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Contacting A Lost Loved One


I'm writing here because I need some help with contacting a loved one, my best friend passed away unexpectedly 2 months ago at the ripe age of 20, the first week after she had passed I dreamt of her every night but I couldn't hear or remember what she was telling me I could feel her all around me but I still couldn't comunicate with her, then on the 30th of October I decided to try using a ouija board at her grave to try and talk with her I know that's not smart but I was desperate and very much filled with grief, and so me and two other friends she was close with used it and we were talking with someone but it was most definitely not her. After that I couldn't see her in my dreams which made me to say the very least depressed so I used the board again but this time at my home where she spent a lot of time, I was using it with a friend but after about 20 minutes she left and I used it alone again not a smart choice but as I said I was desperate. I do believe that I was speaking with her she was answering things that only she or a relative of hers would know. A couple weeks passed and then one night I had a dream of her where she seemed to be upset with me or something, she was yelling my name and when I seen her she told me that she didn't need me to protect her which makes sense when she was alive but she always use to tell me she appreciated me looking out for her anyway after she said that to me I feel like she elaborated but I don't remember what else was said. Flash forward to today a girl I work with told me days after my friend died about a medium that a friend of her used with loved ones who were young and departed suddenly, and today she told me she was still waiting for her friend to give her the number about an hour later we seen her mom walk into the shop which I thought was very coincedendental and I thought maybe it was a sign from my friend that she wanted to talk with me but when I called the number I got the answering machine where the woman had said she was not taking anymore bookings, so my friend told me of the woman she had seen for her husbands grandfather and when I called her it was the wrong number so now I'm very confused and I've come here to see if anyone can help me and she's some light on my situation. I feel as though she doesn't want me to contact her I beg her to come to me in my dreams every night and I get nothing I try speaking to her out loud and nothing I try to ask for a sign and nothing now I don't know if I can't see or hear her because I'm not ready or because she's upset with me for something if anyone has any tips to try and help me out here please please please share them with me I'm just a very sad young girl trying to see her friend again. Thank you for reading.

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Jocelyn-M (5 stories) (30 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-31)
It's been 3 months already how much more time do they need? I really need help here every day that goes by I just grow more and more depressed and its started to take a toll on my relationships I don't know what to do...
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-20)
I can't really help but people say contacting spirits are demons in disguise. I'm atheist maybe going agnostic so its possible but I think ghost are human spirits. I'm interested in paranormal but kind of scared also.
pdp (1 stories) (13 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-18)
Boards are no help to me... Maybe your friend needs time... Before communicating... Meditation works for me... There is definitely an afterlife... Past family can be helping her... Day at a time... And she will come through... Only best to you at this time of your life...Paul
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-06)
Right now just practice your meditation! She'll come in time. All things happen in their own time, don't rush, you'll miss something if you do. Meditation, Self defense and energy work those are your tools and with God's will at your side, all will fall into place.

Blessings to you
Jocelyn-M (5 stories) (30 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-04)
Okay thank you I will try these things out, is there anyway to try and reach her though like actually hear her or see her even?
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-04)
Close the board and get rid of it safely and as for your friend, I still feel that she is going to be with you as a guide. The bond is their and reaches beyond the physical. God knows your grief and you should deal with your grief if at all possible with positive results. Like creating a fund in her name; or self awareness group; just something to look at the lessons learned and reach others with her experiences to prevent the same outcome. Any excess energy that you might have should focus on learning and practicing meditation and energy protection shields and energy healing techniques. These techniques will help you in the long run and will help you in your currant situation as well. Just use caution in looking up these things, some sites are useful while others are out right evil. If alarms rise within you while a page is opening, stop it from loading and go back out and look at another site. Spiritual guidance should not cause you any discomfort. Keep that in the back of your mind while you research and God in your heart and all will be well. Try this technique first:

Sit in a comfortable place away from others, somewhere that brings you peace and you feel safe.

Close your eyes, breath in and out slowly, until nothing is running through your mind

Once your mind is clear picture yourself with a bright light surrounding you, your aura.

Now picture all the negative emotions within you, see them in a ball of energy of any color. When you see this visualize yourself breathing and with each breath you release the negative energy is being removed from your body. See it all move out.

Once that is done then you follow the below guides to building your energy shield.

1.White Light
A. Use white light as often as you can. Call on more light from angels, guides, or God. Surround yourself in it always. I have been told that some people prefer to use a light blue light and that they feel more peaceful when they do. I use both at different times. But I use white the most.
B. Be careful not to surround yourself with white light and then trap your negative energy inside to tight. Remember to cleanse your energy first if it is that kind of situation. But, Never pretend that you don't have those feelings, work with them and heal.
C. Imagine yourself Glowing from your center out until you are in a bubble of your own white energetic light.

When this is done you should take a bath in sea salt. Just relax and soak for a little while. This should help with everything you have going on right now.
Blessings to you and your loved ones
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-04)
The board must be closed by the person or people that opened it. If you did not close the door each time you used the board it must be closed by you and the two friends that were with you when ya'll first opened the door at the grave. No one else will do. If you feel something came through the portal. Demand the name of the spirit, say goodbye to it, command it to leave, and then close out the board. Make sure the planchette goes to the GOOD-BYE. Then go out and burn it in a safe place. The board is a Gateway, a Portal. The other side is accessible through a Ouija board. In the wrong hands, it is disastrous. It is no accident that Parker Brothers Games is headquartered in Salem, Massachusetts. Parker Bros. Brought this game to the toy market! The board is nothing new. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese used a similar device.
Jocelyn-M (5 stories) (30 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-02)
Thank you for your kind words Georgiamom, I just want to be able to talk with her I feel like she needs my help crossing over which may not be the case but I don't know I feel like she's just stuck because she's so angry with how things turned out and the pain she's cause her friends and family. As for the board I know I shouldn't have used it but I felt like it really was her how do I close the door though? I just miss her so much it's unreal
GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2014-12-02)
My dear Jocelyn-M, death comes to us all at sometime in our life but now a days it seems it visits young adults, like yourself, and teens, such as my 13 year old son, far too soon. When someone is taken from us we all pray for that one last chance of contact. Just to say "I love you & I will see you again one day". These moments usually don't occur until much time has passed, even years for some. However, you were blessed enough to have dreams straight away, something mothers' that have buried a child pray for and sometimes never get. I know this from loved ones that surround me and from the loss of my only daughter. But our wants are not always in God's plans for us. He is the only one that knows when we are truly ready for that reunion. Til then we all just wait.
Now your connection was not cut off with death and will continue but only after you close the door you opened with the board. Those things open doors that are of evil and they will mess with your heart, your body and your soul as long as you are desperate and in pain. They will mimic our loved ones to get us to do things and feel things that will lead us to a very dark place. You need to close that door and get rid of that thing.
I believe once you clear your home and yourself of all the negativity released from it the dreams will come again.
She came to you for a reason. You already know that reason. I think you just don't want to admit it to yourself because your scared she won't come to you in dreams after you acknowledge it. Which she may not, but then again she may. Depends on God's will and the path we are destined to lead. But once you deal with this the process will lead you to enlightenment. Which will make you stronger and more confident than ever before.
She was your protector and guide, and now you are ready to become the same as she once was. This will give you a way of honoring her and her life on this earth. We pass the lessons we have learned from our loved ones that have passed on before us. This is our goal as gifted individuals to never allow the lessons from ones lifetime to be lost forever once they have left this world. To share their life and honorable ways or mistakes with the world to keep others from making the same mistakes or to share the wisdom of one's unselfishness and true love for others.
We honor those that put others before themselves. We honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice to save another. And we remove any self-serving evil that wishes harm. These are our tasks and divine destinies as enlighten people. Which is my personal definition of people with abilities.
She will never leave you. She will always be in you heart. And through you she will live. So live to the fullest. Live with enlightenment. Live knowing that you are never alone and in your darkest hours she along with God's hand in her's, will guide you to the other side and out of evil darkness. Trust in her love for you and God's love. Those are the only guides you need to move forward.
I feel like she may be your spirit guide to help you help others. Pay attention to moments when her memory floods your mind. Look around and see if someone seems to need help or is in a similar state as the memory represents. As you do this the connection between ya'll will grow stronger. But understand that she will come on her time not yours. Do not seek out alternative methods to reach her. If you are meant to get other's help they will come to you, no need in searching. Don't push, just take time to balance yourself and grief for her physical absents. Spiritually she is with you and talking to her is perfectly fine and a healing method for many. But don't test her, she's new to this just as you are with contacting someone you love so much. Know that your bond is very strong from the contact already made. Trust in that bond and leave the rest to her and God.
Write a letter to her. Place it wear you feel her or burn it. What ever feels appropriate to you and gives you comfort in knowing she has received your words.
Blessings of comfort and enlightenment I wish to pass to you during this time of loss. Remember! Enlightenment comes with tragedy. Tragedy creates leaders. You will lead one day but you must pass through the dark first. Protection from the heavens placed over you and your loved ones until all are no longer vulnerable.

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