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Strengthening And Empowering A Timid Psychic


I am 27 years old and all my life I have suffered from horrific nightmares. The dreams are extremely vivid and the characters are very frightening including demons, animals, witches and many others. My dreams are always long and detailed. I recently had a dream where some demons tried to enter my body. At the time I was completely unaware of what they were doing and seemed to be sleepy or in a trace but when I awoke I instantly realized what had been going on. Interestingly I remembered the face of someone who was bistanding while it was happening and it was someone I know very well.

A bit of background info: when I was a child I was able to see and hear ghosts but eventually that ability was lost. I am still able to sense them at times. In early childhood I experienced sleep paralysis, lucid dreams and astral projections. As I grew older the sleep paralysis remained but the rest stopped occurring. The astral projections stopped around age five but they were always very positive experiences as far as I can remember I have had some psychic dreams once again always positive never negative. When I am in the right frame of mind I can pick a jack of hearts from 6 down turned cards provided all the other cards are black. I can do this fairly consistently. I know this is probably not very impressive to some which is why I don't identify myself as a psychic, but I am aware that I do have some psychic abilities, which I could strengthen if I choose to.

In regards to my personality I was very lucky to have been born with a very deep insightful mind although communication is something I struggle with. I am open minded and understanding in ways most people cannot relate to. I believe love and light is what the world needs right now.

This is a cry for help more than anything. I want to further develop my spiritual self but I am afraid. What can I do to protect myself from fear which I have suffered my whole life? How can I shield myself from negative entities? How can I ensure they never harm me (if that is even possible).

I hope this reaches someone. Thank you (:

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Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-27)
Hi Cassie11
I know it can be downright terrifying to have all of these abilities.
So I will try to explain how I do deal with the fear because I too went through a terrifying time...
I slept with lights on all the time, still do, just a light beside the bed now. So when these frightening things come to me, I recognize that I have the power to turn them away, and so do you. You turn them away by continually reinforcing the thoughts of love and light, asking for protection, when you sense negative energy, you simply KNOW that you have the power to turn it off. Turn it on or turn it off. You do and it's your lack of belief in yourself at the moment (which I totally understand!) that it can be turned off. If you do not accept it into your world, it will not be there.
As for the scary dreams... I still have those sometimes. So what you do is ask before you go to sleep to just SLEEP! No dreams, no scary dreams. If you wish for positive dreams you will likely have them.
I know this sounds rather simplistic but you really don't need anything but the belief that you can turn the negative into the positive, dark into light. And you can, you just have to believe that you can.:) it works. Takes practice, daily and with everything that comes at you, practice practice. Eventually you can see the scariest thing and just be ah get lost.:)
One question I would ask yourself is if there is something going on in your life at the moment that might be bringing about these negative dreams? If so, find a way to add love and light to that situation if you can... You see how it can extend into your daily life?
Keep working with your abilities, have no fear, trust your intuition, watch for coincidences, keep going with it all and overtime more and more will come to you. Just aim to have balance in your life.:)
I hope that helps a wee bit.
Lots of love and light - I love your attitude! ❤ ❤
Tera (32 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-27)
The easiest way I have found for shielding is to picture a small, glowing white orb in your chest. Focus on the orb. Strengthen its glow and begin to slowly enlarge it until it engulfs your whole body. As it grows it pushes the negativity away from you, basking you in its brilliant white light. If you feel it weakening, simply make another orb and do it again, letting the new one spread out and become the supports for the original. Make sure you let it go a little away from your body too, to encase your aura.
This will keep any negative energies from attaching to you. As you meditate you will notice other energies around you. You can connect with them and learn what you need to learn, but the energy shield will get rid of the negative energies that might otherwise stick to you and harm you.
Before and after each meditation, cleanse yourself. Picture the white light surrounding you, washing away any fear or negative thoughts that may hold you back. Stand under a waterfall and let the water wash it away. Let the wind carry it from you. Whatever works for you. If you don't go in with negative feelings those fears and negative spirits will be less attracted to you.
Most of all, Don't be afraid. Wash away the fear before and after so you do not leave that pathway open for those entities to follow. If you're constantly thinking about them, you're constantly providing a portal to you and holding your spiritual door wide open.
Meg1983 (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-24)
You should listen and call in to blog talk radio with Lindsay Marino. She takes callers and teaches you how to protect yourself. I am 29 and have almost an identical situation to you... Exact same symptoms (plus some). I am going to start working one on one with Lindsay, since she lives in Tampa. Maybe we could chat and I can help however I can. At least I can relate.

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