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Auras, Telekinesis And Clairvoyance


There are three psychic abilities I'm wondering about. One of them is clairvoyance. Many times I've had experiences where I've sensed something was bound to happen in the next few minutes and the sense I've had occurred. Also, when I look at a person, I have this feeling/sense about who they are, and know that either I'm going to be good friends with them in the future, or they happen to know my parents and they're old friends of my mom or dad.

Telekinesis, I've had experiences, one of them being I had taken my dog out in the backyard, there's an adjustable baby gate we put on our deck, so my dog won't run away and I had just looked at it for five seconds, turned around to check on my dog, and when I wasn't looking, I heard the gate fall over and turned around. The weird thing was it wasn't even windy that day. Also, I was in study hall and one of the girls dropped their pencil on the floor. I had looked at it then went back to studying for a test next period. I looked up again to see if the girl had picked it up and the pencil was in another spot on the floor, five feet from where it was when it fell off the desk.

Aura reading, I've had many experiences with auras, but I can only see light blue, white/clear, purple (once) and light green (twice). I don't know why I can't see other colors, though. Is there a way for me to improve these abilities, including the aura colors and if so, could someone send me some useful information? I'd really appreciate it. It would help a lot in my hopes of becoming more advanced in my psychic abilities.

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-29)
Fist off you don't have clairvoyance hon. Second you have very weak. And third your aura seeing will only allow you to see whets around you, not whatever color you want
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-24)
Clairvoyance has to do with seeing.
A few years ago I had a teacher whom said!
Clairvoyance was sensing, knowing.
But many people believe Clairvoyance: is Seight
To see spirit realm, spirit people.

Telepathy is a development that is generated by
The temporal lobes.

Aura will vary depending on the individual whom is viewing the objects.
Seeing clear or white is the beginning of seeing aura.

But I have always seen the clear since I was 18 years
Old, and would see a small cloud extended away from the body, floating around the body. Which would indicate a blockage, or disease forming.

With Aura development just allowing oneself to be relaxed and shifting the vision slightly out of focus is helpful. But aura reading also is allowing us to
Interprete by utilizing our 5 senses.

A General color in relation to reading the color is
Also noticing were the color is aligned tells
A story for instance around the heart seeing Green with grey around the edges can depict the individual is recovering from a long illness.

Also noticing any patterns tells if it is affecting
Chakras, or organs. So studing these: chakras/organs
Will help with maping the definition of the aura one
Is viewing.
calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-09-22)
You don't see other colors because they aren't there lol. Go check everything. You might see new colors:)

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