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I was given gifts from the god. Many actually (1) I can sense and to an extent control emotions of anyone (living or dead) (2) I am sensitive to energy fields (3) I can read someone's or something's past by their energy vibes but also I can up to a point communicate with spirits. As a child I was mentally, emotionally, physically, verbally, and sexually abused by my biological father. I was also the same age, 5, when I was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) so I was from the start different but another thing that could of contributed to my gifts is that while still in the womb I had a twin. But later on in the pregnancy my mom got a condition called disappearing twin syndrome. It's where one of the twins is absorbed by the other. In my case I survived so I may have gotten some of my twins personality and gifts.

But anyway when I was about 2 is when my mom noticed my gift for sensing spirits.

According to her I was sitting on the floor and playing ball with my great grandmother from my mom side, who had died a couple of months earlier and whom I never got to really meet. She understood because she like me is gifted. And my mom walked over to me and asked me who is was playing with and I babble out grama Lois. That was just the start. Over the years my gifts became more and more pronounced. Physically and emotionally. When I was in 3rd grade is when it really hit me. One of my friend's grandpa died and she was acting Like it never it happened but I could feel that she was sad. Like as if they were my own emotions but they weren't.

And I discovered my gift for sensing spirits about nine. I was living with my mom and her new boyfriend and his son and my stepdad was at work and it was just me and my mom and step brother and I kept hearing someone running up and down the stairs so I went up there and in my parents room I saw kids they were dress in 18 century clothing and although they talked I couldn't understand them they didn't speak English but understood it. And after that I realized I should utilize my gift. Which I have but my gift has gotten even stronger especially after last summer when my two cousins were killed. I can now read an objects past and get glimpses at peoples thoughts. I'm think that the past has the most effect on me, and I have a extremely good grasp on my gifts and willing to help people with theirs.

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destineelynne (guest)
9 years ago (2012-05-02)
Okay, well, I am new at this. I have a fairly different story. I can see spirits but under different circumstances. I would love to talk to you and possibly get some help from you about spirit seeing. If you would please comment back so I can give you my email address. That is, If you would like to discuss this with me. Thanks

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