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Empathy Strengthening, And Learning How To Accept It


It's been about three years now that I have been aware of my empathy. I must say thank you who had advised me in my first post, when I was having problems controlling it. It has now become a normal sense to me now, just like touch or sight.

I went to a funeral January for a very close family friend who helped us when we needed it, there was easily a couple hundred people there, and I nearly broke down from it. I couldn't block it out at all, if there's available advice for this, it would be greatly appreciated.

There was a time where I went what I call "emotionally blind", I fell off a horse at a canter, my back was out of alignment, and I couldn't sense feel anything. I felt as though I became blind all the sudden, I don't know if others went though that, but as my back went back into alignment, I regain my sense of empathy again.

I've now found that I feel uncomfortable when talking to someone without sensing their emotions, have I become too relying on this gift? It doesn't change the conversation much unless it's a emotional

Conversation, in that case I feel as if I don't know how my words are effecting them, which has made me unsure if they actually care, or just letting words pass into one ear and out the other.

Still no one knows other than my family, I've considered if I found the right person, to tell them. It would be nice to have someone to know and accept that part of me, because my personality is very effected by my empathy.

The problem with that is the sense of non-belief I predict, possibly from my problems of socializing with kids my age when I was younger? (the religious bullying) Or just the seemingly supernatural part of it, and most don't believe in supernatural things unless it's their religion.

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AmziMisa4 (21 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-31)
As a fellow Empath, I know exactly how you feel. It's a beautiful but exhausting gift. Shielding is very important. It doesn't exactly shut off your abilities - just makes it easier to focus on your own emotions and keep your abilities under control.

As far as telling someone, I think that when you find the right person to tell you'll know it. Don't feel pressured to tell someone, but don't feel like you have to keep it to yourself. This is your gift - you were born this way and should not be ashamed of it.

If you need anymore advice on your gift or shielding (Vergil117 gave a very good basic explanation) feel free to shoot us an email at vendettasiblings [at]
vergil117 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-02-20)
dont be shy about talking about this. Empathy is very common among people, most just don't accept it at first... What is happening to you, happens to me somewhat. I feel the emotions of people as well and its VERY overwhelming. My advice to you to 'turn it off' just temporarily is to shield yourself. First off: clear your mind, imagine a white light, like a force field surround you. Say to yourself "this will shield me from anyone elses emotions" and then once you are comfortable with it, go out and see what happens.

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