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Indigo Children And ADHD Medication


I'm an indigo child and I've been diagnosed with AD/HD and bipolar disorder. I've only just started telling my mom this and she wants me to read online about it and I've read that indigo children who take medication lose their abilities. I've also read that it has weird side-effects. I really, really don't want to take my medicine anymore because of this and my mom wants to know ways that I can control myself without the medication. She says I'm too young to know what's best for me.

So really, I need some help, probably from an experienced indigo. I need some of the effects of taking medication and some way that I can control myself. Obviously my arguments are getting me nowhere and everyone seems to think they know what's best for me even though they don't. It's so. Freaking. Stupid. So basically, yeah. I need some information about this. I need my mom to see that taking me off my medication is a lot better than keeping me on it. She says that I have to improve my behavior (really, it's usually not even my fault. Figures of authority just hate me.) That could take forever. I know that there's like, stuff that you can do to calm people down and I'm going to keep doing some research but for now I just need some of the effects.

Actually, I could use really any kind of information on indigos, but it's mostly the medication I'm worried about.

Thank you in advance!

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The-Local-Neighborhood-Oddball (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-31)
I'm actually looking for info on the specifics of what medications are dangerous as well! That's mostly because I recently discovered what a indigo child was, have been on 2 different medications for ADHD and depression, though, one of them I'm off now, and I've been on others, though no longer than 2 weeks, since they've never worked, and lost my freakishly awesome clairvoyance about 2 or 3 years ago.
Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-23)
Indio children atrract children and animals veery ften. They find t hard t understad's man' immorality or need for war and hatred against one another. Some are vegetarians, and are often very sensitive to their spiritual surroundings. They are usually from the ages 12-25.
Rosetta1 (1 stories) (76 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-22)
To begin with medication does not always cause one's abilities to fade, but in fact sometimes ca in fact help that person gain more control over their abilities and increase their power and effect. I am also diagnosed with ADHD, and have even have my dose increased. But I have been taking my medicie for 6 years, and have not had my powers altered by it whatsoever. Also, Bipolar disorder is genetic in my family, ad my mother believes that as I get older, I might become bipolar like her mother. And in my opinion, ADHD isn't really a disorder, since most kids are diagnosed with it. But even with all this going on, my powers do not falter, but in fact evolve over time. Once I could sense any spiritual presence in a wide vicinity. Now I can hear them, see them, and even summon them on occasion! Now if you wish to have a deeper, more specific conversation about this, you can find my email address on my page. I'd be happy to assist as much as possible. Remember, everyoone has their specialties and differences. 😊 ANd as far as I'm concerned, even if you're not an Indigo, you are definitely, for sure, a psychic. ❤ I will try to give you what I know about Indigos as soon as I can. I'm sorry to say that I can get quite busy these days.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-11)
*Well if you are easily offended then you should skip my comment (s) *

I'm sorry anyone, but ADD and ADHD seem to just be an excuse. If you are familiar with my time away in psychology I took it up as a hobby. New treatments in behaviorism, clinical psychology and clinical drugs. As what NaturalScience stated, people should not make a big fuss over not doing what is "accepted." (I do believe in what is accepted, but I'm not a cookie cutter clone.)

It's sad to say a couple of things have been dismissed due to, "not enough foundation." In my opinion, ADD and ADHD have to many wide varieties of symptoms, it would be hard to name it as ADD OR ADHD. Excuses are just a sugar coat.
Kitty as for your proclaimed Bipolar disorder, I would suggest medication... If it has been 100% diagnosed as Bipolar. Their are others close to the coming of Bipolar. Personally Kit I wish they would let you make your own medical decisions.

I think someone mentioned therapy or before someone does. (I might be thinking of another story.) Not many psychiatrists believe in psychics, it enrages me to how some can make a decision about something they might not fully understand. I've met a couple of good folks who have experienced psychic events who can relate. (Before I get to far)

You did not mention much on your abilities of what you have, authority hates you? Can you explain what you mean by that? Any advice I give is up to you. If you would like you can contact me here or at Brokencar1 [at] 😁 Best of luck.
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-11)
Hey kristolena. You are right about kids being rebels but there are very few klds who act more reserved than others. My thinking about spiritual enlightment is that it enables a person to think more wisely and see things with better point of views. Spiritual enlightment isn't bound to age difference, you can also see some kids talking wise. Cant say they are full enlightened but showing little symptoms of it. I don't know if I am indigo or not but there are things I don't like in my life but I have to accept them the way they are.
kirstolena (1 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-11)
My cousin is 9 and the school administrator said that he had to be on Ritalin in order for him to attend school anymore. I'm sorry, but kids are kids. They're rambunctious, and more and more, they're realizing how screwed up real life is. It's pretty normal that someone would rebel. It seemed like you said that your mom was willing to work with you on this, is it possible that she'd homeschool? I feel like I'm Indigo but I don't know anything about medications affecting that since I didn't have that problem younger. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. Sniffinshrapnel [at]
NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-09)
I'd like to know what it is that you allegedly got to "improve" in your "behavior". And I tend to believe you that most events in which you have been seen as "misbehaving" were not really events of misbehavior.
Rather, the grown-up who saw you as misbehaving just did not take the work to understand what you want to say with your behavior.
He or she did not see you as a person with a soul which wants to express itself but rather as some "good / bad behavior machine".
This is a basic problem in child-rearing to-day and behind it is the evil heresy of thinking that there is no immortal soul and that a kid in the beginning is like a maggot, that a baby is just a black box, which gets filled afterwards by the ideas and behavior patterns taught to "it". Ugh, disgusting!
In reality, a Human is Human from birth to death, having an immortal soul, and even a baby can already have differentiated aims for its future life although it still has no words to express them.
That is why the Buddhists believe that some "old souls" get born not as helpless babies but as humans with full ability to walk and talk - of course this is not literally true, but what is true of it is that those Old Ones only need to develop their bodies for walking and talking to show the world that they are fully developed human personalities who have brought a vision and a life-concept with them from BEFORE BIRTH.

I now tell you some examples why I was deemed "a kid with a behavioral defect" as it was called in the 1970s.

1) When I was seven years old, I refused to learn how to "make up an orderly bed"; for the reason that I could sleep in a disorderly bed as contentedly as in an orderly one, and because I saw the whole procedure as an empty ritual which seemed to exist just for giving the grown-ups more opportunities to reprimand the kids ("you've done it sloppily, do it again") and to keep them from what they really wanted to do ("work first, then play").
The same it was with arranging the clothes worn in the evening "in an orderly way" upon some chair or wardrobe, instead of just throwing them over it as they were put off,
And with some other "cultural" ritual actions that only deprive us of time for spontaneous life and create endless opportunities to find fault.

Why for example should one not scratch an itching region in the public? Why not smack or burp when eating, and why eat in a demonstratively slow way in spite of great hunger that demands a fast filling of the body's gasoline tank? Why the fuss about a fart, or about nose-picking?

And I told the grown-ups exactly this... I did have the words for it at seven, and I think they could have understood it, for it was logical! But instead they got upset, as if one had hurt their own feelings, and called me "obstinate" or "contrary".

I was NOT contrary, for I strictly obeyed every rule which had a perceptible REASON, even at the expense of my well-being. But I would not accept rules that demand of me a reduction of my well-being and good-feeling if they got NO reason, i.e. If they are only GAMES.

This leads me to point 2) I did not like to play.
I quit playing round the age of 8, with the exception of board and card games within family. And though I am female I never had any interest in dolls.
That was all stupid baby affairs to me. What I wanted to do was LEARN and WORK.
The games I played when very little all had a clear connection to reality: I collected colorful pebbles, with the imagination they were worth money; I used toy screwdrivers and similar tools; and I exercised in using a telephone and a typewriter.
At five, I was shown by a neighbor how to use an axe for cutting twigs.
Mom did not allow me to use my new ability for fear of injuries, but I did, furtively and very often, until she caught me in the act at the age of seven and - had to allow it to me officially now, for I handled the axe as safely and exactly as a grown-up would have done.
And at three, I could read, and the first thing I read after having learnt it was - my bedridden Gran's naturopathic text book of Reverend Kneipp, and I exercised in "taking symptoms and prescribing" at Grannys sick-bed, the big book in hands and reading out aloud what reverend Kneipp recommended in this or that disease and asking her questions of the kind "do you have this disease, or that?"

This was how I came to be a medical doctor later.
But to the grown-ups all this was - abnormal.
If they already had had Ritalin, or other drugs of that kind, during late 1960s and early 70s when all this took place, they would gladly have used it to make me "act like the others"... And have ruined me.

God bless you! Keep off drugs, no matter if "illicit" or "prescribed", and follow your own instinct and your own vision! God hath made you RIGHTLY, you are not a faulty specimen from a factory, you got a soul!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-09)
There are essential oils and regular coffee which
Has been perculated with regular ground coffee beans for ADHD. The affect is instantaneous.
I worked with an Educational nurse and both of her
Boys were ADHD, she refused to put them on medication.
She gave them a small amount of coffee: about a 1/4
Of a cup with milk, no fizzy drinks, they were sent
To school and told they could only have milk, or water. Grew up and out grew it.
The teacher came back to this lady and said O'h the medication is working and her reply was, "they were
Never put on medication.
Being an educator and her husband a doctor. She gave
Them a good diet.

There was a book I read in mid 90's. About the essential oil and a woman gave testimony on two sons
Whom were put on these oils. Google and see what you find on computer.
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-08)
This happens. Normal people call us mentally ill when we talk about our experiences to them. So there is no need to tell them about your abilities to avoid any kind of trouble. I told some of my abilities to my brother and he makes fun of me everytime. Guess it was my mistake to tell him such things. I never told my parent about my abilities, not even once. So I just share my experiences with those who understand and experienced such things themselves. Hope you don't lose your abilities because of these medicines. Take care and bye. 😁
KittyKat97 (5 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-08)
We don't have the money to waste. I had to fight--HARD--and promised my mom I'd be good without them. But really...It's in my nature to fight back on everything. One incident, and she thinks it'll happen every time. But thanks, guys.
Agstorms (183 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-08)
If you have the money to waste you could just pretend to have them but just throw them out
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-08)
It is proven that these type of drugs literally change how your brain works and have long lasting effects on the brain. It would be like you are a different person. Also some of them might cause depression. I say that the next time you talk to your mom you should tell her that. Imagine all the little things that mentally make you you changed by some drugs. Also they will affect your abilities as a indigo child too. It IS your life. Don't let anyone decide something with it you don't want, even your mother or doctor.
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-08)
Psychotropic drugs are bad for everyone. You are smart to know you should do anything you can so that you don't end up on that stuff. The issue is that it's HARD WORK to center yourself when there is so much spiritual activity going on around you all of the time. I read your profile, and you mentioned that you are impatient to meditate or something along those lines. That's one of your biggest issues--lack of ability to center yourself, lack of discernment of spirit, and lack of discipline. Without having the ability to be grounded and balanced, you are going to be scattered and end up in a vicious cycle of mood swings, ups & downs. I think that if you found a style of meditation that suited you, you might feel very differently. You are not alone. These issues surround people with "mental illness" (which IMO is a term doctors make up when they don't have any answers and need another excuse to sell pills on behalf of pharmaceutical companies). I have to run, but I have lots of advice for you that I think can really help you, even natural things like herbs that can help you stay balanced. If you want to know more you can email me at greenpsychic [at] I hope nothing I said sounds harsh to you, but I'm trying to be real with you because I don't want you to end up on medication. But you do have to prove to your mom that you have personal power (and you do!) before she will agree with you. It takes serious work though and a commitment to bettering yourself. If you want the easy way out, take the "magic pill," lol! ❤
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-03-08)
You are just a few years away from being on your own (18), then you can do as you please. I personally didn't realize parents had the ability to force you on medication for behavior they don't agree with. I think kids are far too medicated these days! It's so bad it's actually now in our drinking water in developed nations. That's just terrible.

Anyway, as an Indigo, almost any mind/behavior medication is going to affect you. These drugs are 'inhibitors' so any energy isn't going to flow like it normally would (good for parents, bad for youth). Unless you can express a clear and lucid desire with your doctor that you adamantly do not want to be on this medication, you might be stuck waiting until you are 18 to get off of it.


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