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Is Something Following Me?


When I was younger, I had some possible psychic experiences (hearing a telephone conversation in my head and getting extremely sad/anxious almost to the point of passing out a day before someone I know dies or something bad happens. I remember telling my mom about them and she said her mom passed an ability down to her and now, it's been handed down to me. She mentioned my ability is called empathy, and said it's a gift and a curse.

I am 20 now, and to this day I've felt like someone was following me. Not anyone negative, but just someone that was there. At an early age, I discovered this person on the internet. When I discovered him, he was deceased maybe by a year. Ever since then, I've been feeling like he's following me. This person died peacefully it seems, but I still think there is unfinished business of some kind. I think I might actually know what this "business" is. I was wondering... Is it possible that this person could be following me for some reason? Or watching over me? I sometimes worry if I'm just going crazy because this person is constantly on my mind. I've only told my best friend because it is difficult to tell people out of the fear that they will think I'm insane. I'm actually experiencing anxiety about posting this. I haven't experienced his presence by vision or hearing, but just "feeling" his presence. No matter where I go, I feel like he's there. I feel I've even begun to take on his personality a bit. He's really positive like me, and likes to joke around and make others smile, just like I do. Our interests are also extremely similar for some reason. Is it possible he's attracted to my being because of this similarity? Has anyone else had an experience like this? I'd really love to know because I've never heard of anyone with this kind of experience.

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