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How It Came To Be


I was only twelve. I was January, not long after my birthday. That was when I had my first vision while I was conscious and not asleep.

I was just running around outside like any normal kid, and then I saw a plane falling. I wasn't sure what it meant, I thought I had just been imagining things. Two weeks later, there was a plane crash in Lebanon, hitting water just like it had in the vision I had seen. I didn't believe it.

When I first heard about the crash and that they were searching for the survivors, I just walked past the TV and said, "There are none. They all died." Sure enough, they never found any. I was a bit shaken, but I kept trying to tell myself it was a coincidence.

About a month later, I had another vision. This time it was a car crash, I saw a white truck colliding with something and it was surrounded by trees. Again, two weeks later I saw in the front page of the news paper that a white truck had hit a power pole and that the male driver had been killed, it was in the country side surrounded by bush.

This didn't help me with my coincidence theory, and I really started to get scared.

A while after my first vision I had grown to accept that maybe I did see the future. It didn't help any that I kept feeling like some one was watching me, even when I was alone. I constantly had goose bumps up my arms and whenever I went downstairs I felt cold even when it was relatively warm.

Last year a woman from one of the main cities had disappeared. The police led a huge murder investigation to find out where she was, and it became national headlines for months. They caught the murderer, even though they could not find her body.

My friend was staying the night at my house, we were sleeping in the living room. By then I had done some research on what I had been experiencing with the never-alone feeling and my visions. I decided that night that I would try and contact my late grandmother, or at least try.

What I connected to was a lot different. I was surrounded by forest or bush, and it was like a clearing or something. I had no idea where I was, and as I kept running through the bush, I was alone. My friend freaked out and shook me out of the vision - which I was thankful for. Not long afterwards, the woman was found buried in the bush.

I see deaths, I have proper images sometimes, or I just have this feeling. I hate it sometimes and I think "Why me?", but I am slowly gaining control of it all. Sometimes I see the dead and hear them, and I think that there is a connection between my death visions and the ghosts. I can never be sure though. My visions are often triggered, like the plane crash when I was under the sky.

Another thing that happened recently though is when I was walking out of school I saw this man waiting and this vision just came. One of my relatives will be in an accident, and there will be a man waiting at the office to take my to the hospital. But the relative will be fine, I saw a later vision even if they are critical.

I have not told anyone about my "Gift-curse" except for my little sister and my best friend. I don't know who to trust, but I can rely on them. Visions scare me, and sometimes - very rarely - I get good ones, like I will find love even if I have this secret. I won't let the visions - or the ghosts - take over my life. I have learnt to live with it.

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