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Blocking And Dodging Things. Awesome But Kinda Strange


This might not sound like a very big deal, but I think it's kind of strange. Today, I had a volleyball and I was kicking it (I pack a really hard kick) and I hit the ceiling and it bounced off the wall and hit this girl (let's call her Katie) in the back. Now, Katie and I don't really have a good relationship--oh, who am I kidding? The girl hates me. She was sitting by the bleachers (we were in the gym, of course) and I was by the basketball hoop and three other boys were there shooting hoops with the basketballs. Katie was absolutely furious at me, so she asked one of the guys (we'll call him Eddy) for his basket ball, and he gave it to her. She took it and stood up and tried to throw it at me. I had begun turning around with my volleyball because I honestly didn't want to deal with her crap and the crap she always says about me, but Katie through the ball. I didn't even know she'd thrown it, but I'd instinctively dodged it. So yay for me being awesome at dodging!

But that wasn't the only time. I can remember another time where the whole class was playing with basketballs and I had a volleyball and I was standing in the middle of the hoops where some guys were playing basketball and I moved my head for really no reason and a basketball like went right passed my head. If I hadn't moved my head, I would've been hit.

So yeah. I rarely ever get hit because I seem to move at the right times without knowing it. Like with this morning's incident (she tried to hit me more than once) she tried to throw the ball at me again but before she even through it I put my hand up and I blocked the ball.

So you think there's something with that? Like maybe intuition or something? It be kind of awesome to know how I'm always able to avoid injury this way.

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KittyKat97 (5 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-21)
To Dreads--no. Not really. To NettaJetta--yeah, one time I almost got decapitated by a football because I was playing catch with someone and I wasn't paying attention. But then I moved my head and I was fine! Except I was kind of freaked out after that of footballs... But whatever. The same exact thing happens to me and it's freaky. But it's pretty cool
NettaJetta (1 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
Hahah! Funny, well I have played volleyball for 8 years. Go Volleyball! Awesome sport!

I had similar experiences, I'd freak out a little but then I'd let it pass.

My first experience like that occurred in volleyball, it was the 7th grade and everyone was playing- bumping-setting-spiking-etc.

And I was just outside of the court and looking down and tying my shoe.

All I saw was my shoe and I didn't know what was going on.

But all of a sudden (I wasn't finished tying my shoe) I lifted my head and my arms and caught a volleyball that was flying towards me... And I HAVE NO IDEA how I knew it was coming towards me and why I decided to randomly lift up and catch something. Everyone's jaw dropped, they just said " O.O umm good reflexes..."

In high school, last year (I think last year) I was walking through a crowded hallway and some bad students were throwing around a football. I didn't pay any attention to them I was concentrating on the door and getting to class...

But one of the fools through the football straight to my head, (lightening speed man -_-) and I didn't notice but out of nowhere I lifted my hand and blocked it... (I felt like a super hero haha)

Another incident with a football occurred when I was standing with a group of friends, they were all girls, I am a girl but I am protective of, but yea I was standing with and two guys playing football threw the ball the wrong way and it was heading straight for us...

I was talking to them not paying attention and all of a sudden I jump up (mind you I can't jump high, but I jumped high then) and caught the ball...
Dreads (2 stories) (111 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
Quick question, before something would you and you dodge it, would the spot that you would of gotten hit at become sort of... Tingly, and you feel really energetic? Or do you just dodge out of nowhere?

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