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A Typical Question: Am I A Psychic, If So, What Kind?


I have absolutely no idea how to open this, so I'll just come out with it.

I know, am absolutely positive, that I'm something. I might just be a sensitive, or maybe I am a psychic of some sort.

I'll share.

It all started when I was fairly young. I've had a lot of close calls with death. Really close calls. In fact, I have died; my heart has stop beating for about five spaces more than once. Maybe that's a factor in everything. Now, I won't get into that. But here's what's happened.

I've seen spirits. They're kind of common here, in Hawai'i. But I see them EVERYWHERE. I could be walking, and I'll feel them or hear them, or see them. They are always there.

I've had a ton of instances where I'll pick up a phone out of random, and it will ring, and I'll know who it is before looking at the caller-i.d. I'll be in the car, thinking about a song, again, out of the blue, and BOOM! It's on the radio. I'll think about a person, and within the next three minutes, I'll see them somewhere. I've had really realistic dreams, which have then happened. I'll answer questions that haven't been asked.

I could be walking in a random place, and I'll see a person, and I get deja vu. It's like I've known them forever, since I was small.

I recall a specific experience once when I'd walked up to a random person (I was about three or four), and I'd told her "When I was older, I was your mum. Do you remember my friend Antonio?" I'd blabbered to her for fifteen minutes before my mother found me. My mother -years later- told me how scared she was, because that was the anniversary of her mother's death, and that her mum had died around 9 or 10 months, maybe even a year -I can't remember- before my birth date, and that she did in fact know Antonio. I can't remember her face or Antonio or anything else but that now, but I remember it being very vivid then.

There have been more experiences, but I can't bring them to mind.

But, please, do you believe I am a psychic? If so, what kind?

Yours Truly,

Skylar V.

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trsmith (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-11)
I hope someone can help me here. I think I might be psychic but I don't even know what kind. I have a lot of "feelings" about babies. I usually get a sense about a baby (male or female) and then a name just kind of pops into my head. For example, a few years ago I was walking home from work and just started crying on the street because I could "feel" that there was a dead baby boy. I thought his name was Michael, but Joshua kept coming to mind too. A few months later I met a new friend, and after a while she told me that she had previously had an abortion. She said she had felt like it would have been a boy, and named him Joshua Michael. The most recent event for me was a dream. I had a dream that I was standing in front of a high chair with a baby girl sitting in it (probably 1 years old). She was smiling and laughing and we were talking, her speaking abilities were more like a 4 or 5 year old. Then she pulled herself up and kissed me on the forehead. The name Millie appeared in writing. When I woke up I felt compelled to research it. What I found was devastating. I searched "baby Millie" and the little girl from my dream appeared on the computer screen. She had a red lump on her forehead. I clicked on the link, and it turns out that just a few weeks prior to my dream, a man was convicted of her murder. It was the 4 year anniversary of her death (she was just over 1 years old when she died). She had been beaten, with the most noticeable bump on her forehead.

How do I classify this? Is it real?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-03)
Skye V you are a Born Medium.
A medium sees and hears spirits 24hrs around the
Clock. This is the same catagory of my husband and
And his mother, plus some students I have
Trained with.
My husband says there are millions still walking around.

A woman whom helped with the school I trained said as
A kid she saw a lot of different people with funny
Clothes not of her time period but just got used to it.

Now a days many people train to be mental mediums and do a fine job of bringing forth messages.

Regarding mediums.
I asked two of my teachers of mediumship, if growing
Up had they seen deceased people. The response was no!

Deja vu is just that reliving an experience.

Back to my school I trained with a Ward Sister (aka:Charge nurse). She was in charge of maternity and spent much time in the delivery room.
She said that she noticed at the crown where the soft
Spot is, a mist entering the body of the fetus.
This gives me reason to pause and ask?
Does the soul enter at the fetus at the time of birth or is it in the body during gestation period.

You would not be the only one to use the same blood line of the same family to incarnate on this earth plane.
Which is what you story is depicting.

Hawaii polynesian people inhabited the area over a thousand years. So you have to think that is a whole lot of people during
All those years.

Sorry for my run on sentences, I'm just a little tired.

Thanks for sharing your story 😁

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