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so I really need some help on this. Me and my fiancé moved here about two months ago in to a duplex and I LOVE it here it's a great neighborhood. I'm home alone all the time and have no problems but in the last week and I have been feeling like someone is going to break in! Last night we went to a get together at a restaurant for a girl that's in the hospital. We left around nine at night, as we got to our street there were cops everywhere! One actually pulled us over! And we asked him what was going on?! He said some guy broke into a house on this street! I have had these before and I write all of them down in a journal I just started writing them down about 2 months ago and I've always been like this even when I was little my parents almost took me to a psychologist HAHHA. I could even since evil as a kid and not go anywhere near it or place, but that's a whole other story. Please I would really like to know how I can let this in I always think I'm going crazy and ignore it or I let too much in and really make myself go crazy or be too late or never put it together any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Geo1990 (39 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-28)
keep working with your journal, no need to feel like you are going crazy. If you ever do feel like it is too much just "ground" yourself, you can do this in many ways but my favorite is closing your eyes and imagine your feet being rooted to the earth.

Meditation would also work. Through meditation you can increase your ability but also have more control over it and more understanding of it.

Good luck to you

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