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Thank you, AnneV

I know you are right about everything. I sometimes feel that I may get things mixed up when I have the dreams. I call them dreams because when I have them, it could be at any time. Even when I am thinking of something else altogether, these flashes will come, interrupt, and take over until they are finished. If others happen to interrupt me then they will end and when I try to get them back they will not carry on to finish. Sometimes when I feel like I am trying to manipulate the dreams and I will end them myself dismissing them as false. I mean to say that they will start out as feeling real but when I can interfere I sense that they are false. Whereas, if they were real they do not let me interfere so I know something is real. I think this is a good thing.

I believe in past lives and that our purpose is greater because of our pasts. I believe that we come back to learn more lessons and as each life passes, and we begin another, we become wiser and ultimately better people on earth and better souls on the planes. I believe that when we pass and enter the other planes to move on, we choose the lifetime and maybe the lessons to learn. I think that we may choose to take the particular life to do it in. We are all equal in the end and it is the lessons we learn that make us teachers later on. I would appreciate more information if you have it about premonitions and Deja Vu or other information along those lines. If you or anyone else is willing to share I would be grateful. I think it is good to talk to those who do know I am not some foolish person rambling on. Thank you for hearing me.

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Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-20)
Hello rosa,

I believe we are all perfectly created from the beginning, and that in each earthly reincarnation we are fooled by the human condition to believe that WE ARE NOT PERFECT.

It seems senseless to reincarnate over and over again until you are perfect, because in each lifetime we must realize that we are perfect no matter how much the world makes us believe otherwise.

Some think we are here to attain "perfection", all those spiritual lessons and labour to become more perfect than what we really are... Running the rat race, and winning as many battles as possible to be a better warrior, but for what? We are already just Spirit... And must utilise that perfection to the greatest good, by instead of filling yourself with more and more spiritual answers, you must realize that you have all the answers within you since you are connected to the Universal Consciousness already, why waste time searching for things you already knew why you could have done something more productive... Being the "perfection" or "Spirit" in action.
dorarosenbaum (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-18)
Wow! I have never met anyone who shares my same view of our spirit selves and what happens to us! I've only told about five people my thoughts on this my entire life. I too feel we have lived before, and will live again until either time runs out or develop our spiritual selves into near perfect beings. Thanks for posting!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-12-16)
Jacqueline, I cannot agree more with you on your philosophies of past lives, lessons and ultimate oneness.

Premonitions and déjà vu (often just dreams of the future that we've forgotten) are an interesting thing. All things are happening in the now and being multi-dimensional beings by nature, we can peer into that 'nowness' from time-to-time, and even more so with effort and practice. While this psychic muscle has atrophied in most people, we can strengthen it should we chose.

Premonitions are not black and white (wish they were!). We have a subconscious mind this is highly symbolic and interpretation can be tricky. Then we are also a microcosm of All That Is and can manifest realities of our choice so can dream up some pretty terrific stories, landscapes and lessons. It would be a full time job of personal study to figure out how our mind and spirit work! I can't speak for others but I dream many of my needed lessons so I don't have to experience them in the physical. It also speeds up the process of evolvement because I'm living lessons both awake and asleep. I have great dream recall and keep a journal (I recommend this for everyone) so get a tremendous amount of information from my dreams, sometimes on an astonishing level. I can watch karma play out, witness lessons filter from the super conscious, and see behavior from a third person perspective not normally available to us. As Robert Monroe (a well know astral projector) always said, "Maximize sleep."

Have you considered asking your higher self for some directions in your dreams? Sometimes before bed, I'll ask to see something while I'm sleeping and I'm often rewarded with the message or answer I am looking for. For example, I do not feel that earth is my latest incarnation prior to this one. I asked before bed to see where I came from prior to this incarnation and later I became lucid on a planet that was spectacular in beauty, cleanliness and light. Was in my former incarnation? I cannot say so for sure but it resonated with me. When I asked why I came here to such a negative base place, I was shown, exactly like a near death experience account, the flashback of every moment of love I had given and knew that's a great part of why I was here. Without these sparks of love this world would be ever darker still. Beings from different planes want to come here to help raise consciousness and thank goodness for that. Now more than ever this is needed.

Be well.

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