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Deja Vu


I was scared at first when I saw something I didn't understand in a night dream. I now realized I may have sensed my dad had problems but I was only about 8 or so when this happened. I remember the dream like it was yesterday because I was in bed supposed to be asleep but was not and it was very late at night. Dad's body was floating in mid air without his head and I sensed it had something to do with his back as his lower body was in a cast. I had a very strong sense that something was going to happen to him in the future. About 2 weeks or so later as I cannot quite remember the exact time, dad was in a car accident and was put into a body cast with a broken back.

I met my first boyfriend before I actually met him. I was in an apartment of my own and I could see his blonde flowing hair but not his actual face. I could see where I was standing in relation to where he was in the room. I got an apartment when I was 18 and the boy I was going with was with me that day when I was standing in my small bathroom and looking toward the bedroom where he was standing. Now he had a face and it took me by such surprise that I burst out saying "Oh my God I seen this scene before".

I have had a few such day dreams and night dreams since. Once when I was older I had a dream in the day that there was going to be a terrible accident on a bike I even saw the boy or man floating off. About 2 weeks later a boy died from speeding on his motorcycle. I did not understand why I had this one as I did not know this person at all. However come to find out I did know his sister who was very distraught over his passing.

I called my brother one day I was so scared for his son Robbie, my nephew whom I loved dearly. Something was wrong and Robbie could not tell anyone. I begged my brother to please watch him more closely as someone was going to try to hurt him. A few months later Robbie told his dad he hated his male babysitter and the hairs stood up on the back of my brothers neck he said, when Robbie told him he was being molested. Robbie was only 8 years old.

Just yesterday, a police officer was in my home to take out a bad man and as he was standing there I was hit by the same scene I saw before but had seen it must have been some 3 years earlier.

These are the most memorable déjà vu's experiences and although I am only afraid of the ones that show death I fear the ones that I may not interpret until it's to late. I don't know why I have them when some of them do not happen for quite some time later and I keep praying that they will not ever be something awful happening to my family because I sound like an idiot when I try to tell them to be careful. Like when I called my boyfriend up when he was on the road and begged him and made him promise at least for the day that he would take all precautions when driving. I had such an overwhelming feeling of impending doom on him. I saw him being taken away from me and it hurt so much I cried a lot praying and begging God to let him come home safe. I don't know why these happen and although they are not all the time, I fear them and I react to them when I can in the hopes that if I warn the people I care about that it might avoid the really bad stuff. Of course, I cannot tell people I don't know and I do wish I could although it would make me look like a fool in their eyes I dream I might be able to stop it from happening if I could just warn them. I feel sorry for the ones I cannot warn. These are true events and are to the best of my remembrances as I am older now. Although, there are details I may not have put in in order to keep it short.


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oblivousmassacre (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-19)
I experience the same things. I have dreams that come true, but I have no idea when they will or if they will. I am young, but I have learned that I can't change what happens. It is meant to be like that for a reason, and I am not meant to stop it. If I was, I would get every single detail in the dream and I would know if it really was going to happen or not. I once had a dream that one of my best friends from kindergarten was going to be shot. I told him, and he said that he was supposed to go hunting with his uncle that weekend. Needless to say, he cancelled the trip. That was in 6th grade. In 9th grade, he went hunting with two of his friends and he got shot on accident. He died instantly. I was horrified.
My point is that sometimes you can try to change what will happen, but when it is meant to be it is meant to be. I imagine it is much harder for you, since you get more dreams about disasters than I do. Most of my dreams wind up being nothing of importance.
Try to remember that everything happens for a reason. I hope I have helped a little bit.
Cristine (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-18)
It doesn't sound like Deja-vu to me. Dreams can warn us of impending realtionships to people or things that we know, we live and understand on a communicative basis, such as familial realtionships with mom, dad, brothers and sisters. Stress is the number one factor for dreams and dreaming, including with children of any age group.
Deja-vu is if I were to fall into a sleep where in a dream I was standing on a dock overlooking a body of water and though I have never phsyically been there before I am very familiar to teh place I am at in my dream. So when I am fully awake in a non-dream state at some point in time and it doesn't have to be anytime soon, if I happen to see the same picture detailing that very same area I was in a dream; the dream comes back into my mind as it is recalled from memory and I am "shown" the dream and place that I am phsycally unfamiliar to but familiar to, if that makes any sense. Deja-vu is a definite something... Not a "this could be or that may be and might something bad be telling me it is going to happen" Deja-vu is not that. Precognition in dreams is more concurrent and concise in psychics with multiple "talents" then it will ever be for psychics who are only clairvoyant or clairauditory and so on.

I think that given your age and limited experiances in that it seems to be occurring dreams---of events that play out as life's events such as the cop at your door, the motorcyle accident---it's not clear enough to be anything more than a sporadic 6th sense.
I would't invest so much energy in thinking what you are thinking about what might (not) be happening to you... Likly it is not what you are perceiving.

Intuition and a strong intuition is what you have and nothing more than that. 😊
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-12-15)
Your intent is pure and admirable but if none of us had bad things happen to us we'd not grow so I wouldn't feel too bad about not saving people from their life lessons. Without the lessons most often learned through hardship, we'd be even more spiritually flabby than we already are. There is purpose of a much higher nature going on in life. We specifically incarnate onto this harsh plane of existence to evolve. No amount of 'warning' someone will rob them of their lessons. It will manifest another way. You cannot take this from them.

The point is to release your sense of control over the world. We have none. The higher powers (insert your word of choice for God, All That Is, etc.), in its omnipotence, gives us the lessons we need at the right time. And when we work through the lesson we stop having them. This is why people who have worked through their karma and lessons come back as teachers, healers, and leaders (the true kind, not most of those in office) and have lives that are often free of hard core strife. They aren't lucky, they've just 'been there, done that'.

I remember once is this woman's group that I belonged to, one woman came to the session to bemoan the fate of her poor brother who lost his girlfriend to cancer. However, prior to this, he had lead his whole life, per her, using women without any thought to their feelings and dumping one right after the other once he got bored. After he lost his current girlfriend "he was a changed man" and realized the preciousness of human life and started to treat women better. So while all she saw was the suffering "poor" brother with her only comment being "I'd not wish that on anyone", I saw a gift of a much higher nature and the lesson was his karmic duty and needed for his growth.

Thanks for sharing.

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