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Scary And Quite Odd OOBE


I'm wondering if anybody can help me make sense of this. It occurred last night and frankly frightened the hell out of me. I know this to be an out of body experience due to the fact that I've had previous encounters, but while in this state I wasn't aware that that's what was going on. I began to drift from my body and oppose to going upward, it was as if I was being dragged onto the ground. I kept thinking in my head, "What am I doing getting onto the floor when I'm 37 weeks pregnant? It was like I was struggling to get back onto my bed, but I couldn't do it. I was being pulled onto the floor and then I started to roll around. I started rolling in one direction, and then mentally trying to pull myself back in the other. Occasionally my eye lids would flutter and I would be on my bed again, but the sensation was so strong I couldn't fight it. I kept getting pulled back into this trance like state. Then I found myself in my living room, and I was trying to turn on all the lights because it was dark in the house and I was scared. Soon, and out of nowhere might I add, I was standing in an unknown bathroom doorway, watching this little girl. (Not like that guys, but something had drawn me to her.) She was taking a bath and something was troubling her dearly. I saw her father come in to comfort her, and he slipped into the bath with her. He was massaging her shoulders, and then he did something quite weird. He started to bounce her up and down in the tub.=[ I'm really shaken by this because I have NO IDEA where this came from, and I'm only sharing this in hopes that somebody can give me insight as to what I may have been experiencing. Then I was taken to a lady, who had long brown hair, and she seemed to be from a time in the past. She did speak perfect English, but she wore gypsy like clothes. She was talking about how she really wanted to be pregnant. After that my eye lids began to flutter again and I was aware of my room, but I struggled hard to break out of this dreadful state. Then it was as if a pressure was just released from my body, and I awoke with ease. I wonder if I was being visited by a bad spirit, or if something wanted me out of my body to hurt my child. I don't know, but does anybody have a clue? I thought out of body experiences were supposed to be peaceful.

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Paws (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-03)
I cannot comment on the actual obe process, as I am very limited in my own experiences. But I wanted to comment about the bathtub scene. I feel really disturbed and unsettled after reading it, as my gut feeling is that you witnessed sexual abuse. Not related to your child, but perhaps you happened upon the incident as it was occurring somewhere? I hope not for the child's sake: (
Crowscourgeofthesky (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-03)
If you have belief in past lives, that could be your formal self finally pregnant.
sonicburn (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
Maybe a spirit was tyring to show you something about your child. The first experience was about a child being cared for, maybe that was about you caring for your child. The second was about someone with no child, maybe a spirit tried to show what it would be like if your child wouldn't make it.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
Out of body experiences are as varied as the people having them! I am also the author of and have received hundreds of accounts of experiences (and hundreds of my own). There are some text book examples but the differences outweigh the similarities. Many accounts are quite terrifying because mainstream society does nothing to educate us or prepare us for this experience. It's generally only by "accident" that we're even conscious of having one.

You experienced what I generally label the etheric experience. We are close to our body and the experience is very uncontrollable and we often get snapped back with the magnetic pull. We are discombobulated and have little control. This is why I repeatedly tell people if they do find themselves out, get out of the room immediately. The thing is, when we project we hover between vibrational dimension. In one moment, you could be oscillating at a very low frequency and even see objects that are near physical. In the next moment, you could raise your vibrations and ascend to a slightly higher plane and the experience changes along with that. There is no "x" you are here sign in the astral. To know where we are is difficult because we are more the bystander than the person fully in control, though that can be accomplished with experience.

So you were "here and there" and seeing and experiencing things and people with little control. I personally doubt anyone was there to hurt you or your baby. I think you were just floating around and shifting up and down in dimensions.

It's the higher planes that are quite pleasing. Depending on your own personal vibrations, the lower planes can range from mundane to terrible.

The point to most eastern philosophies is to remove attachment and raise your vibrations so that when you cross over for good, you are at a higher point. I always say to people, "look at your dreams for a glimpse of your afterlife." I mean, look at the woman who was speaking to you about wanting a baby. This is her attachment though in reality, she cannot have one if she's a permanent figure in the astral (her longing is her chain that binds her). Does this make sense?

Hope this helps.

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