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I have been told before my daughter was a seer, when she was young she use to tell me to tell them to be quiet she wants to sleep. I would ask her who is talking to you and she would point at the end of her bed and say them they keep talking and I can't sleep. So I would kindly tell them to leave her alone she needs her rest and all would be good. This is around 6/7 then one day I was at a storage facility around 9pm I had my two older boys with me. She was sleeping in the car and the car was backed into the unit. All of a sudden she started screaming uncontrollably. We couldn't stop her I left worried someone would call the cops. This continue until I would pray the our father with her then she would calm. She use to say that a thing was around her and he was shaking his head really fast and threatening me I told her I wasn't afraid of him and that she should not be either. It continued for awhile. A friend told me she could help so she held my daughters hand and was "looking" in her I guess, she got scared said something dark was around my daughter again this was now around 8 years old. She got the Karan and had it blessed told me to have her sleep on it every night it will help keep the spirits away. We did and it seemed to calm down and actually stopped. Now she is 15 we have moved, recently she has told me that she feels like something is watching her she says at times when she is alone she could feel it but she ignores it. About a week ago baby footprints were on her tv screen I dismissed it, recently her friend committed suicide. He has been coming to her dreams she says it's like he is trying to talk but can't like he is choking. She is afraid to sleep alone I have been sleeping with her when her friends don't stay the night. I worry about her she cries sometimes saying she is afraid to open that door that if she does she knows more will come and doesn't know how to handle it. She recently told me she would like to help others who have passed but is not ready.

I want to know how do I find out what is watching her, also her twin has passed, I was 7 months pregnant when she passed. Sometimes she feels her sister knows it's her, she had tea with her at 3 years old. Anything I can do? How do I help her?

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PathR (4 stories) (1262 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-30)
The reality is a few children have a very thin veil.
And are very sensative to energy around them.

My belief is if she is a seerer.
Normally they require a pivot point.

I had spoken to a woman raised around the NA pow-wow's. But she had influence of Catholic as many native american. She stated as a child she felt influences that were dark and also felt one from the light. This incorporated dreams as well as feeling,sensing.
She stated it was not until she aligned her self
With a certain Saint that she no longer had the influence of the dark and light. And only had the light.

There a story on the site of another whom at the age
Of 4yrs old, actually had spirits visit her and take
Her for training, only no one saw these spirit people.
One was a spirit whom no one saw, and when she told
Her grandfather he took her to the medicine man whom
Prayed and put protection around her. They would call
This bands of protection.

Now I know these ideas sound quite alarming.
But in actuallity they are a person life path.

The way it works is dark and light energy (spirits),
Both need vessels for their activity. People
Are just conduits, with our words and actions or
Rituals, traditions and calling. With a calling of a
Life path, there are angels,guides, and different
Influences that accompany the position.

The Koran does not sound as if it is with your own
Beliefs, and normally when a female has a monthly cycle the Koran should be far from the female as it
Is believed to contaminate the Koran.
The Koran is considered holy and should not be defiled
By the female during this period of time.

If you click on my User Name: you will find my email
Address. Send me the info of belief other items that
Have been used. And can you state if your daugher has any other abilities: as preminitions, dreams, trance,d
Is anyone in the family known as a seerer (prophet).
Is she sensative to places,people,animals.
I'd really like to help your daughter and you.
I do not mind taking a peek at her energy to see
Whom she is dealing with.

As AnneV said there are things one can put in place.

PS I am not charging you any money.

Your daughter once settled can pass on any help
To others.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-27)
Hello phmystic, I've been instructed to help you. Now asking the spirit might help just a bit, but I would have to agree with what Anne said. (Now I'm just typing for what is being requested) Your daughter has become a target for a reason. (Storybook) Tell your daughter about the light around her for a better understanding. She must understand what is around her to prevent anymore negative emotion towards her ability. Request for Juan if you need any further assistance.

(Storybook was something she requested me to add in.) "Storybook" has something to do with the past sibling. She said it was important that I help your daughter. I don't get much requests, but I do feel like I owe her.
AnneV (4 stories) (1062 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-01-26)
You can do more cleansing with your mind than material things but they certainly don't hurt. If a bible or holy water makes you FEEL safe then use them. Some people would use crystals and sage because that's what makes them feel safe. Faith goes a long way. It really comes more down to what makes you feel a certain way. What you feel you exude ends up in both your aura and the surroundings. Though I was raised Catholic I do not have those items as any kind of tool to ward off entities. I use unconditional love but that's very hard to live by unless you've spent decades working on it.

Is there any chance some of this might be caused by the house itself? Some older homes with past histories can hold karmic records in its energy. People move in and out but a lot of what has happened in the home can remain for some time. Some think indefinitely which is how professional psychics pick up on this type of thing when they do an on-site reading.

You can buy any materials on-line.

[at] KeDe412

I reviewed your stories in order to post them but I did not comment on them. I do not take any credit for seeing truth versus lies beyond any woman my age who has some experience under her belt. I refrain calling myself anything. I prefer to just act in accordance with my desire to help and let the rest speak for itself.

phmystic (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-26)
Thanks again Anne, what suggest do you have to clear her room? I have holy water in there and I can put a bible in there if it helps. Also how do I find stores in my area to purchase things for cleansing a room and such.
KeDe412 (5 stories) (167 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-26)
Most seers (or soothesayers) are able to see the past or future of either themselves or others at will, but unlike most other classifications of psychic abilities, seers are able to feel the past or future as if they were actually there, because in a sense their spirit actually transcends time and travels there... Kind of like astral time travel.

[at] Anne, thank you for reviewing my stories, you must have the abilities to tell truth from lie, which if I'm not mistaken is a very high wizard (mystic ability) in fact I might called you sage... Am I near correct?
AnneV (4 stories) (1062 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-01-26)
As with humans still alive, there are different levels of beings on the other side. As I mentioned, if they've not crossed over to the higher planes then they are of a more coarse (negative) vibration. If they are trying to enter your physical shell then it's clear they are not seeking help of a higher kind.

What beings want from living humans vary. Some just want to be noticed or heard. They often don't even get that they have passed on and find it very aggravating not being able to participate in the physical plane. This is why they try and enter us because this, they feel, is a way to re-experience what they have lost. Just like former alcoholics try and enter a drunk person because they are eager to feel that high again. I've read in Robert Monroe's books that sex addicts stay around people caught up in that activity because that's as close as they can get. The entire point of Buddism is to free ourselves of our addictions (illusions) so this doesn't happen to us when we die. These things are not stuck in the lower planes for no reason. Their baseness just carries on. We can try and help but if they are not receptive then we simply have to do our part in trying to extricate ourselves from them.

You can determine what they want by their behavior (again, much like people who inhabit physical shells). They probably want at your daughter because then they are noticed. Have you ever seen the movie The Sixth Sense? That explains it pretty well. The young boy can see dead people and they clamor to him to get noticed, solve things, continue to express their tortured behavior and so on. I don't know if this will sounds like good news for you but 95% of teenagers who have this ability close off to it. We are far more receptive in our youth to this but as life and the closing down of our chakras happen, that door also closes.

Teenagers should be enjoying more of their youth than worrying about low level beings in my opinion. And since this contact is not what I would call positive then I'd focus more on surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and white light. Or tell them to move on. We can pray they find the light but that doesn't always work. I always say we have doors on our homes but not when it comes to the astral we don't.

Like attracts like. Any fear just promotes the attraction as such. Teenagers are also a great source of energy for these things to feed off of but there is little you can do about that if she already has a predisposition as a medium. I guess it comes down to being as positive as you can, try to clear the house and know that more than likely this will pass in a few years.

Hope this helps.
phmystic (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-26)
Thanks Anne

But how do I find out who it is and what they need. I'm not afraid of them never have been so I want to help her and ease her pain. The other night when I slept in her room next to her. I had a "dream" and it felt as real as possible. I have had these before but never right next to her. In my "dream" a "being" was trying to enter through me and I fought it it did get in me temporarly and held me down I fought it and almost called my daughters name for help to wake me but I chose not to because I thought that's what it wanted to reach my daughter. It was a battle for my body and to wake up when I finally did wake up I felt exhausted. I have had these before and woke up with scratches on my leg or back so I know its real I just want to know who is watching what they want and How to help. Any suggestions?
AnneV (4 stories) (1062 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-01-26)
This would be unsettling for any parent because you're dealing with intangibles.

We are all being "watched" to some degree because millions (if not billions) of souls have crossed over for the duration of humans on earth. If you go back thousands of years, then yes, probably billions. And in less than 100 years, the current seven billion will have crossed over as well. And where do these souls go after death? Many stay right in the earth locale, just a vibrational fraction outside of our perception. Many souls pass over to a higher plane but unfortunately, there is a fair share of those who are stuck in the lower astral. Earth is a warring place and is not what I consider conducive to truly elevating the consciousness for many. Because the lower astral vibrates much more coarsely than the higher astral, it is easier to perceive for seers, such as your daughter, than the higher plane. This means they will see far more negative beings than positive ones.

With all that being said, let's look at what she's seeing and maybe turn around the perception of that. The souls in the lower astral aren't just "evil ghosts" that have passed on, but the souls most in need of our love and compassion. They led lives, often abused and misunderstood, that led them to grow up and be unhappy and destructive people. We don't just die and change, but instead, die and keep being who we are before death. They are lost, angry, disillusion souls that don't know how to move out of this lower realm. So instead of thinking of them as bad or evil, it helps to think of them as lost and needful souls. People also label unseen beings as "ghosts" which is a scary term we teach our kids. We are all ghosts even right now but we still have our physical shell (inside our physical shell is the ghost that will continue on after we die). So I refrain from calling souls or astral beings "ghosts" because it creates a sense of fear.

She sounds quite mature for her age. And I have no doubt in time she will help those who have passed on.


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