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Am I Seeing Future, Or Making Things Happen?


First, I know how crackpot I must sound. But I have experienced a great many "coincidences", especially lately where I will think something like, "A car accident is about to happen" or "somebody is about to run into the back of the car" (at the time thinking it was ME) and seconds later, it happens, but to other cars. So I think I am a bit pre-cognitive (although of course I can't see things I am really interested in, like what my Husband will be like!) but there are also people around me who actually believe I CAUSE these things to happen. I don't know if it's really possible to create in another's reality, but I often get the experience of thinking about someone and BAM! They pop up almost immediately by calling, texting, through Facebook, etc. SO I don't know if I was sensitive to their thoughts about me and that's what prompted MY thoughts, or if they were sensitive to my thoughts which prompted them to reach out to me.

Also think it's interesting that most people respond to my thoughts about them, yet some do not. I shouldn't but I admit at time I wonder if my ex hubby who abandoned me 3 years ago is even considering the damage he did, or if he ever regrets hurting me the way he did, my guess is no, but I cannot seem to get any real info on the situation (from the Spirit world- no way do I ask other people about that). He did for a while, make friends with some of my friends on Facebook and seem to come on there solely to brag and flaunt- and not just my imagination, EVERYBODY saw it as him trying to rub things in my face. (I never got ugly or responded back to him, but I eventually blocked him so I wouldn't have to see all of that), and all is well in my world. Yes I have moved on, but something about the whole thing still feels a little... Unfinished or "lopsided", like I have a feeling I will eventually hear of him in some way, but when I do, it won't really be joy over a misfortune, but something else. A completion of some kind. No I don't feel we would get back together, nor do I want to, but I can't shake this weird feeling. Any thoughts?

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