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I really hope I am posting on the right Page, I'm still fuzzy from what the doctors say are "seizures" so if I'm not on the right page I apologize, but this last incident is why I am posting. (also my spelling is horrible and I apologize in advance)

I feel that both myself and my son are having psychic overload and I need help so that I can help him.

I'm pretty sure that I have psychic abilities. All the women, on both sides of my family have all had strange abilities or "incidents" with psychic phenomenon. I'm pretty sure that I am an Empath. I'm constantly being told I am anyway. And I am starting to believe this because my emotions are very out of control with sudden bursts of different types and going from one person to another they will change my emotions. I can help people feel relieved from pain and sadness as well. For a long time I thought I was just a good listener but remembering things from my childhood and particular incidents eventually made me realize them talking a lot was just another effect I had on people. I also believe my abilities go far beyond this however my empathy is the only ability that has been constant. I have had the occasional premonition (always something insignificant) I can occasionally tell someone's story by touching one of their objects, and I swear I can often tell what people are thinking and whether or not they are telling the truth or not. All these things tend to make me feel like I am crazy, and being mental illness is common in my family (especially mood related) I have been reluctant to even believe that these abilities are real, I've severely repressed my abilities out of fear that they were not abilities at all, and merely just a disorder. I have even developed epilepsy which just reinforced my thought that maybe my abilities are just a medical issue and all imaginary. However almost a gut feeling has always told me otherwise.

If these things are actually psychic phenomenon then my son has the same issues. And the issues he is having are severely impacting his life. He has been labeled with high functioning autism, however he doesn't have difficulties unless he is around a large amount of people or someone who is highly emotional. It's almost as if he amplifies the emotion of the person he is near. If that person is happy he is OVERLY happy/hyper, if someone is sad then he is so depressed he talks of life as if it's a burden. He's 11, and other than my divorce nothing traumatic has happened to him and his father and I are very close friends. I feel the lack of my psychic knowledge is what is inhibiting me from helping my son. My families elusive behavior when it comes to these things does not help. There is no psychic guidance. I have personally pushed what I am now believe to be abilities so far down that I feel it's what has caused my development of epilepsy (I will enter a trance like state only to come out of it feeling drained) The only reason they say its epilepsy is due to the tests they did but every time they've done one, I've had to fast and be sleep deprived. Isn't that what tribes people will do to put themselves in a trance like state? Other than the spikes in my brain I have no other typical symptoms of epilepsy. My symptoms are so sporadic that doctors think I'm making it up. I'm not crazy.

I can bring on these "epileptic" episodes when I try to concentrate on using an ability. When I try the tests on this website, like the esp one with the guessing the numbers, I got 4 right in a row and then, bam, trance like state to where I can no longer function. I'm stuck and I lose my "connection" It's as if I have a block or an overload and my brain shuts down. Is this what is happening to my son when he says he cannot control his emotions? Is this an overload or lack of knowledge in how to use or control our abilities?

Please We need help.

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IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-27)

I personally have felt for a long time that a whole class of what are considered "mental illness" are caused by repression or blockage of spiritual energy.

My mother was schizophrenic and my oldest sister died as 66 of Alzheimer's/dementia. My next oldest sister is suffering early Alzheimer's as well. Incidentally, we are of Scanadavian descent and there has been some genetic link to those diseases (although I personally don't feel one is doomed by genetics--we all make choices, even about this).

I remember seeing through Third Eye as a kid--these cloudlike forms moving out a "hole" at the center, then out and a new "cloud" forming. For me it means I have excess energy (even from sunshine), thoughts or emotions to vent. I also see orbs there.

Most people develop energetically from bottom (sacral) to top, but I think it is possible to have them all or most open at the top, and then blockages lower down can trap all that energy in the head.

For me the "not being heard" of throat energy was the first to be blocked. And for those with psychic or spiritual gift that are evident early, telling of those things and not being believed can cause a blockage there that has the same effect.

I think now that higher vibrational energy is becoming more frequent, these things often happen to children born like that--the so called Indigo children and a host of other terminology.

To me, though, mental health is so far from looking to this as a cause and and cure that those with it have to begin to treat themselves.

I have used certain amino acids that inhibit some of the brain activity while still repairing some of the damage that has been done from all the years of trapped energy. I spent four years in bed with barely enough energy to shower each day, but the aminos helped me at least get the symptoms under control.

But the real work, after getting the physical at least on an even keel, is still spiritual--working out each issue, each blockage as you understand it, and with whatever spiritual help you can muster.

I don't know if this will help with your son, but I do think you are right in your basic assumptions. And perhaps that will help you know how to help him. Teaching him meditation techniques at his age, that he can do quietly without others knowing, might help him repair himself.

There is known a kind of reverse kundalini for us "top down" people. For most, there is this opening of energy from the base of the spine up. For us, it is different. I personally don't think I will experience kundalini in the way others do. I think the blockages are, in themselves, the same as kundalini energy, and can stop at energetic blockages the same way. For us, it's just been going on a longer time.

Blessing to you and your son. Hopefully you will gain tools here and other places to help both of you use your spiritual energies in balanced and helping ways.

Isle - Lora
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-27)
Here is some info for the body!
Diaetary deficiency increases susceptibility to Epileptic seizures.

Physiological systems under pressure-Nat'l Ctr

Good journey
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-27)
The illness for Epilepsy-affects the brain.
Some of the symptoms: of seeing in a tunnel, hearing voices, sensing other beings. Are similar to Trance!

Even in an Auric Headache the brain is affected
To see Aura's around people before the attach occures.

When we meditate we actually affect certain sensory
Areas of the brain are stimulated. This would include
Using abilities of concentation.

All of our psychic senses are interlinked with the synapses of the brain and these align with the glands
In which we get our abilities.
Clairvoyance-seight in the 3rd eye (pituitary and pinal gland.

For epileptic patients the brain is over stimulated.
And what you are asking is a good question.
And it could very likely reflects the chakras are not
Working properly.

As AnneV pointed out the problem is on another plane
Is a good probability. So possibly AnneV can help you

But my thinking from a healing prospective is the
Ketheric area and the 2nd Chakra are affected.

With your son he sounds like an Empathetic.
He may benefit from Yoga or Tai Chi exercises
With meditation. Children as young as 6 years old
Have been taught Yoga and in China they practice
Tai Chi from a young age. It helps balance the energy
By using the body with the breath.
For the Body and mind=are one!
If one can control their mind they will be able to
Control their body.

With Psychic work to include healing the body is going though a change. In actually our Dna is
Changing due to holding higher vibrations.
If a family has exercised psychic ability the transition is not as harsh.
Regarding Old Medicine practices: it is a rule of thought that Men/Women do not wish to accept the call
Due to the energy being pulled from family members and making them sick.
This in part occures due to what I refer as a vacume affect: the energy moving upward like a funnel, and it keeps moving upward, pulling in energy from all
Around to include family, pets, loved ones.

Yes it is true in the Ghost Dance when the dance
Continued for days. People would have what appeared to be Epileptic in the sense they were shaking and
Some would see loved one or have an visions, and some would pass out and have their vision. It was also
Reported that the US soldiers saw 50 people enter into
The round dance, and as it continued they saw people whom did not enter in multiple but never leave.
The people acknowledged these were the Ancestors.
And this brought fear to the soldiers whom eventually
Forbid the dance.

Back to your subject.
There are also other factors. Sorry for all the words.
But for the Western world: US and Canada and other countries that have accepted GM food there has been
A breakdown in the food chain.

My Grandson when he was small live in US and none of
The family has Gastro problems and he was throwing up
His food. So hence my reason for GM Goods.
Cancer has also gone up by 30%.
Some women are unable to rid themself of yeast infections due to the GM food.

There are things you can do to align your body.
tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-26)

Physical illness begins in the higher planes of life is very interesting to me... Id like to know more. Can you email me or something, or I can email you perhaps?
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-07-26)
You're right, there is no psychic guidance yet you'd think there would be considering we all have some level of psychic tendencies (if even gut feelings, hunches or a "woman's intuition"). It is very difficult for people in your situation to get help. Doctors either want to drug you or send you to a psychotherapist. Neither will address the issue if you really are an empath or as you said experiencing "psychic overload". Hopefully a few of us here can offer you some supportive words and advice.

People don't just develop epilepsy for no reason. When we get sick (mentally or physically, it doesn't matter), it's because something is out of balance. Sickness starts in the higher planes and eventually manifests in the astral, then the etheric, then finally in the physical. If you're finally seeing physical manifestation then this started awhile ago.

The number one thing that causes illness in the higher planes is mental duress. Stress, anxiety, fear and phobias all create blocks in our energy centers. Blocks are like junk in your gas; no flow, no proper running of the vehicle and eventually there is a break-down. Chakras are your energy wheels. They can get deformed, become too closed down, tear or even be too open (thus causing a drain). If you can, do some research on chakras and how to bring them back into alignment (I think we have some chakra articles on the articles page).

Empaths should always be careful with their energy. Crowds and chaos drain very easily. This may just be the reality for you both and that is, that you need to keep a calm life, avoid crowds, take extra care of your physical and mental states. Get rid of the energy draining people in your life; say no to drama and if you can, get near nature which is a natural energy source and replenishes on its own.

Hope some of this helps.

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