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Premonition Of My Own Death?


At the opening of this year, I could feel things that were upcoming for me in this year. I felt like this would be my last year here as in on this Earth and I felt that strongly on new years. I have predicted deaths of others before but it just was feeling of death and death feels very strong, relentless, and final. Before someone passes, I always get that feeling and sometimes, hints. Like before my parakeets passed, I had a dream that a crow with red eyes had gotten into the house and he was staring at my parakeets cage. I tried to shoo the crow out and keep it from getting inside of the house but it kept coming back, which is how death is. Death will come no matter how you try to shoo it away. My parakeet died days after that dream.

When I was in my last year in high school, I used to meditate and I was meditating once and I had a vision of clouds, a red car, and a baby. I gathered that something had happened to me in a car accident but I'm not sure of the baby and the red car? My father had a dream of me a few weeks back being a baby again and I was sitting under a tree and he told me to be careful because he felt something about to happen to me. This Sunday, my father and I were driving together and I saw a white car on the road but there was nothing there when I looked again. That car was wrecked? I have closed my eyes once this year and saw myself laying on the side of a road in the grass parts on the high way and I wasn't moving. I was thrown from my car. My sister who is also psychic said she felt that something was going to happen to me. I was wondering if maybe I could be wrong one day as I was driving home and a black butterfly fluttered against my windshield and then I looked to the right and I saw a funeral home that I have never even noticed before that has been there for years. I felt that was a sign. I am awake now and I can't sleep. I feel anxious and I don't know why. When I try to imagine me being here past September, I see nothing and feel nothing. I don't think I will be. Could my feeling be correct?

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-08-27)
The good news is that the odds are very much in the favor that this is more anxiety related than an actual premonition of your death. "Something" happens to all of us every day. We can read into every single thing if we let our minds do that. You have more control of your reality than you realize. If you can, refrain from focusing on the potential negative in your life and focus on the potential positive. We manifest what we think of non stop so take back the power you've abandoned and start creating your reality through new thoughts, new feelings. The person who says life sucks is right -- for them. Over and over the universe will prove them right because it is simply reflecting back what they put out. The person who truly believe life is great and they are blessed will be right as well. So take a look at the mental mirror and see what it is that's being reflected back at you. Death and negativity or life and blessings? You call the shots to a huge degree, ultimately.

Thanks for sharing.

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