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The Woman Spirit, Needs My Assistance Or Trying To Warn Me


Alright, So I believe that I have mentioned this spirit on here before but I am not completely sure. So I guess I will start from the beginning.

So my dad moved into a new house. (I have recently started seeing spirits) Well, a few weeks ago, I was sitting in my dad's living room, and in the living room it is connected to the kitchen also. So you can see the whole kitchen. Well, I seen an elderly woman standing in the kitchen. I only saw her for a few seconds, but I could tell from her emotions that she was upset and needed help. I also have a "gut-feeling" that she either doesn't have enough energy to be seen often or just simply doesn't want to seen often. Because I have only seen her a few times, But I know when she is there, I can feel her presence. So, a few hours after I see her, I heard her (kinda felt like I only heard her talking inside my head) But anyway, she kept saying something about her house. Things like, "what are they doing in my house?" and "Please get them or him out of my house!"

Well, At first I was very confused. Because I knew who built and lived in my dad's house and there was no elderly woman in it. But, then I remembered that there was a log cabin right across the road from my dad's house. And the person who owns my dad's house also built this log cabin. And from the information that I have gathered, an old couple use to live in that cabin. Now, what happened to them, I am not sure? I am not 100% that they are even dead. But I know that no one lives in the cabin now, and from the looks of it no one has lived in it for a while. I believed that maybe that was the elder woman's old house. And since an old couple use to live in it, it makes the puzzle come together even more.

Now, here is where things get a little more interesting. My dad's friend was at the end of our drive way (which is fairly long) He was playing with our dog Milo who is chained up down there. Well, he said that as he was playing with Milo, that there was a man with long blonde hair that stopped in front of this cabin and stared at it for at least ten minutes. He said that the man did look like he was possibly homeless, and he was worried that the man would try and break in the cabin. So he decided to ask this man what he was doing and see if he was okay. But as soon as he went to walk to him and start talking the man turned and started walking again.

Now, I am considering the fact that maybe this "man" has been staying in this house, mostly because at night it does sound like there is someone around our house. (Everyone in the house has heard this) so maybe, if this man is staying in the cabin then the woman who I believe with all my heart, used to live in it, does not want him in it, or see's that he is doing wrong and wants to warn me. So I am very confused. Is this spirit trying to get help from me, or is she trying to give it to me? Please help me with this. Sorry it is so confusing.

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Rashidah (23 stories) (17 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-04)
Both entities maybe bond to your house. If they both did not ask for your help, chances are that they may not need it. Continue in your observations for now though.

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