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I Can Communicate With Ghosts


i recently turned 15 and a lot of things has been going on after my birth day. So let me talk a little about the family I come from, everyone in my family has experienced something with ghosts, spirits and healing.

My grandmom's mother said that shes always been able to see ghosts and talk to them. A little story about her, she and my grandmom was watching some kids one day and one of the kids fell and hurt his lip very badly, my grandmother was talking about getting to the hospital, but my grand grand mother insisted that she could help him, so after a little while she holds her hand up to his lip and my grandmother can see the wound start healing all the way until there was just a little scar left. Now, after saying that, I think I might have the same "powers" like her.

I can remember from when I was a kid that I always felt someone walking behind me, but when I looked back. No body was there. I have always had this feeling from when I was about 6 years old all the way up to now.

So I was walking home one day, and I got this feeling really bad, I always had the urge to look behind me all the time. I kept hearing footsteps but I tought to my self that it was just my own footsteps and nothing more, now after I turned 15 I woke up in the middle of the night and heard an explosion sound in my right ear, heard nothing in my left ear. I snapped my fingers by my left ear while being confused, I tought I was deaf on my left ear so I got a little scared. About 10 seconds later I lay on my side like I always do and I see a little girl standing in front of me, she didn't say anything. I saw long hair and some kind of dress she had on, not very tall either. As scared I am from these kind of things I turn my head away very fast and start sweating, I feel the sweat run down my legs, after about 15 seconds I feel like I'm starting to levitate from my bed. At first it was nothing but it got so bad that I actually had to look and check if I was still lying in my bed, after this I fell asleep. I told my mother and she called a lady that she knew about that help people with these kind of experiences. She tells me that this girl died in an explosion that was by a train station, this train station is very close to my house.

So she said that the feeling I got, was the feeling this girl had when she died from the explosion, the explosion explains why I heard a big explosion sound I'm my right ear. I'm thinking the explosion was so loud it made the girl deaf on her left ear. And that one day that I heard footsteps and always looked behind me, that was most likely that one girl. Today I am no longer scared of ghosts, if I ever experience something like this again I will try to communicate. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment on how I can get better at handling situations like this and control my "powers"


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The-Astral-Peace-Soldier (1 stories) (18 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-04)
I can highly recommend the use of binaural beats.

You can search for: 3rd eye opening; remote viewing; astral projection; healing etc. Generally, anything spiritual/metaphysical. Search for "Binaural Beats" on YouTube followed by the phenomenon you desire, such as healing.

If you can download it through or you can listen to them on your phone with earphones. You must use earphones though, so that you can hear a pulsing sound. This pulsing sound synchronizes with your brainwaves and you can pick up these powers.

If you have any questions, let me know you're from this site and email me at: harleydune60020 [at]

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