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My entire life I have questioned if I had a sixth sense. It seems like it is always present, always there and latent, but that I can't seem to connect with it.

My earliest memories were I somehow knew events happened. I knew when people died or were going to, I have seen a vision of someone getting hurt that I ignored, and seconds later exactly what I saw happened. I often knew as a child what people were feeling or going to say or do. But I have never been in control of this. And now at 25, I feel lost. I feel that this is a significant part of my soul purpose here on earth. I don't know how to develop these things, but I would like to. I feel pushed to.

I see things, I read about someone seeing things in the shower, the sparkles of dancing light, that has happened to me a few times, it makes me laugh. I always see sparkles of light and spheres that are white with a grayish ring around the outside and a spot in the middle. I don't know if this is something in my contacts, or if it has some significance. I was also seeing sparkles around peoples heads at times.

I can feel. That is something I cannot deny. I can touch someone or sit near someone and instantly feel their pain, their energy, what is holding them back, the fear, and I can also feel the light and the good in people. I can sense everything about other people, but little about myself, and it is frustrating. I do not know what path to follow to get there, but this feels like a good start. I talk with an energy worker, who offers me much help, and has told me I do have a "gift" but I feel so hesitant. I am good with the law of attraction, but this is the one thing I haven't seemed to be able to manifest.

I want to see and talk with my guides and angels. I feel as if that is part of my purpose, and I always have. And yet, I see teens on this site, who see and feel and communicate, and it causes me to have fears that I am missing something.

Does anyone have any guidance to offer? It would be so appreciated.

Peace and Blessings

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FairiesFlight (48 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-21)
jazzyjazz ~ when working with crystals or energy work with your massage understand that as long as you are giving the treatment out of love, peace and joy you can NOT and will never do anything that can harm the other. Keep the light of love and joy with you and you will go far.

Fear is a funny thing. It can either hold you back (like it does for most people) Or you can use it to excel yourself into doing what you want to get past.

The vision your friend had is, from my feeling, related to your healing abilities through crystals and massage. You are not weird and should not feel strange. Trust yourself to know that when you feel guided to a point or area, when healing, that you are doing the right thing. It is what that person needs at that time, and you are the connection of light, love and joy that will allow them to heal the best way they can at that moment. Also realize just because you are attracted to one area with one person one day it may not need the same location worked, or healed again for quite some time. Thus it is good that you may be "Pulled" to new locations.

Always trust your heart. One thing we have done as humans is let our head get in the way.
Trust your heart, trust your spirit guides.

Peace and love be with you.
jazzyjazz (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-17)
Wow! Thank you for your thoughtful words. ❤ I didn't mention before that I also do massage and feel guided with crystals and healing touch. When I put my hands on people I can feel what is happening in their bodies. But I am full of self doubt and fearful that I what I feel will not necessarily be what they want or need.

Another interesting thing that I am curious about happened a few months ago. After doing a distance meditation where I was trying to exchange information with my best friend and his guides, he suddenly began to have visions. He said he saw me in a yoga position with a hand in front of me and one behind me and light beings touching my hands. He said that he felt like he was supposed to tell me that I was going to heal people with my hands, and that they would help me. Do you think there is any significance to this. I was intrigued, but at the same time wondering why I have never had a vision of this sort. And I am scared to believe. I am not sure why, but I feel a bit nutty sometimes believing in these things. While I do with my whole heart, my logical mind always puts up an argument.

Your words were very touching and helpful. Thank you again, and blessings. ❤
FairiesFlight (48 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-17)
jazzyjazz ~ It sounds to me that you may be like myself and have more than one gift. You talk about "Feeling" others, there emotions, their pain, this is part of being an empath. You talk about seeing things before they happen, part of seeing into the future.

I can tell this is trubbling to you. First thing is not to fear it. It will only hold you back. Next if you are wanting to enhance these abilities you should practice meditation. It will allow you to connect to the spirit world easier.

Best wishes to you

The dancing lights you see are fairies. Beings of light and love. I have seen them for my whole life. When I would mention it to others they would think I was crazy. I had many tests done on my eyes, MRI's ect. Family trying anything to "remove" them. I one day told them that I didn't want to see them any more. And they left. After about 8 months I discovered I missed them and the advice that I felt I was no longer receiving. I asked that they come back. I had a conversation with them and learned that they are a great protector and helped me in following the correct path. When you are in the tub/ shower or meditation try talking to them, you may be surprised on what you learn.

Do not compare yourself with others with abilities. Everyone will learn and grow their ability based on who they are and where they are in their spiritual life. How fast your abilities grow always depends on you. Not the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind. How well and often you meditate to allow the spiritual side of yourself shine. Do NOT try to force it. Allow it to come as quickly or as slowly as it will. The more you meditate and trust the feelings the larger and faster they will grow.

Some people never "see" spirits with there eyes, you may be one of them. If you "Feel" things and beings it may be a different way of sight for you. Allow it to be. You may end up "seeing" more than you think.

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