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The first time I had my bad feeling was just a little while before that big tsunami that hit Japan. I had butterflies in my stomach and it seemed like someone was watching me all the time. In school I would always watch the doors thinking something would happen, but it never did, instead Japan got a 9.0 earthquake. I was paranoid for like a week until the tsunami hit. After that happened I told myself that it was just a coincidence but I got more bad feelings.

My next bad feeling was when the gas prices shot through the roof! My bad feeling only lasted for a day that time but I can't ignore that I knew something was going to happen. I guess the bigger the disaster the longer I have my bad feelings.

I can never tell what is going to happen or whether it is going to happen to me or to other people. For that I fear, because I will never be able to stop anything bad from happening whether it is a big problem or a small problem. I just pray that everything will work out and that people that know what is going to happen will at least try to stop it.

I usually do not believe that psychics are who they claim to be, but I found out that maybe just maybe, God has picked his prophets. I don't know if I am crazy or not but, I believe now, whether it is spirits or maybe there are actual prophets here to save the world from humanity. There are people who are psychic and no one believes them, and there are people who fake being chosen just to get attention. Usually you can tell if someone is lying just by what they type, I hope that you won't just brush this off your shoulder, but just listen to the message.

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