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The Shadow People That Follow Me


I've read that other people can see these shadow people and I haven't really understood what they are. A couple of times in class when I'm trying to pay attention, a shadow figure will dart past me and I will automatically give it my attention. My teachers don't like it though because I will usually jump after seeing them and I end up distracting everyone around me. I once saw one in Elementary school and I think it was mad at me because I tried to walk away from it and it pulled my hair. After that I saw it one again in sixth grade on that last day of school. It was standing at my desk and just kept looking at me, or I think it was looking at me. It didn't go away even though I was staring directly at it so I just stared at 'nothing' for about three minutes before my friend shook me. Sometimes I see them when I walk home by myself and I hate it because they usually pop out of nowhere. I rarely see them if anyone else is around so I'm not sure if they like bothering me or just like messing with my head. Sometimes at night I'll see them in my bedroom doorway and I have to face the wall or squeeze my eyes shut until I fall asleep. I want them to leave me alone but I don't think it's wise to try to talk to them. What do I do? Should I tell someone? My mom already warned me not to do anything that has to do with the 'paranormal' and they got very mad at her. She ended up slipping and hurting her back the next day. Oh, I also forgot to mention that sometimes I will hear voices calling me until I look around and see them.

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calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2013-05-24)
God told us to worship him. If your domain is love you are on the right track. Religion is only the matter of language what's important is the dazzling white light you wear on your face. From my point of view, religions are knowledge and it is up to each individual to pick values from any of the religions. For me, I prefer Islam teaching though I am Chinese speaking in Indonesian language and former Christian believer.

For me Islamic teaching makes more sense than the rest of the religion. It is because I know some of the secrets about how the real world actually is which usually as a human do not experience. Since my experience matches with the facts written in Islamic Quran then I prefer that than any other.

Worshiping God = Always remember your God named "Allah" as you possibly can. Better yet if you always say the holy words I've taught you because that is how you fill your soul with God's light.

What sends someone to heaven or hell? It is always been written in Islamic holy bible that there are two angels who were always been with you since you were born. They are at your front and at your back who writes your good and bad deeds.

I could not explain about reincarnation because no one has ever proven the validity of that concept. Anyway I haven't found any case that angel can possess a human's body except the jinn. The reality is that when your soul goes out from your body, there is no one from human or jinn race that is able to see it except God and those angels.

True hell is separation from God? Actually forgetting God is the ultimate separation from God. Jinn does believe that there is heaven and hell but they haven't been there. Since the existence of God is valid then I would not question the existence of heaven and hell. Even on earth there are kingdoms built by the jinn and usually its decoration is from gold - they can simply build a kingdom just by using their magic power and the kingdom is absolutely invisible to human. Moreover the heaven and hell? Built by God the creator.

God is compassion and infinite justice. This might be the reason every individual will be judged based on their deeds on their death and after that there will be no turning back.
Mizzi (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-24)
Another random, what do you or the jinn or angels think/say about reincarnation? I've heard it said that true hell is separation from God. I think maybe being reincarnated over and over in this world is hell? What do the jinn or angels have to say about hell? Seriously, the classic version of an eternity roasting in the fire gives me the creeps and makes me question the concept of divine mercy.
Mizzi (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-24)
[at] calvinvalerian Thank you for taking the time to reply. But what has God told us to do exactly? Is it not enough to love, forgive, and offer comfort to those in need and strive to treat others the way you want to be treated? But since Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist prayers work then it does not matter which religion you follow so long as you pray? Or maybe it doesn't matter which religion you follow at all? What sends someone to heaven vs hell? What constitutes worship?
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2013-05-22)
I forgot to tell you about the effectiveness of the two lights. THEM BOTH ARE AMAZINGLY POWERFUL. Fiery and dazzling as the sun - said the jinn. Nature (volcanic eruption or gasses, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, car crash, toxic) won't be able to kill a jinn but God's light is able to do it. Can you now measure how strong it is? That is God's power.

What happens when you are protected by God's light is that your whole body shielded by an invisible barrier that will make any magic attack futile and not just that, in jinn's eyes your face is as hot and as dazzling as the sun. In jinn's nose your body smell fragrance even though you never take a bath for one whole year.

Now you can see how physical creatures and metaphysical creatures are perceiving the world differently.
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2013-05-22)
Unfortunately I couldn't able to state the difference in detail between the two types of light because I'm still trying to piece up the puzzles. But the light will sure protect the host from any distress. In my own opinion, God would not differentiate any of the religious creatures expect for those who are against what had been told to us to do from the beginning of time - to worship God.

A religious creature is not an angel but they do have angel qualities around their body. The term "Angel" is only for pure angel race and angels are all around the nature/earth. As far as I know angels are swarming all around every layer of the sky and some of them are inside every drop of rain.

Those angels who were assigned to guard the skies are called sky armies by the jinn. Many from jinn race are giving chosen human the ability to vividly see future from a dream. This can be done with the magic power of the jinn themselves to steal information from the sky or you can call it stealing from God and delivering it back to you inside a dream. Jinn can get inside human's dream with magic power and that is why you might get nightmare if you never ask for protection from God before you sleep.

Though one has angel wings and a halo on him/her. I cannot tell whether he/she will enter heaven or not because this is beyond my control. I have no right to judge whether someone will enter heaven or not. About death is God's affairs. And when eventually one reaches heaven he/she is still not 100% angel but they would be a hybrid between human+angel or jinn+angel.

Just to make everything clear mate, our skies had always been swarmed by sky armies (angels). Even the cloud angels are with height from sky to ground in a form of whitish stream of light.

God, Angels, Jinn, Souls, Heaven, Hell are not fairytales. They are real but you just can't see them until your time has come.

We, human live for maybe around 80-100 years with many factors that can determine one's death. Unlike Jinn they live more than 1,000 years and can only be killed by the power of God but nothing from this nature can harm nor kill them.

80-100 years is not a long time but instead, you can enter heaven with shorter period of time if you do exactly what God told us to do. If a person is on the wrong track then it's going to be an express ticket to hell. What I want is for you to enter heaven and this is the reason why I am enthusiastic in writing down all these important information because these are all come from real world which most human forget about and could not even experience in general.
Mizzi (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-19)
[at] calvinvalerian Sorry to be random, but you seem to have a broad base of knowledge and experience. Can I ask you a few questions? Do you know why the light is bright gold for Christian holy words vs bright white for Muslim and Buddhist holy words? Are they equally effective? Do you think that God makes a distinction between the religions and the people who practice them? If you have wings and a halo, does that mean all religious/spiritual people will have wings and a halo and that we will become angels in the afterlife? I would really appreciate a response.
LaTimida (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-07)
The shadow people in my house seem not to like it when I talk about them out loud because they show themselves to me, and consume the little light in my room at night. This guy recently told me about them and I realized I've seen them throught out my life. If they can talk, I've heard them call out my name by imitating the voices of my mom, brother and an unfamiliar voice. I don't only see them at night. I'll see them in the corner of my eye during the day. When I see them I usually pray and they go away.
DreamingInnocence (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-04)
Since I was younger, I have always seen them too, I just assumed their some type of spirit. Being specific I don't know. But next time you see one, confront it and command it to leave. I did that and for about two weeks I haven't seen them. But be careful not to anger them if they can do physical damage to you.
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2013-05-03)
Depends - they are similar like human but just they have 2x more sensitive senses. If they go away really far from your neighborhood, then there is no chance of calling them back. Unless you introduce them the holy words I have taught you. Then that is the time their body will adjust with the fiery hot aura of God. And they will become immune to God's light and I'm sure they will not disturb human race anymore.

To be frank, actually there is no such thing as spirit Guide.

Most people thought Jinn is their spirit Guide which actually wrong. After you introduce God's light to them, you will become their master but please tell those Jinn to do good things while on earth and remind those human or jinn who are away from God.

To make any jinn following your religion:
1. Tell the jinn to follow the holy words you will about to say for 3x repetition.
2. Tell them soon enough they will be adjusted to their new changes
3. Welcome them to the path of righteousness

Jinn will see more than you do when you speak in God's tongue. They will definitely see your face in dazzling bright white, your body outline's first layer will shine white bright light then followed by rainbow colors around it.

The other two realms are as much complicated as ours. Just what will happen if our physical senses are not limited by God and able to hear and see pass through 3 realms. You will not be able to sleep properly because many strange loud voices will fill up the hollows of your ears and the starry night we see right now could have been populated with uncountable numbers of angels.
Mystical_Bunny35 (2 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-02)
Thank you so much for helping me out. I still have two more questions though, if they go away will they go away forever or come back at their own will? If I want them to come back will they?
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2013-05-02)
Alright. I know what your ability is. The shadow people you see are not called ghost. You may call them ghost if you are not really familiar with them. Most people who understood will call them the Jinn.

Jinn are not dead human but they are alive social subtle creatures with personalities, basic needs and magic power (measured by their body vibration).

You saw them as shadowy figures because you weren't born with complete ability to see through their realm. You might someday see Jinn as a whole (with color and shapes) if they have strong magic power and able to manifest themselves to your eyes.

Some Jinn are shapeshifters but some are not and they usually in a form of human. Jinn who are able to shapeshift have strong magic power and usually they are huge! They are able change form to anything you could have not imagined and they may turn into creatures which never existed in any animal's DNA.

If you want to know how Jinn manifest to you with full physical features, just imagine any form of creature made in fine Ultra-HD texture in computer graphics and try to imagine the creature is standing in front of you. That is how they look like in real life. They look very alive - just how you would see any other creature with naked eye.

Basically they are not mundane creatures but rather they are supernatural creatures. They can't be killed by any physical means nor by the nature. But Jinn who are away from God can feel pain whenever there is a human or another Jinn put their intention to God because, any creature who has the intention to say holy words or put their intention for God, their face shine dazzling bright white light which mere human won't be able to see.

There are only two types of God's light. Bright white light and bright golden light. "Hallelujah" for bright golden light and "la ilaha illa Allah" for bright white light.

I was once stupid enough to disbelief the existence of God. It was the days I wasn't able to see his creation. Me and my sister are able to see some portion of the two subtle realms. But my sister do it better than me.

I was once saw a Jinn in a form of white ball of light hovering in front of my knees and soon fades then vanish in thin air.

Next, I saw an Angel in a form of huge white spotlight figure from the clouds and they did move like an eye should. Unfortunately human will not be able to count their population number. Though you might see an angel-like creature that does not mean they are an angel. You really have to invest your time to judge whether a creature is an angel as a jinn or an angel as pure angel. It is really difficult to judge them by their looks! They are all shapeshifters!

My sister was the one who were able to see the 9 colors of aura (7 primary colors and 2 God's light colors), angel halo above my head and angel wings on my back - and the wings are really feathery.

Since you are not really comfortable with Jinn race, why not just make them disappear from your sight? Actually the solution is very simple. You only need your tongue to say holy words whenever you would like and you won't see them anymore. Guaranteed.

What you're about to use is your God's power and not mundane crystal or talisman which field tested not working by me.

If you want to see how God works, first you must grab a Jinn and put him/her inside a human body (which you call it possessing). Tell him/her to duel magic power. What you need to do is say in your mind holy words and when the Jinn want to hit you, they will not be able to touch you from any way. There is some kind of invisible thick barrier surrounding your body outline. But most of the time the moment you start the holy word, they will back off because your aura is very hot and burning them with no mercy.

Some Jinn will admire the God's light and they might follow you to make you teach them how to do it. I have several Jinn in my house and they are all religious. They are the guardians of this house and they patrol every corner of the room, every day. Even some of them like to watch me or my brother playing video game.

The sum of magic energy or vibration in my house:
Very Weak
Mild - It's here.
Very Strong

You measure it by the vibrations occurring in your hand and some people wrongly assume it is a way to do telekinesis which is not. Telekinesis happened because there were a Jinn helping you out to move the object. If there is none, it won't move. You don't believe it? Underline my conclusion and try it yourself - the hard way.

A short message from me: Magic may happen with the help of Jinn. And God gives you unpredictable solution to your world problem but worked in a way you like it though at first it was counter-intuitive.

I can't stress it enough that God had always been existed. But how can I make them believe since they couldn't even see the Jinn - the nearest subtle creature next to human. Moreover Angels and God (The Light | God does not equal to Jesus | God is The Light). But there is no creature such as evil or devil. Evil and devil are adjectives and not noun. You may call anyone with misleading attitude a evil or devil because there is no creature from evil or devil race. There are only 3 realms in this world: Human, Jinn, Angel Realm.

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