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I can't speak of the exact nature of why these experiences are happening to me, and honestly i'm leaving some things out, as it's very complicated and against my favor, but it was recommended I do this; i'm taking the experiences as they come. They're out of sequential order, but i'm writing this submission as a way to find out how to take these experiences as a whole going forward. I've never really believed in psi ability until a few months ago when this started happening to me, so i'm not sure as to what direction I should go in.

I should start by classifying the experiences i've had with my eyes closed, and they'll branch out into other experiences; these phenomena don't all happen at once, it depends on whatever seems most relevant. I've started buying books on auras, chakras, spirits, remote viewing, etc.:

There are at times a hemispherical layer of white/purple above my head, they take the shape of large round balls. Above center there's a blue ball, which I can change to purple with a thought, which then seems to clear my mind; that orb seems to travel around my vision at times. At times there appears a series of white waves, and once in awhile, centered at the four corners of my closed vision, four white pointed ovals take shape. Sometimes, I get lengthened flashes of colors; after I went to a psychic and took some botanical waters (I'll get into it later), it was pure purple for a time. For what it's worth, my mother is able to see the colors of auras with closed eyes when thinking of a person, and awhile back I asked her to sense mine, and it was a sky blue, though this was before some this started happening.

At one point I was sort of napping when an image of the all-seeing eye encased in a triangle appeared to me in red. I saw it right-side up and reversed, then I sort went through it. I started hearing voices from many sources, and eventually I saw a sort of aural outline of my father sleeping in his bed. I kind of called out to him on reaction a few times, then I got up and confirmed not only that he was sleeping, but that he had just woken up with a headache while dreaming about me. I've confirmed that part of the experience a few other instances with my father when giving it thought. I've seen the triangle again, and i've had the same experience with the voices, this time between people I actually knew, confirming that validity that the conversations happened, and also a sort of call of a bird.

I also saw a silver apparition of the triforce symbol (From Zelda, though I suppose it has occult connotations considering the triangles) a few times in one instance, though I don't know what the exact effect of it was.

I tried doing some of these 'psychic tests' awhile back, and I haven't done well at any of them, but when I took the coin flipping test, after it started I closed my eyes and and '0' surrounded by a vine appeared, with what could only be described as 'ghost face' telling me to 'go, go, go.'.

I see other things with my eyes closed images or events progressing, but usually in-between a sleeping and waking state.

One night I saw a kind apparition of a person shape-shifting into a phoenix, then fly out of my room. After that night for a few day I saw a grey fox and red wolf in my closed-eye vision, walking around. Eventually I started seeing a phoenix, even while eyes opened. It's either red, yellow with a red border, or a sort of shadow. It flied in front of me and on the wall, and at times in turned around to me, and I saw the outline of energy sort travel from the wall, which I felt with my face. Eventually the Phoenix shape-shifted to Dragon and back at intervals. Late into this experience, the Phoenix shape-shifts into an 'x' or a cross surrounded by a circle (A Masonic/Satanic symbol). I've been able to see 'spirits' (I'll get into that later), and I notice now a sort of ''presence' surrounded the Phoenix. Sometimes with my eyes closed in-between a sleeping and waking state (About to sleep), I see the all-seeing eye in my vision where the Phoenix would be.

I've never experienced the sensing of colors of auras with eyes opened, but been very easily able to see white 'presences/outlines' around people when I look at their foreheads. I've tried with my arms and it's more present, but I haven't tried anything yet to know.

At one point, I was my college campus, and I was going into the library, though very worried about something (Can't talk about it). I went across the main floor area to get to the second floor and everyone in the very large area was staring at me. When I sat down, a library employee came up to me and told me everyone in the library was getting disrupted by my iPod ear-buds, but normally the volume of the song is quite...moderate.

Sometimes images pop into my head that are some kind of view of things that have happened in the future, at time they come in the form of 'white flashes', in other instances the white flashes are just vibrant senses that create a strong sense of 'deja'vu' at some point later on, usually at least days. When I dream, I experience things that happen sometime in the future after without me realizing it. A few times when the phone rang I got a white flash of an image which gave me the knowledge of who was calling.

At one point my mother went to visit a psychic, and got a reading for me. He seemed to know things that I couldn't really understand how (He was legit) about my situation, and told me not to be afraid of my Guardian Spirit. He recommended that I wash myself with a cycle of botanical waters to 'clear the negative energy'. It was very noticeable the first day, and sort of progressed for the next two.

Soon after I saw a yellow orb surrounded by red when I was about go to sleep; it floated around my room without really bothering me, then left.

At one point after this I was napping again, and while I opened my eyes for moment I saw a sort of moderate large trail of darker smoke sort of appearing, it flew around for awhile then left. When I tried to take a nap again, with my eyes closed, what can only be described as a female appeared to me for a moment then disappeared. I had the psychic called, and I was told to remove some clothing from my house, wash myself with something, and sort of call it out. As I did I saw sort of a orb with a trail fly around my house. That night when I was trying to sleep, I saw the all seeing eye amongst a smoky presence appear on my wall, and sort of look at me, while blinking. Above my head I saw images of a little girl, a lion in a very royal looking area, and a decomposing face. I had a normal dream, I awoke twice for a moment sensing a presence above me, I looked up, and my vision sort of went "gray-scale" for a moment, then I saw a large black cloud looming. It didn't attack me, but seemed to watch me.

Thereafter I seemed to have opened up to sensing 'spirits'; feeling, seeing, and hearing them. They come in various forms. Sometimes smoke appears around me, some lighter or darker; it sort of surrounds me, then I notice a sort of 'spiritual presence' (It's looks like a smoky energy of various shades of light or shadow, and waves) leave me. Some are orbs; I haven't seen the black clouds too often in my house again, though sometimes while i'm out I see them flying in the sky in groups; I have seen a black orb come and go for a second in my parent's bedroom, then a black smoky presence sort of appear for a moment in my room again, though nothing too 'outside bounds'. Some of them can be described as a sort of 'light speck' that's very agile, Oddly enough, what I confuse for strings that would usually float to the ground (Fuzz or feathers), seem to jump up when I notice or try to touch them, and disappear in that same smoky presence. I've seen 'bubbles' that have acted rather oddly. For the most part I don't see them in colors, except for the odd blue, red, or purple one.

They either feel heated or breezy, and like to create balls in my hand, perhaps I can feel them on my back or head. Some like to 'pass' through my head or body, they're either annoyed or curious and I can feel them quite a bit at times. Sometimes they sort of 'bang' against me sometimes, like knocking on a door.

The voices are either audible whispers, or create a 'static' I can feel in my ears, and I can feel my eardrums relatively strong. I'm nervous to really hear too much, so i've sort of consciously backed off. They seem to understand me telepathically.

When i'm outside I notice a sort of energy field around me, that manifest themselves in noticeable waves. I've visually extended the field visually quite far, and the 'spirits' notice them. With a thought, i've sort of been able to consciously send a signal, and the spirits move around or travel away from me for a bit; when I use the signal they seem to be more noticeable in general.

For some reason, when this first manifested, a spirit sort of guided me (We communicated using the 'eye of my imagination') to using my forehead as a sort of radar, for further illuminating whatever i'm seeing, when I concentrating. It also showed me how to rotate the radar 360 degrees around my head. I use the eye of my imagination to sort of visualize myself 'exorcising' negative energy using various methods (I don't know what i'm doing), and it seems to work noticeably at times.

A few times when outside, while at work for example, I turn a corner and get a white flash of humanoid beings in greyscale-typed view.

I tried this out for the hell of it: I just had a cut of smoking hot tea in front of me, and the breeze sort of was blowing toward me very far, I sort of willed the energy in my mind forward, almost outside my body, and the smoked started blowing very far away against the other side for as long as I put the effort in.

So, considering some obvious problems, how to I go about fixing them? And where do you recommend I look to develop this further? Book recommendations are welcome as well.

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ImageFeedback (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-13)
I've been experimenting lately, researching on the internet, so i'm posting some updates:

Really, I think like i've gone insane in interim, though i've always been a naive neurotic. I wanted to try telepathy with animals, so I tried a few times with some of the roaches on the wall the past few days and they worked, lol. I influenced the direction of the roaches whenever I directly a thought to it in a strange, specific way I haven't really gotten down. For one of the roaches, it seemed to stop, and use his feelers in a erratic way, then when it tried to go in the opposite direction I saw it's body sort of stopping itself. When it stopped and had trouble moving, I saw a kind of presence surrounding it.

Some 'spirits' (I'm saying spirits because i'm not going to commit to anything without research, I wasn't particularly religious or paranormal inclined before this) of a darker energy (Darker 'energy' or visually darker looking) seemed to be bothering me, and I imagined the point of view of my father in the living room nearby (Obviously I know the area well), and the spirits seemed to move from my area to his, searching around his body. I've done this approximating the view of objects as well and it's worked--no idea why. They acted very annoyed afterwards.

Some other time a 'negative energy' bothered me, I imagined myself capturing it in a ball, and I sort of 'felt' it happening, then I imagined moving it inside the palm of my hand, which was then when I saw the familiar spiritual presence, heated, correspondingly in my actual hand. I forced it out of my hand in some direction, and it had a noticeable impact on the objects in its way, very much more than accountable than what was simply my own physical force.

Electrical equipment doesn't tend to malfunction around me, but some personal objects, like a cell phone or an iPod, drain very fast around me. Honestly, I thought this was just odd, but I guess it's relevant as according to this site.

I was on my computer in the dining room, and there's a refrigerator that's reflected on my computer screen. I was on a website that had a darker background, and a few times, noticeable enough to frighten, were a pair of eyes, similar to the 'all-seeing eyes' that were in the occurrence earlier.

The Phoenix shape-shifted into a pair of three horizontal lines recently, which I out was a signal for Shiva.
ImageFeedback (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-10)
Thanks! When this first started I went off on a binge buying books, going in random directions, off Amazon and Barnes&Noble; now i'm hard up for cash, really.
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-10)
Developing psychic abilities goes hand-in-hand with developing spiritually.

Since you say you are a college student, I assume that you would value sound logic over mystic-sounding mumbo-jumbo. Should that be the case, I recommend reading Magick Without Tears Though I have not read the entire book yet, it is quite good so far, and the author can be trusted not to go off to lala-land (without having a sound logical basis for it). If you're up for a less reader-friendly version of similar material, try Magick: Liber ABA There is also a nice reading list here I haven't read most of the stuff yet, but I plan to.

I'm a bit sorry to degrade the average new-age book here, but I spent a long while reading books like that hoping for I don't know what until I discovered Crowley's writings. It's like having to keep reading elementary-school picture books and suddenly happening upon a treasure load of well-written college textbooks on the subject. Of course, someone without an intellectual mind-bend (I'm pretty sure I'm INTP) might not appreciate it quite so much.

Love is the law, love under will.

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