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I believe there is another life after we have passed as I have discovered I have the gift this year actually and am learning how to handle it. Spirits cannot harm us so there is nothing to be afraid. My house is full of them at the moment they hide in the curtains, on the walls everywhere. I picked up there was something in my house in April as I could see images on my bedroom wall, we had decorated in the New Year.

I went to sleep and was woken up by a presence over my face, it was horrendous, it smelt of burning flesh - I have never been so scared but the house was blessed and the uncomfortable feeling has gone although the spirits are still there, they click a lot in the bathroom when I am in the bath and every time I switch my light on in my bedroom, it flickers and crackles and crackles. Later on when I am watching TV to get my attention and when I switch it off, it crackles twice to say good bye. I asked it if it had missed me one day and it said yes and I asked it if I moved house would it come with me and it said yes. It only tells me something when it wants me to know. I can see an old person through my bedroom mirror he/she is on my bedroom wall but I cannot see he/she when I look directly on the wall.

When the light is off, the shadows move erratically on the ceiling and it is trying to draw my attention and it does this in the lounge as well.

I get messages telepathically and sometimes pass things on to people I know. I see images in photographs which were taken two years ago. I can see in one photo of my partner and his Dad that there is also another man who looks like my partner, I think it is granddad who he never met but looks like him and he has was in the army, as he has an army hat on, and there is an old woman whom I think it his Dad's Mother. I can also see in another photograph my bunny rabbit who passed away just before the photograph was taken, as my gift is developing, I can see more and more things.

Believing and accepting it makes it easier to live with and therefore I am not scared of spirits or of death. I can't talk to a lot of people about it because it is a deep subject and not everyone believes in it. I know I have something that follows me about as whenever I hold my camera phone up I can see a mist and sometimes a strange face appears but it is nothing bad. I can predict things and tell people things but sometimes have to hold back, some days my right hand has a very strong aura or energy so I know the spirits are with me.

Everyone has someone watching over them it is just learning to believe in them.

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Margot Kimmel (guest)
13 years ago (2007-12-13)
Thanks for your comments I believe we can be possesed because when I first picked up on the presence in my house and my gift it took over me and it was very intense and I didn't want to be in the house it was uncomfortable but now that the house has been blessed that bad feeling has gone but there is something with me wherever I go and I can see something hovering when I wear my glasses I know it sounds bizarre -in the bedroom I can see 2 green little faces looks like a light but I can make out a face it is wierd but real and I can only see them when I have my glasses on and I am in bed.
I am waiting to get a reading to find out who these spirits are in my bedroom, the one bulb is now going out completely for more than a minute then coming back on and crackles it is not faulty it definately wants to talk to me.
kristy39 (3 stories) (34 posts)
13 years ago (2007-11-30)
hello thinks for telling this. My sister is going throw the same thing has you. She has a lot in her apt also. I know there a small child and it a little girl. She loves to play with my sister 4 year old. The spirit moves things in her home to let her know they are there. She talking about moving but I don't think it will help I am not for sure but I say they would move with you. Someone told me when a spirit knows you have a gift they will come and try and get your help. Some mait be trying to find the light. They could also be there for you to help you. Spirits are around us for so many things if it is aloved one there here to let us know there with us and they love us.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
13 years ago (2007-11-26)
Most people have nothing to fear from spirits but I on the other hand have had four spirits sitting inside my body as possessing spirits since the summer of l986 and I can't get them to leave and I have found no one to believe me and although I have guides around me so far none of them have found a way to force or talk the spirits out of my body who are here to destroy my Psychic Work.
One Guide tells them if they are inside my body when it dies they will be destroyed and that may be true but it doesn't help me at this point in time.
Three of these Spirits are my Realtives and one is Stergio A Psychiatrist from this lifetime who says no one will ever believe my story so now I am publishing him all over the Web hoping this will eventually force him to come out and bring the Spirits of my relatives.

They are trying to discredit me as a psychic and with me telling this Possession Story they are doing a good job of doing that.

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