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Did I Assist A Spirit In Crossing Over?


Alright, So here lately, I have been having trouble sleeping and had the feeling that I was ALWAYS being watched. It was really becoming a really big problem, I could not concentrate on anything due to lack of sleep, and a really heavy feeling. Well, I was in my mom's kitchen and I heard the voice of a woman. She kept telling me that her name was Amanda. And that she needed help finding "John" She also gave me the last name "Rhines".

I really just kind of ignore her at first. But then the feeling was awful. Once night I heard her say, " if you don't help me I swear." I automatically became alarmed. I really don't take kindly to being threatened by spirits. So, I walked into my sister's room. I asked her to help me find some records (since she knows of my abilities she knew that it had something to do with spirits.)

So, we searched and searched. Nothing. Well then my sister asked me if I knew a year range. The year 1856 popped into my head. So, I told her. Then we searched some more and found a death register. It had a bunch of names on it. My sister accidentally scrolled down to the very bottom. And it had slaves that had died. But I guess the slaves didn't have a last name because they were addressed like this: Slave, (First name). Well as we scrolled back up. My sister saw a name that caught her eye. The name was John, the person "Amanda" said she needed to find. Well we stopped and it said this: Slave, John. Age: 3 years old. Mother: Amanda. Year of death was 1856.

My sister was immediately freaked out. So was I as I never had I done that before. I told her all the information that would be there before we ever even saw it.

So, we eventually found out that she had like 4 other kids. All of which died (other than John) under the age of three months. And none of them had names. Most of them was within a few days after birth. All deaths, even John's was UNKNOWN. Except for one. Which the cause of death was stated as a 8 day spasm. The information was given by the owner of the slaves.

I told Amanda that she would find John and her other children in Heaven, or whatever the afterlife was. She asked me about a lighted path. I told her that I couldn't see what she could but that chances were that if she wanted her children to follow the path and go to heaven to be with them. She smiled and said thank-you. Then she left. A feeling rushed over me, like no other. I cried. I was so relived and I didn't even know why.

But I noticed I was still being watched. I have mentioned this elder lady in my dad's house. Well, I finally communicated with her. I believe her name is Caroline. She told me that her husband (Walter?) was still alive. She said that he thought she hated him when she died. She didn't know how to tell him otherwise. She also said that he put all her jewelry in a box and placed it on the top of the closet because it was too painful to look at. I told her the only advice I could. To try and communicate with him. He knows when she is there, so I said to give him the comfort that you do love him. But, I stressed the fact that she needed to pass on after she was done. She smiled and said thanks and left. I know feel so relived. I can sleep at night, and I feel no presence constantly with me. So, I ask, did I help these spirits? What do you think? I really would like plenty of comments expressing your opinions. Thanks!

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Celestial99 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-15)
Wow! Really cool story! I think your really cool for helping a spirit like that. (I only wish the same could be said for me because I haven't helped my ghostly friend yet) oh well 😁 😆 😊
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-15)
that is very sweet of you to do the work even if under negative influence and send those spirits to heaven where they belong. I can only hope that someone would do the same for me or my family. I think these spirits were confused and you helped them alot. Like vanillabean said it is the feeling that takes you over when you are done that tells you that you did something GREAT! Keep up the good work.
destineelynne (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
Thanks! You have no idea how your comment really makes me feel better!
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
I think you most definitely helped these spirits! Good for you! What matters is those good and beautiful feelings that wash over you--those are the true indicators of what is taking place. Keep your brain and all the thinking out of it because humans who are living on Earth have such a limited capacity to understand the Spirit when we use our brains to figure things out. Trust your instincts. I think they are right on target. ❤

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