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No One Believes Me And Is Hostile


My name is Becki. I have had experience for as long as I can remember and my parents tell me about weird things I did I don't remember. I am an empath and didn't know what it was called until I was in my 20's. I just know I was overly sensitive, " knew " things automatically,

" knew " peoples mood, as a child I wouldn't know why but I would be scared and would refuse to look at certain houses, buildings, cemeteries, etc.

Now I can be driving by a house and just blurt out " that house is haunted ", which has happened several times. I went to Gettysburg and it drained me so bad, and it was LITERALLY so painful (my stomach and back and chest hurt so bad, I was in tears at one point, and nauseated & dizzy most of the time, especially at certain locations), it took a week or two in bed to recover.

Where-ever I go, paranormal activity seems to follow. I also, started when I became about 10, had to start sleeping with some sort of radio or TV on along with the nightlight to drown out the noises and voices I heard.

When I got married I drove my husband nuts bc I had to have the TV on, but either someone was talking or making a racket in the kitchen or walking around or something. He also once got irritated bc every time we moved our house ended up being

But, I can even " sense " the mood of a spirit whether it is agitated, anxious, sad, happy, excited. Or even if it is " Positive " or

" Negative " (good or bad) and male or female. I could also hear them speak sometimes and children and for some reason soldiers from the Civil War love me. I also seem to know how to talk the specific spirit say a child, if I'm with a group trying to get an EVP. I'll have a cheapo recorder and they'll have and expensive arsenal and the little girl will talk to me. Then afterwards, I can get very emotional hearing the voice. Even if the mood I feel of the child isn't sad.

But, my story is that my family knows I experience these things. Never been an issue. Even seen the pictures. This year my husband unexpectantly passed away and we are/were like two puzzle pieces put together. We had the same initials so everyone literally knew us as one person instead of two. He started to try to contact me right afterwards. Although, I was mostly to upset to get it. My dad even saw him after he died in the bed with me and I started to grab for him " feeling " his spirit. A year later, I discovered he was there and how to communicate with my husbands presence. He was quite agitated and anxious until I finally stopped denying he was there (he even through a piece of mail across the room with his name on it when I asked who is there "). We talked and all was good. We both have/ had Cystic Fibrosis and I had a Lung Transplant. I wanted to try to be able to open my 3rd eye better and tried to do this all on my own. But, I tried to meditate on my own by praying and deep breathing, big mistake, I brought in a ton of spirits, my husky went nuts and started to cry and yelp and left the room. I could feel them touch me. Nothing bad. But After words, apparently someone had tried something in that room bc now there is something nasty in there. I was warned by other spirits who won't come near the house now. They " Negative Things " hate anything pertaining to religion. But, it won't leave. I tried one day to pray and also do a strong prayer that happens to be in Latin. My brother heard & called everyone he could think of, relatives whom I haven't seen or heard from in ages, who didn't even call when my husband died, and won't believe me and was going to have me arrested and " Green Warranted " committed against your will. I have no family members who will stick up for me, even though they all admitted things go mysteriously missing, even large objects. I even showed my dad proof and he saw pictures and everything and whatnot, but refuses to stand up for me. They seem to feed off this energy. I try to keep it positive in there but they know I'm the weak one. I never thought that much about scratches, but I felt a really hot burn, and went to the bathroom and 3 welts started to raise up. I was dumbfounded.

I need this house cleansed, but if I am even heard praying and whatnot I could be sent to the loony bin. How can people deny what they see and hear right in front of their face. I have to rid the house of all this " Negative " energy, but not sure how. I want to make sure it is religious in nature, due to the fact it seems to hate any prayer or even the word " God " so much. They especially hate when you pray to the archangels. HELP! Sorry this is so long... I don't know how to cleanse and my family is being so hostile for some reason, especially my brother. He acts like he really has some sort of " resentment " or something towards me & I don't know why. He would even try to start things with my husband with lies trying to get him mad, I don't know. He knows my lungs are bad and yet he smokes in my face. I even wondered if this " Negative " presence has some influence. Again Help!

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BaRoimhEasonoir (39 posts)
8 years ago (2012-10-21)
If you are sensitive it is far more likely that spirits are there to get help from you.

People talk about things like "unfinished business". That's a load of rubbish. These hauntings are obviously not residual. Try getting them to move on, it's what most people do.
Cattydee (12 stories) (161 posts)
8 years ago (2012-10-21)

So obviously you're an adult. You kept mentioning your husband. So anyways, just move out of the house. Find a small apartment somewhere. And the negative energy is definitely affecting your family. Do they seem strange to you in any way? Or different? Other than the meanness. I kind of get the feeling a spirit is possessing them and using that against you. Also have you tried getting an exorcist? They should be able to get rid of the spirits. Also if you want to you can create a shield to protect yourself from the spirits. There are many ways to do it just search "create a protective shield" and it should bring you to the procedure. If you want to talk to me just email me at cattyd33 [at]
Austin24 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-10-21)
Hello, this has been an very intriguing story.
I believe you 100%
At this point if you've showed your family evidence and they still dismiss it, then don't talk about it with them. If they attempt to verbally abuse you, tell them to kiss your a**.

Now to the cleansing, cleansings can be don with many different things. (I'll provide links.)

But with the negative spirits, when they bother me I tell them to leave, I ignore them until they leave my presence. Since your a Christian, I'm assuming try to read a powerful bible verse, or something that relates to Christianity.
This is what I say when I need to get a spirit to leave: May the divens, cleanse my Mind, Body, Soul, and house, and all negative entities must leave, never to come back. Here is a link to cleansing your home. 😊 Using Sage, Pretty Detailed.

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