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Very Different Experience In 3 Months


Before I start my story, I would like to ask anyone how has the book called The knowing (ebook). The link is death. What I find tough searching is useless.


I start working at a call-center. After working there for like six months something happened on a Sunday (I think it was).

Just like every call, I greet the customer friendly and directly I taste/felt an old man how just had drank his coffee. That is what I felt, What I taste was coffee in the back of my throat. I can tell you that I hadn't drank any coffee myself. The taste of coffee was heavy black coffee no milk and sugar. I was shocked and it was gross to actually taste something like I wouldn't never drink.

The next Sunday it happened again but with more customers (Man, woman, young, old). The next Sunday too and so on it went like 3 months, after that I could not take it anymore because I start to feel their emotion/problems.

It was difficult to handle every Sunday more than 20 persons feeling/taste/problems. I had my own problems then.

I had to study, flow a trainee ship and work at call-center. Schedule: starting 8.45 school until 15. 00 or 16.55. Then starting to work at 18.00. When I was done early at school I had to go to the company to work as trainee until 17. 00 flowed by working 18. 00 until 22.00. Traveling back to home, eating and resting I usually slept around 01.00. I had no weekends because I had to work 16 hours in the weekend.

-----------This information is because I want to know if my brain was playing games with me or something else.---------------

After long stories, now comes the question.

- What do you call the experiences?

- What could/may have been " activating" this in me?

I am now trying to get it back, but I don't have any progress. I don't know how, because I am afraid that I can't manage the level of input from the people around me. What I mean is, would it be for me possible to abode the level of incoming feeling/taste/emotion?

Any ideas with that.

Thank you for reading and your time.


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Kutu (2 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-14)
NettaJetta, thank you for your comment.

Any idea on the ebook?
NettaJetta (1 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
To be honest, I wish I could just pin-point this and give you an answer, but I can't.

We are all unique individuals with our own unique experiences, yes we can relate in general but not in detail.

I get you though, my experiences vary, they leave, then come back, and some of them are odd and I can't figure out how it would be of any use.

So, your coffee thing may come back later when you are not expecting it, or you may get some other gift.

I know for me, the bulk of my experiences came when I was practicing spirituality and quieting my mind.

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