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No Longer Alone


For the longest time I thought I was slowly slipping in to insanity from the random feelings I would get throughout my life. I'm 24 now, the things I would see like people walking from one room to another but not actually anyone being there to dark figures in the night, having parts of dreams coming true, wanting to hear a song and it playing next on a playlist, thinking about someone and then they contact me, hearing my name being called out sometimes yelled and hearing people talking when no one is around. I read some of these stories and I felt good because there are so many people out there like me. I'm not going to go into any extensive details about all of my experiences but contact me if you'd like to hear any or want to discuss because I would like that and Id like to hear other people's experiences and help out with a few of mine. I am going to go into empathy though. I've been told recently that I'm empathic, which I always kind of knew since I can read people like books and somehow knew how they were feeling without them talking to me and I've been like this since I was a little boy. Also people seek me out to talk to me for advice and what not and people just spill everything with me like no holds barred like they trust me with everything, which I don't mind mostly because I love helping people out especially with advice (even though I don't practice what I preach). Lately though it's been taking a toll. I feel so drained lately, especially after work and I don't do anything extensive to make me tired, but it's emotionally draining as well as physical. I have been reading more things about empathy and I think that's why. The last couple of years have been great for me since I've been truly happy again and I feel like all the things I mentioned above are starting to happen frequently again especially the empathy. It's kind of driving me crazy because I feel like someone else is taking control of my emotions and I can't stop it. Me and my boyfriend used to fight and I would be so confused at times when we were fighting (most of the time my fault, because I couldn't control myself) I make it worse and I can feel all of his emotions like there battling mine and then I can't keep a grip on things and I would make everything worse until I would calm down after a while. We got most of that all worked out but I feel his emotions all the time and they affect me instantly and I hate the way it feels sometimes because I'll be in a great mood but if he's not I take his emotions and then I'm brought down (and he gets even more down which then brings me down further and it just makes me feel weird and crazy) and I feel like I'm in a slump and I frequently get that slumpy feeling at work (but it happens randomly) and I have to stay away from some people because they affect me so negatively. It drives me crazy because I don't know how to shut it off or tune it out. How do you tune out a feeling? But off that tangent I feel animals as well and it's weird but I feel like that they feel me too like they're waiting for me to talk to them and help them out and they're drawn to me too. Even now I still feel a little crazy. Do any of you feel the same with my experiences and the insanity question?

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nethercutt4 (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-13)
I have simular things going on with me. I have all that in a more random way with it all plus extra. I can't control any of my psychic abilities and would love to find someone to be a sort of "mentor" for me. If anyone who reads this can help me it would be much apreciated:)
Paranormstate (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-09)
Wow, it sounds like you just discribed my whole life, haha. I know exactly how you feel. Literally everything you described in this sounds exactly like what I go through, including the speaking with unseen voices and connecting with ghosts and such. I an feel what others are feeling, know what they'll say before they say it, tell if they're lying or not, etc. And the same for the music, I'll think of a song and a certain lyric and then turn on the radio and it's there!

And as for the emotions, yeah K know how you feel. It's just so draining ad exhausting sometimes you just want to sleep forever an never have to deal with anything ever again! It's really hard to take sometimes and just totally takes everything from you, no matter how good you felt previously.

So yeah, I know exactly how you feel, haha. Maybe we could talk some more through e-mail or something if you like. My e-mail's on my page I you like. 😊

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