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Too Close For Coincidences


Everybody has those moments where they can guess who is calling on the phone, what song is playing on the radio, or what number another person is thinking. But what happens when someone playing the guessing game gets a little too good?

For a few years straight, something really weird happened to me. I would look at a ringing phone, sense some of that person's traits emanating from it- like their particular brand high-strung anxiety or a laid back vibe or stress-and then just know who the caller was, because that was their energy in real life. My mom would say "how did you know?!" but all I could say was "I just felt like it was them". This was happening time and time again, without missing a beat. In the past I had been able to do that every so often, but never with such predictable consistency.

A similar thing would happen with songs on the radio. I would get in the car (at this time I was a kid without a license, so my mom was usually driving) and just sense, pretty much each and every time, what song was going to be on. A song would come into my head and when my mom turned on the radio it would pick up immediately on the next word, right where I had left off " singing" in my head. If I had a friend with my I would play a game where I would start singing out loud, then my mom would turn the radio on, and it would pick up right where I left off each time, sometimes right in the middle of a word! Then, not always but sometimes, a different song would come to me, and I would say, change the station- and there it would be. My friend, and often my mom, would be left in some astonishment at this frequent occurrence.

If I ever played a guess the numbers game with people, I usually did no different than anyone else, but oddly enough if I was able to look in their eyes, I would usually get " in the flow" and get the number right-and keep getting it right! I remember scaring one friend like mad after correctly guessing each number about 50 times.

Not only was all this going on with high frequency, but to this day, If I am interested in a topic, it will usually start popping up everywhere- in the paper, online, in magazines, books, the news

-at a frequency far too high and too often for sheer coincidence, sometimes to the point that it almost scares ME-yes, this is how often it happens. I've also gotten a few weird senses that something was going to happen, like an aunt's pet dying even though she didn't know it would, etc. I just want to know if there is a name for this kind of stuff (minus the few random predictions) and what you think about how it might have happened. Is there a biological cause? I'm open to nearly any interpretation, so please share your thoughts, and thanks for reading!

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Geo1990 (39 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
there really is no biological cause, usually this kind of think is labeled as telepathy, it is a good gift to have, don't be scared, if you feel like it is out of hand sometimes, just "ground" yourself, close your eyes and picture your feet being rooted to the earth.

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