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Can't See Future Husband's Face


I have had several dreams where I was shown a female child, which was mine (and quite a few psychics over the years, about 10 years now since it was first mentioned- keep saying I will have a female child). I would have many dreams of this child but in each of them, for some reason, my husband's face wouldn't be shown to me. One dream specifically, I was sitting on a sofa holding my newborn and there was a picture in a frame on the side table of him. I told my baby "who is that? That's daddy!" but somehow the face couldn't be made out. Well 3 years ago I got married and thought that was it- later that same year, my ex left me and later divorced me.

Since then, and especially of late, I have had dreams again of this baby, but the father/husband isn't being shown. I have also asked my guides to give me some hints about him and the most I got was a vision of his back, and when I asked what ethnicity he was, I saw what looked like a Mexican flag tattooed on his shoulder. But of course, still nothing definite. So this doesn't help to clarify things very much and I can't help but wonder why I have not been allowed to see him. And I don't know if the back thing was just me projecting my own hope about what he'll be (I really prefer Hispanic men, though I am Black).

Could I be blocking myself from seeing him? Does anyone have any suggestions about this? Yes, I know I should probably just give up and accept that I cannot know for some reason, but I feel I have been waiting for a long while for him to show up (since my divorce, a handful of psychics have predicted he will show up "in August", and each year I get hopeful, then when August comes and goes I feel so disappointed). Could it just be that Spirit is completely throwing me off the trail on purpose because it doesn't want me to know the how & when?

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Show_Me (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-04)
The reason why you cannot see your husband in your dream is because it is not time yet and we are forbidden to see the future. Only some can see far into the future. Even mediums/ psychics cannot tell you who he is but can describe him to you. It's something along the line of when the time comes, you will meet him/her, because you cannot change your fate or fast forward to a certain time in your life in the future. When the time comes, it will come, but do not rush it for it can also be your ruins/misfortune.
Melissas74 (4 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-17)
Thank you. I do agree that it's because I'm not ready yet, and yes even still it gets a little frustrating as I date and meet many people, then get tired & go on a man break for some time (the right man will find me!), then get out there and meet people (I have to at least put myself out there, he won't find me shut inside my house!) and it's kind of been like a dating blooper reel- which incites the "break", rinse, repeat.
I DO try to open up and have dated all kinds, and much to seemingly my entire family's dismay, I just don't feel as physically attracted to most Black men generally, though I have dated plenty and have had Black boyfriends and I get annoyed that my preference is regarded as racism and being small-minded. I am sure some of them are really great men, and I know looks fade- I am not looking for a Mr. America, but I want to feel some sort of attraction toward my partner. I have gone down the "looks don't matter" road before and it results in not being satisfied on a level, like I settled, which everyone does, but I guess I just have to find a balance somehow. Doesn't have to be Hispanic, I just gravitate toward tan/lighter skin, wavy/curly hair and dark eyes, and a lot of Hispanic men have those features, but so do some Black and some White men. 😆 😆 😆
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-12-16)
Your future partner will show up at the perfect time, not any sooner. We cannot hurry this but goodness knows we want to. You may not be ready for your partner yet. And it's my opinion that it is a good thing you cannot see him. If you psychically saw him prior to physically meeting him you very likely may either rush him or come across desperate and drive him away ("I had a vision of our baby now let's get married!"). The people we are meant to meet will come across our paths but they can also leave this path and wait for another life cycle when we are more ready and yes, that can mean in the next life. I'm not saying you're not ready be mindful that his agenda may not be your agenda nor does a future father necessarily mean a future husband.

Also, open your heart and let the "right" man come into your life, irregardless of his ethnicity. Put in your mind's eye a loving and kind man. That is what matters and after a few years, we generally only "see" their inner qualities anyway. We also attract what we are. Be sure to spend some time refining your own good qualities so that you'll attract a man that resonates with you.

Best to you.

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