these things he had me do. He would have me report to him things I saw out of the people he would teach meditation to. Of course I would see all kinds of things almost orb out of these people very graphically. When I was with him I would feel drained and not happy and when I tried leaving him he would send scary things to me, I was unable to sleep. Once I would not pick up his call, disconnected the phone and went to bed. I woke up scared as I saw myself levitate and my whole head was being turned to the phone! Just heard the words call call call. Needless to say I was freaking out! I screamed and fell back on the bed.

I'm now 34 years old and am finally accepting these 'abilities' I get prophetic dreams, I can easily read the tarot cards and tell someone's life and future with great results. I have always been very sensitive to others (empathetic), so much so that my mother used to keep me away from people with too many "problems" as she said I would absorb their feelings and get depressed or even sick at times.

These are only a few of the things that have happened to me throughout my life, and I now find myself needing help to block others from seeing me for who I am. I've had people come up to me and say, are you psychic? I don't wear anything that would give me away or even mention these things to just everyone, so I don't understand why I'm so open. I feel I am too easily discovered!:) I am not ashamed of who/what I am, but I do want to be able to go anywhere without being asked these questions and definitely not be used, I know I've had one or two 'friends' who only get close to me because they can sense what I can do. Because of this I only trust one friend and its because she's a complete NON-believer, she's the most practical person I know! We've been friends forever...

Is there a sort of psychic mask one can wear?

I hope you can help.


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Timfaraos (426 posts)
6 years ago (2015-04-06)
For the life of me... I don't understand... Maybe i'm just dumb! How can you ask for God's protection before doing tarot cards, and seances, and pray the "our father", when God PROHIBITS us to tell the future, or talk to spirits (except through prayer)!?!? Maybe because God loves us so much, He sometimes sends his Angel to protect us, inspite of our wickedness!LOL! But how long will it be, before He sais: "enough is enough, you've been warned time and time again, not to put yourself at risk by practicing the occult. The devil protests that he has a right to oppress you and haunt you, because you give him access to you, out of your free will... And because I can't violate your free will any longer, you will have to deal with the demons by yourself, without My help... And when you've learned your lesson and are TRULY sorry, I will be there, waiting for you..." We test God so much, and He keeps on sending his Angels to guide and protect us, even when we stick our middle finger up at Him, and go ahead and sin LOL! We sometimes act like mindless 3 year olds! About fortune telling and tarot, you should hear what this man said. He was in an occult religion called santeria for 25 years, he was the 3rd most powerful satan worshipper in N. York. He had many demons under his command, who gave him power, glory, money and women... He killed people for $10 000, by sending a demon to do the job! Well, he said that: fortune tellers have a demon attached to them, and when you visit them, the demon attaches itself to YOU, and follows you home, and makes sure that what the f.teller predicted about you, comes true!... This man is not lying, he knows demons and occult practices like the back of his hand! I bought scores of copies of his mind blowing, hair raising, best selling book, to give out to people... It's called: "OUT OF THE DEVIL'S COULDRON", by John Ramirez. Visit: Stay safe. God bless! See my PROPHILE for more book titles.
ScarletMariposa (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-04-10)
Thank you Oracle 101,

I am trying to learn how to say no!

I recently found out a new 'friend', (whom I was starting to get close to) her mother advised me to close my bible saying that keeping the bible open in the home is bad. I listened to her to find myself getting all kinds of psychic attacks at night while sleeping. I was visited by two different witches, one was this 'friend's' own personal psychic advisor!, who showed me her seals of protection as some sort of a threat, she showed me a scroll full of sigils and seals! Telling me she uses them. And the other was his young dead girl whom just stared at me in anger.

After these events, I immediately seeked the advised of an old spiritual friend of my family, she said that it was a big mistake to close my bible. That my friend's mother obviously wanted to hurt me. She explained the bible helps keep the evil away from the home. She told me stories of how she's had evil entities ask her to close her bible so they can "come in".

I should've known better, because I myself had an evil entity visit me few years ago, telling me it was the devil and offering to buy my soul for a better/richer life, and when I said no, it said to me "you don't even believe in God" and I showed it the bible opened and it immediately went away.

I know I must sound stupidly naive! But I truly started to trust this new 'friend' and felt comfortable because I was able to talk to her freely without holding back my true self. Now I have to back out of this fake friendship. I guess some people are meant to be loners.

I am truly dissapointed: (this girl and I both have little boys and we're both single mothers and I was able to talk to her and hang out... I guess that's it for that!

Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
11 years ago (2010-04-08)
Nice people are often taken advantage of. The same happens to Psychics and Empaths who care and help people. You must do what you normally would to protect yourself.

Always remember that the power is within you more than in any object but sometimes using an amulet or protective shield helps re-assure us and remind us that we are protected.

Psychic Attack can also be decreased by looking after your health. Inner stress can eventually effect the physical body, and a weak body makes you more accessible to dark energy. It is common for most psychics to have their health attacked by evil entities in an effort to weaken them and even as a means to possess them so they can decrease (or access and gain) the psychic's powers. The most common ailments of psychics seem to be colds, headaches, lung, and heart problems. So you should be prepared by always being in the best of health. Be strong bodied as well as strong minded. Learn what helps you to relax and do those things. For example, nature walks, bathes, yoga, dance, meditating, reading, etc. Whatever you know works best for you. If nothing works then it is time to consider you might be experiencing a much stronger form of psychic attack and so you might require the help of other spiritualists to rid of whatever is attacking your body.


-Look after yourself.

-Avoid using any portal tools which may open portals to negative energies/spirits (such as Ouiji Boards, and using Tarot without protection and without first seeking out your Guides).

-Avoid associating with people who dabble in black magic, voodoo, vampirism, and other such interests.

-Do not read books or watch movies that are about evil, darkness, gore, horror, etc. This will attract dark entities.

-Do a reading with your Guides before venturing outdoors, and when returning. You can also ask them for help while you are out.

-Mentally create a shield around you. (the other day I did it with a psychic friend watching and she said she could immediately see it and she witnessed how well it worked as soon as I had the shield up.)

-Avoid crowds, malls, concerts, etc.

-Avoid alcohol, drugs, caffeine, msg, etc.

-Avoid angry people, selfish people, etc.

-Read up on ways to protect yourself from psychic attack.

-Do whatever is necessary to build up your confidence.

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years
Always happy to help others
For more advice on this subject and others click on my profile name to read my stories and other posts
ScarletMariposa (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-04-02)
Thank you Skyviking ...someone else had told me to meditate that it would help, I've tried it before but it scared me, since I went in some kind of trance. But I will do it the way you say imagining a bright white light around me to calm me down and take away the scary feeling. I also have quartz and amethyst crystals I like the feeling I get when I hold them in my hands, maybe I can hold them while meditating...

skyviking (1 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2010-04-02)
I feel your pain. I have several incidents the same. I was a very sensitive child and get upset easily even today. It is hard when you can hear what people think. I just try to imagine myself with white light surrounding me or thinking of Mother Earth and God. That helps but there just are so many users out there that take advantage of a good natured person.

I meditate at home and that helps. I am now trying to open up a little more to people instead of wearing the tough person shield. We are all just human and have bad moments. I always try to help people but more and more I can spot the users.

Try to enjoy your gift but always be prepared for the takers. Give your positive energy and love to good people.

I wish you the best.
ScarletMariposa (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2010-04-02)

You're right but I feel I'm too approachable at times. Many people are angry and the things they say to me are straight up 'thinking outloud' type of things, and they only realize it once they see my face react and they wish they could take it back... It's like they don't think twice when it comes to me. Sometimes I attract people like bees to honey and sometimes I get the worst side of people. I have my good days and bad like everyone else I guess... It is normal to almost hear what people think at times? I have those days too, I hear them yelling but their lips aren't moving.

One day I had a horrible migrane and I could hardly see anymore, tunnel vision, (I get those a lot) so I laid my head on a table and I could hear in my head this lady tell me "wake up... Get up... Wake up!" when I stood up upset and asked her why she was yelling at me, she said she didn't say a word, that she was just thinking it! And ofcourse I looked crazy! On those days I get visions of things and people I don't know... And its painful, just take pills to numb the pain and go to sleep.

I Really Appreciate the advise, I've been alone in this my whole life, since my parents won't really help, they just tell me to pray...

Thank you both great advised!
PathR (4 stories) (1254 posts)
11 years ago (2010-04-01)
ScarletMariposa, I agree with AnnV that Boundaries is the first step this leads toward self awareness and healing.
I must use a lot of shielding at times since I am among ill people as well as hundreds of people in a city and walking down isolated streets will not cut it.
Visualization plus meditation will increase the intensitity of any shield. You can use various but there is no one method for everyone. I personally do not experience shutting down with multi shielding. I do not use it all the time, but will run with at least one shield. I believe this is an individual item for using one shield.
Most importantly positive mind and words and actions.

AnneV (4 stories) (1051 posts) mod
11 years ago (2010-03-31)
A person doesn't need to be psychic to have people want to take advantage of them or anyone else for that matter who possesses gifts, talents, money or anything else that people "want". It's like a doctor who gets asked a hundred times by friends to look at this sore, or this ailment or a lawyer who gets asked for free legal advice. The point is to learn boundaries. You might not be able to put on a mask (I wouldn't recommend it even if you could because you end up shutting down things you might not want to), but you can learn to say no. You owe no one anything. Give of yourself as your conscious dictates, not because you've been hassled. In the interim, feel good that you obviously come across as a good person who is approachable.


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