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Experience With Kundalini


The Beginning: (Heart)

I began noticing strong Kundalini energy around the age of 16. Around 2004 this first awakening was not a pleasant one as it entailed a lot of depression, intense panic attacks, and despair. At the time I did not even know what I was experiencing was spiritual; it just felt overwhelming and intense. Yet now I know spirit was pushing through - dissolving the ego. I was seriously pushed to my edge due to these intense and undesirable feelings which consumed me. So I began looking for answers and studied many subjects especially psychology. (2009) The answer was never found until reading Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth. I read the book 15 times because I felt a truth so overwhelming I became obsessed with understanding.

I put everything I had into realizing what ego means, meditation and focusing my attention out of my head and into my sense perceptions. The more I did this and learned about life I no longer was depressed, anxiety didn't scare me anymore, and I felt "reborn". Things just seemed different, brighter, and new. It was a very slow and subtle change through the years but I knew something magical was happening.

The Middle: (Third Eye)

So I began to become more conscious/sensitive of everything around me. I began to become interested in psychic phenomenon, yoga, stretching, healthy foods, and the idea of the Kundalini. I began to eat a Vegan Diet into a Raw Food Diet and this is where things really spice up!

(2010) From eating a diet of only fresh, raw, nature found food my energy began to sky rocket. It began opening my mind to new levels of awareness and heightened sensitivity. My vision would became so crystal clear I could see SO much detail beyond my normal vision. I picked up a book; Biology of the Kundalini by Jana Dixon and began to learn. The book ignited my fire even more, even to this day if I even pick up, nonetheless read. My vibration begins to rise. I began to have Energy Surges every night around 9pm. All my senses would intensify beyond normal. I could consciously feel and interact with auras, which could be intense at times. I "saw" energy like a fog or mist in the air. I felt like my perception expanded for MILES. I had so much energy I had to open the door to let it flow out. The height of it happened in Panera Bread after eating a banana. The energy hit and I found my self in an extremely high state of awareness. Love energy POURED through me relentlessly - a sensitive person most likely could have felt it in the atmosphere from miles away. So I'm sitting here like this, my heart is racing as I try to clench my chair hoping trying to stay grounded. I don't know how to really describe how other worldly and spiritual this was but it was AMAZING yet SCARY. Hehe. This has happened at this intensity a total of 4 or 5 times. My entire mind/body/soul was shifting and changing and rewiring itself. At the same time of Pure Bliss, I was accompanied by Pure Fear as well. Ego death was occurring which released all my fears and uncomfortable feeling all at the SAME time, at the same intensity of the love and bliss. Pushed to my limit, maxed out. The edge of Enlightenment and Insanity. *sigh* The feeling of depth was frightening, I was going so deep I scared myself. Haha!

I have Sun in Scorpio and Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Moon in the 12th house. I see this house as "Beyond the Personal" and Death/Transformation". It makes sense why things happen the way they do.


(2011-Recent) Energy wise things have calmed down. I feel the Kundalini working on different parts of me now. I am in a new world, memories show me how different EVERYTHING is now. I still feel Kundalini all around me at all times. Actually I am it. I find myself in the energy and feeling. I let her consume me (ego) and now I sit here with a high vibration like it's nothing. There are still some kinks, so I MUST follow intuition and do what I KNOW is right. Or I fall apart quickly. I am now more sensitive psychically: I know what people are thinking because I sense the atmosphere, thoughts and I get images. I just know things, and with practice I'm getting so good it's unbelievable. I am now beginning to consciously want to interact with angels but nothing besides faint things indescribable yet.

Thank you for reading. It felt good to write this and share something like this. Thank you~

P.S If you would like to talk to me please email me at I would love to chat about anything Kundalini, Spiritual, Astrology, Psychic Phenomenon, Indigo/Crystal, Raw Food, health. =)

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-12)
Thank you for sharing your story.

Normally with Kundali it is encoured via exercises
As well as diet, visualization, breath work as well
As body postures. Which all help the body to clear
Any blockages.

There are many rules of thought!
And the idea that Universal energy is all around us.

Indigenious ways the belief is we are
A part of the whole.

Others have referred to your experience as Awakening.
And this can go on slowly or fast. Symptoms: as anxiety, energy flowing through the body, Sleeping problems, heart beating quickly, experience intense sensations psychically or emotionally as well as mentally.
Which is part of the clearing and healing process.

In mankinds journey the mind is set to preserve a human being (the Ego).
Much of its mechanism is based on our life
Experiences, hence it reacts.
With understanding we can learn to let it be and
Not react. This comes with understanding ourself
And our relationship to being a part of the whole
In our place in this world.

Diet has to be a thing of choice, and some
Individuals are unable to adhere to a Veg Diet.
As for yourself it has served your path well.

I have not followed your path, but in the accumulation
Of years can say I have had like experiences.
And I did not follow or adhere to a path as your own.

The time I did experience True Kundalini.
It took me out of my body. And I saw scenaros and
People in different light.
I was practicing breath work and visualization.
My experience left me hesitent. And I do not encourage
People to move so quickly unless they have understanding. Because it can leave one feeling fearful and doubtful.
greeneyedlady (1 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-10)
I found your story wonderfull, I wish you only good things in your growth xoxox
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
10 years ago (2013-01-09)
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

So you say you want to chat. Have you explored anything of the eastern or western magickal traditions? Kundalini (or at least that term) originally comes from the eastern tradition of Tantra. Related to Kundalini, the exercise SSS in this might be interesting to you

Love is the law, love under will.

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