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Weird Things Happening Lately



Before I start, I have to clarify, that SO FAR, I have been able to develop 4 psychic abilities (I did not included all, since I haven't developed them properly)

[1] I have developed Intuition (or whatever you guys call it)... I never noticed this ability at all, since I never tried to develop this. But one day, BOOM... It appeared, then I just tried to improve it day by day. Its like getting this choices just before a particular event is about to come, usually, before it occurs just before something is about to happen (good or bad). But after practicing almost everyday (i'm a busy person), it appears somewhat minutes before something happens.

[2] I also have Precognition (I think that is what is supposed it should be called). Anyway, this is one of those abilities I got when I found about psychic abilities being possible within humans. It feels like you would know an event that would occur even though its still long before it should happen. I close my eyes and "see" something, then I know it could happen after sometime. For instance, I saw that there would be an asteroid that would hit earth... And it did remember, the one that hit russia some years ago?

[3] I also happen to have this ability called "claircognizance?" (is the spelling correct?). It's like knowing something but I just don't have any idea how I knew anything about it. I don't know how I got it but I already had it before, and I just forgot I DID have it (who knows).

And the last [4] I also happen to have Atmokinesis, I have been honing this ability for a while now, and I don't think that it would still be just a coincidence. I was even able to create a thunderstorm just because I got mad over something. Also, when I was in high school, there was this storm that I might have conjured, and because of that, there were no classes for a whole week. And lately, there was this super strong storm that affected the middle part of our country. BUT it wasn't me who made that storm, it was someone else. A girl (I think, with long hair at that time around).

Those were SOME of my psychic abilities that I know that I have now (at most)


there was this time when I was practicing my precognition ability, I saw that MIGHT just be a war just before this year ends? (I'm still not certain about this)

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