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My Clairaudient Eperiences Lately


Twice I went to a lake where I go every summer. My grandfather has a timeshare so my cousins and stay there with my grandparents

I walk to the bedroom to get something. The light is on in that room but the hallway is dark. No one is in the room but before I walk in I hear walking and see a shadow walk past the open door.

The second time I was at the lake I was with a friend's family on a boat ride. Everyone in the front of the pontoon is silent and Anna and Leann and I are watching the small waves on the lake I hear someone talking beside me Anna claims she wasn't talking, and then I hear whispering a few minutes later right beside me. I ask Anna again if she said something she says no. I ask Leann if she heard something she said yes and she is also clairaudient. So I figured it was a spirit.

Another experience I had was two days after I discovered my clairaudient ability. I was at school taking a test. After am done I hear this pulsing, screeching, oddly pitches sound all in my ears and it really hurt my ears. No one else seemed to hear it, it happened another time the same day. Any idea of what it was cause I have no idea.

Again another experience is like a lot of others when I am relaxed and I am in a comfortable position. I was thinking of my little cousin who has the same main gift as me. I was talking in my head, and then I am hearing people comment on her, like 'yeah she's pretty' or like 'she's so kind'. I am not sure what to think of getting commentary from voices lol. I am not schizophrenic (and trust me I've went through that phase)

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Please comment on what you think. And similar experiences.


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