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Seeing Energy, Ghosts And The Future


I'm not really sure where to put this but here it goes it covers many categories

Shadow people: Shadow people seem to love me, I've even see them at school, It started a year and a half ago and the first one I saw was a shapeless mass it was almost one fourth the size of my bed room and it floated over the light blocking it, I have been seeing ghosts my whole life so me and my friend decided to make one of those boards you use to talk to the dead (I forget how you spell it but I know now never to fool around with them...) a day after that I started having sleep paralysis the first time I had it there was a dark shapeless mass hanging over my bed over two little girls and one turned to the other and said its in the attic (I have heard children playing in my attic over my bedroom before) Then it started happening when I lucid dreamed (I have been able to my whole life) I head some one talking into my ear and it kind of sounded like Latin but it was hard to tell it was really rough voice, I've tried to push myself out of sleep paralysis so hard I've had OBE's. Then one day I heard a male voice in my ear, sounded like an English accent and it said "trust me" a couple days late my friend slept over and she told me she saw something that scared her when she was trying to sleep she said she saw a tall black shadow wearing a "bowler hat" walk into the room and hang over me when I was sleeping and watch me then after a while turn around and walk out, I had never told her about the shadow people though. I have also had some good experiences too one night I saw trying to get to sleep and all of a sudden I couldn't move I could see this dark mass coming towards me then all of a sudden something wrapped around my neck and pulled me upright and I could move again and the black mass was gone. I have also been given advice by my great grandmother (or something that was looking like her) about what I needed to do and the consequences of what I was doing and it turned out to be right. I have also seem very small shadows at first I thought it was one of my pets but as I got closer it was just a black oval shaped mass and it "flew" into the headrest of my bed and went right through it. I read in one of the articles in the main site that they show up in places with negative energy, my parents verbally and emotionally abuse me, when I was little I was always to scared to sleep by myself (as you can see I have my reasons) and they would make fun of me and lock me in my room by myself at night and wait for me to try to get out then my dad would wait by my door until I would try and get out and then put me back into my room and turn the lights out, I'm still deathly afraid of the dark.

I also see ghosts when I was little there was always this lady standing beside my bed who would talk to me and touch my hair I later learned that this was my great grandmother, I only see her now when I really need help with something but as I got older I stopped seeing her and I started feeling scared when I went to bed because instead of her there I felt something else and I started feeling something pulling my hair and touching it when I was trying to get to sleep when I turned 14 then I started seeing her again.

I can also tell when people close to me are going to get hurt or die, I just get this feeling and it gets stronger and when its strongest it happens and sometimes I know how its going to happen too.

The last thing is that I can see energy I have been able to my whole life, I can also feed off of it (physic vampirism) but I don't do it off people for the most part I do it off elements, I have been able to do it my whole life but only knew what I was doing when I turned 16. I'm sorry if this topic isn't aloud here last time I posted it on a different forum I got yelled at and told it was wrong then they wrote an article on how to get rid of "physic vampires" and how we are all depressed and steal energy from people because and use them and no one likes us because we make them feel drained, and that's not true at all I have gone through depression before but I'm not depressed all the time I have lots of friends and I try to help them out the best I can and I try not to feed off of them at all, I have even tried secretly to give them energy when they are depressed to see if it works and helps them (if it works I will never know because non of them know I am a physic vampire). I think the fact that I see energy is the reason why I see ghosts because where the ghosts are the energy looks different. Oh and also On an off note cell phones act funny around my my friends put there cell phones near me to get more bars during class to send texts -.- sometimes it goes from no bars to full bars.

Can anyone give me any advice for any of these problems please I would be really grateful.

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PowerHound (3 stories) (24 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-14)
Hey, I can see energy and take and expel it too. I usually don't take from humans though I usually absorb energy in nature like from plants and the air. I also had problems with shadows until I learned about shields. They suck, mildly frightening until you know how to deal with them. Oh and becareful about sending energy or feedin off others. I sent energy to my friend today without him noticing to help with his dizziness and panic attack it ended up overcharging him and making it worse.
Valkyrie_Ravel (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-12)
I was going through a similar thing at one point but one thing that helped me a lot was wearing an ankh it made me feel safer and the shadows started coming less and seemed to stay across the room from me. After I got my ankh only one ever came up to me, he had the form of my great uncle and my great uncle was a bit of an uptight man but cared for the family more than anyone else. Sorry for the uncle back ground. Anyway I always trusted him and he gave the same presense as the shadow so I never feared it. But now I never see that shadow now and only one comes about once a month and for about an hour watches me and some times I watch it but it does nothing exept everyso often moves an arm towards me and for a minute points at me does that happen to anyone else? Sorry for my story but what I'm saying is don't trust them unless you feel the presense exactly the same as an old dead relative used to have and wear some form of protection. I'm not sure weather the ankh would have to be a certain material but mines gold and I got it when I went to Egypt a while ago, and the guy who I bought it off enchanted it for me (well he said he did) but I'm not sure weather that makes much difference
Matrix_Wolf_Spirit (2 stories) (60 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-11)
Well the shadow people are very interesting because I never heard of them do what they be doing to you. For shadow people you shouldnt trust them on bit cause shadow people trick people into doing things and they did with me. They just want your soul for their collection. Protect yourself is what I do. So far now they left me alone. You need spells I got some sites.
User_Name (guest)
13 years ago (2011-03-11)
Don't do shielding. If this is true and you are a "physic vampire," positive energy will harm you unless you're taking it from any person. Be very careful. I have a crystal next to my bed, and every time I touch it, I feel really empty. Trust yourself.
Chandlr (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-06)
You are very gifted, people also say that to me (I am 15) cause I have the same encounters but I had tried to stop these figures from appear to me, but it didn't work. Now they are "speaking" more and moving things around in my room. If any one has any advice with what I should do email me at
Punkmaster124 [at]
Thx, Chandler
Tortilla (42 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)
You are very talented but need some training. Some great basic things you can do is meditation, shielding, and grounding. If you need to take energy from anywhere the sun and earth are great sources. The more you practice with your energy the less you will need to take from other sources. One of the problems that can come from taking energy from people is you can not only make them sick and tired but if they have "dirty" energy you are taking that inside yourself and risking creating a link with them.

It also sounds like you need to do some clearing in your bedroom to get the negative entities out and some peace of mind. Burning sage works great. If you don't want to burn sage sound waves work well too. My husband is allergic to sage so I use a Tibetan singing bowl and tuning forks. If I'm getting attacked by something I have learned to send out sonic booms with my shield to not only get them off of me but push them back. On those rare occasions I've used my energy to turn my shield into a pillar of fire to burn off anything trying to attach to me. If you ever feel threatened in any way tell them they are not welcome and to get out now. Be forceful and take charge.

Best of luck
RHood (1 stories) (31 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-02)
You are a gifted individual and must recognize yourself as such. A universal law is that like attracts like. If you always surround yourself in the light of God, the Creator, Jesus, Buddha or whatever positive power you choose, you will be protected. Check out, a non-profit website that shows how another individual dealt successfully with her gifts. Perhaps the most compelling story I have come across in the last 15 years. Good luck.
jatashi (1 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
wow I'm sorry you are having a hard time I don't know much about P.V but you seem nice it would cool if I knew you in real life then you could help me with my sich try reading my story but I hope things get better for you to protect your self
From negative forces try building one or two shields around your self if you would like to know how go to my profile and my email address is on there email me

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