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A Psychic Does An Accidental Reading


"Mykel, I am tired from working, and I do not want to drive all the way to East State Street Stake and Shake." Mykel was tall with wavy black hair. He stood 6 feet 2. He had on a plaid shirt and blue jeans. Mykel was 21 and I had been nagging him to go to the college and get his Ged. "Mom I watched Christina all week." Christina was my 12 year old who was on the internet. She stood feet and had straight brown hair.

"Mom, I want a hamburger too." Christina yelled from the computer.

I got up and wrote on a piece of notebook paper their order to get some hamburgers at the local store.

Mykel grabbed the pen and wrote down his hamburger order on the piece of paper. He handed the paper to me. "Christina what do you want on your hamburger."

"Mom, Mustard, ketchup, and pickles." "No tomatoes on my hamburger." I wrote down her order on the piece of notebook paper.

"Lets get going now." I then grabbed my military army coat and opened up the back door. I stepped outside in the dark down the stairs. I was walking in complete darkness to the garage. Our backdoor garage light broke. I stepped down the path. Hoping not to step in dog poop. I then opened up the door to the garage. I walked to the garage door. I opened up the garage. I then got into th e car and turned the key shutting the car door and backing the car out. I then shut the garage door. Christian was waiting by the side of the car. Christina got into the car. We both sped away in the car, to Stake and Shake.

When we arrived at Stake and Shake I parked my car in the parking lot. I noticed 4 cars in the parking lot. Across the street was Mc Donald's. The parking lot their was packed.

I got out of the car and opened the car door. Christina did the same. I opened up the stainless steel door. It looked worn and dirty. When I walked up to the cashier I noticed 4 old men sitting down at the store eating their food. The cashier was a white blond woman with a bad complexion. I read off my paper for the order. I saw the young woman's name was Michele.

Michele took our order. Michele told us she went to school in Rockford Illinois.

I then looked at Michele and got a psychic reading from her. It was so strange these words pooped in my head. Bullied and tormented at school to the point of attempted suicide. I turned and looked at Michele into her bright blue eyes. "Michele were you ever bullied in junior high and high school?" "Yes I was and how did you know that?" She looked at me briefly then started to elaborate more of her experience. "I even attempted to swallow pills." "I went to the hospital and had to have my stomach pumped." Michele looked sad for a while. "Well Christina my daughter had caught her blanket in her bed on fire by accident and burned her arm and it hurt." "We just got back from the hospital and that is why we came here for food."

All of the sudden Michele spoke sullenly. " Well I got burned before pretty bad." I turned and looked at Michele. "Well did your boyfriend burn you with a cigarette?" Michele responded. "Well yes my boyfriend burned me with a cigarette." " My gosh how did you know that." Michele looked at me started. I turned and looked into her blue scared eyes. "I guess Michele I am a psychic." Michele then went on talking for quite some time until our food was done. Me and Christina left Steak and Shake and saw the packed parking lot at McDonald's was completely filled. I then got home brought in our food. I parked the car in the garage. I then opened up the back door and proceeded to eat my food. At this moment Christina and Mykel were fast asleep. I put their food in the microwave until they work up. Life proceeded as normal in the life of a part time psychic.

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bluemoon77 (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2016-08-10)
Hi Carri,

Do you have other psychic experiences other than that? Didcthe words just pop into your head?

Well,I'm not an experienced psychic but I had some experiences too. Like you, I often find myself picking up other thoughts and sometimes it's more like I'm reading their personality, even their pain.

Yet,it is just normal for me and others who know about my gifts now.And,after that, I can live normally.

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