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Odd Dreams/thoughts. Am I Psychic?


I'm currently 15 and about, 4 years ago I was watching YouTube videos about tsunamis and earthquakes no idea why I just was. I woke up the next morning to find a earthquake and tsunami hit japan. Probably just a coincidence but maybe not. Then about 4 years I was at the movie theater with my grandpa and I thought briefly wow a movie theater doesn't have good security anyone could come and just start shooting... A few weeks later a movie theater shooting happened. The other day I was eating dinner with my sister and my mom put 2 pieces of shrimp on her plate and I swear I heard her say "Only 2 I can have more" so I grabbed her another one and put it on her plate. She looked over at me and shock and was like why did you do that I said "because you said you can have more then just two" She said "no I only thought that I never said anything" so I asked my mom and my mom said my sister didn't say anything. It was really odd. Then just last night/this morning I had a dream in which my sister and I were at a church in Italy and on the wall was a lit up Vamps logo (vamps is a band) I have never listened to them or really talked about them ever before. I told my sister in my dream "that's a really cool vamps light logo on the wall I woke up and went to school and in the morning my friends and I hang out in a class room before the bell rings. We were just talking when my friend came in who isn't in that class and said "hey Rian didn't know you were still in this class first period" I turned around and she was wearing a vamps shirt with the same exact light and everything." I instantly flashed back to my dream in which I looked up at the big Vamps sign then I told my friend "I had a dream about this logo on your shirt" to the very exact thing. I really don't know if this was a coincidence or not but my friend is never in that class so why the one time she came in she was wearing that shirt. I never pay attention to my dreams but this really stuck out. Does this make me Psychic? When I got home and told my mom this she said "I thought you were always a bit Psychic' and she told me this story when I was little I was laying in bed with her and blurted out "Im sorry your tummy hurts" and my mom never said anything that day/night about her stomach. If I am Psychic how do I "make" this happen more and can I connect to other things?

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Lyro (468 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-06)
My theory is that everyone is psychic in a way, it's just some have unlocked that part of them in their genes, and others haven't. It's like a tv receiver can tune into all the signals that exist, you only have to tell it where to look. We have the ability to tune into a higher frequency, there's just the ones who have, and those that have't. Now there's other factors like past lives, but I'm not going to get into that atm. Now, thoughts and feelings are only electrical and chemical signals being sent to and from the brain, and just like an electrical wire radiating power, we do the same, that is what you're tuning into (my theory on how it works). It's as simple as getting a signal from your own body, only you're receiving theirs the same way. As far as making it happen, the best advice is to try meditating and calming your own mind. As all this is starting to happen you're more than likely going to get headaches, but they will pass in the future. As far as things happening when you were little. I've found that all people who are "psychic" go through a kind of development change. When they are younger they show signs of being psychic, then they go away you forgetting all about it, and then when you grow up more you re-awaken into them for the first time that you can remember. This happens around the same age time frame, some a little early some later, I myself was a little late re-awakening. However, it's a common thing showing signs when you were younger. If you have other questions fell free to let me know, it's better to shoot me an E-mail because I don't check here that often.
~ Lyro

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