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My family does not know about my Empathic abilities. I have known about my abilities for 8 years and I have yet to say anything. Only three people I am friends with know about my abilities and only because they told me about theirs first. With my family, often times I am able to tell them when spirits are around the house but I don't think they really get how I do it. Also they do notice my "mood swings" when I get certain feelings but when they ask questions about them I just kind of shrug it off. I don't really know what I should say to them but I feel that if I tell them and they accept it my abilities will be enhanced but I do not want them to think I'm weird. I also am scared that they won't accept it and it will end up doing more harm than good since I will know how they really feel about it.

I would also like to know peoples' experiences with telling a potential love interest. I have been speaking to a guy for awhile and I feel that he should know before we really get serious. Often times I will ask, "What do you think about psychics" or "Do you believe in psychic abilities?" But I won't find the courage to really tell them if they say no and if they say yes I just take it as an ok thing. I'm afraid it will complicate things or he will just decide not to talk to me anymore.

This has really been an on-going struggle with me and I feel that it has really been holding me back from my full potentials since I have no one to confide in. So if anyone has any ideas on how I should tell people, or can tell me about their "coming out" stories I would appreciate it! Thank you!

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Telekinetic (3 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-05)
I haven't told my family either so I need advice to (im a telepath) but I am always reading people's minds and I have probably had a couple of conversations with my family they always get shocked but ther usually completely oblivious that I'm reading there minds or talking to them I haven't got mind suggestion (I don't like mind controller it sounds evil) anyway I need tips too 😊 😁 🤔
barry2962 (2 stories) (104 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-19)
Well,I will give it to you straight. Be yourself... If you have to change who you are to be around friends or family, you are not being honest to yourself or them. If they truly Love you, it will not matter. If they disown you... Then they never loved you to begin with. Tell them... You will most likely find you have more in common than you think... And you will be True to yourself. LOVE who you are and others will follow your lead.
LillyPod1 (3 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-04)
Thank you all a lot! I'm hoping this all goes well. What you all have to say makes me feel hopeful about a positive outcome. I like the idea of not putting a lable on it, something I have never thought of before, so I will see how that helps my situation. I really appreciate your suggestions!
i-believe-in-love (7 stories) (36 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
You should avoid going to your family and saying "Hey, by the way, I'm psychic." I feel like labels are attached to stereotypes and that can definately change how they see you and think of you. Introduce your abilities without giving them names. That's what I did, and it turned out that my mum has the same abilities, as does my sister, as did my grandma.

As for 'coming out' to a love interest, my current boyfriend was first my best friend of two years. He knows that I am 'sensitive', but that's just from years of randomly bringing up in conversation something that I dreamed about that happened, or saying that I feel like an "emotional sponge" after a particularly overwhelming day when he asks what's wrong. He knows I'm intuitive and sensitive, and I don't feel the need to put a label on it. I don't feel like I'm hiding anything from him, because I'm not. Labels aren't important, and generally it's not abilities that scare people off, it's the labels you put on them.
losdog77 (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
It seems typically hard for people to be accepting of things they are unfarmiliar with, yes we already know that. So comming out to my friends was met with a bunch of my own anxiety, so needless to say it is not easy. I have been able to find a way that has helped me do it though. People tend to buy into things more when they feel they discovered it. So I tend to start off the conversation with "have you ever had anything wierd happen to you that you couldn't explain?" and because people naturally love to talk about themselves, they will usually share their experiences openly, this is good. Let them talk about their experiences and then they will probably ask you the same thing. Once you explain a few, not all, of your experiences they will typically, or in my case, acknowledge in their own way your abilty. But warning I have noticed once you label it say for example "psychic, precog, medium, etc." people can be pushed away maybe due to stigmas, belief systems or ignorance.
I hope this helped.
Geo1990 (39 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
yeah, I haven't told my family, however, I did tell my girlfriend, and I am very lucky that we share beliefs and views, but if this person who you feel like you should tell does not accept the fact that you are what you are, then he/she is not worth the struggle. Next time you are with him/her simply ask "how do you think it would feel to be psychic?" or something like that. Don't feel too stressed about it.
mamanymena (20 posts)
11 years ago (2011-11-28)
unfortunately...i don't have any good advice on this, because when I "came out" to my family, well, let's just say it wasn't pretty. To this day, they don't acknowledge what I shared, and this is fifteen years down the road.

With partners, however, I've had much better luck sharing, but in a sense, I set it up that way. I only dated those who shared my interests in psychic ability and phenomenon. I would think that anyone who cares about you would be Willing to hear you out, or even learn about their own gifts, but sadly, that is not always the case.

I have had a great deal of friends who were surprised by my gifts and recognized them, long before I said anything.

I don't know if this is helpful to you at all. Would your gifts be stronger if you were open about them? Perhaps... But you can be who you are, do what you do, openly, without ever Defining it for anyone.

Be careful with your family though. The pain of our family's rejection or hostility can do a great deal more damage to our gifts than their support can.

Good luck!

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