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Sudden Sensitivity Increase


When I was little my mom and me moved around a lot, she was an only mother and was working for hospitals so we would move whenever she had to switch locations. I have always had the ability to see, feel, and hear things that others didn't and hospitals were a great and horrible place to meet new people, even if they were dead. I grew up with it, sometimes it was scary but with Frank (a non-living older man who I met when I was two - he has become a companion of sorts) it was tolerable.

Frank would keep me safe from malicious/hurtful energies and would provide a nice even energy for me to rest on when things became too hectic. Sometimes he and others would show up in pictures that were taken of me. There is one where I'm in my crib and you can see almost nothing through a thick smoky substance. As I got older I would talk and play with whomever was near (or try to). Because we moved a lot I was used to new people and thought nothing of these people that only I could see. Like the lady that would stand by the kitchen window in the cherry house, or the boy that hid under the deck crying. Cemeteries were always interesting, there were a lot of sad people but none of them really scared me unless there was something horribly wrong with them. But living with them was just something to be expected, if any of them were mean then Frank was there to help.

For a long time my mom thought that I was just playing a game, it wasn't too farfetched, I was very creative. When I turned three I started suppressing the feelings and ignoring the images, my mom had had enough of my 'imaginary friends' and threatened to make me stay with my grandparents if I didn't stop making things up. I had abandonment issues when I was younger because of my mother and fathers divorce so I was petrified of me not living with her, so I stopped listening to them and pretended to not see them.

I fear that I lost Frank a little around this point as he stopped sitting on my bed at night, he would protect me from the 'monsters' that would come at night. According to my mom I went through a long phase of night terrors where I would hurt myself and a few times I ran away in the middle of the night. When she took me to the doctors they said I would grow out of it and that they could do nothing but give her restraints to put on me before I went to sleep.

At three in the morning I was brought into the emergency room with a dislocated shoulder and the doctor took the restraints back. They offered to give me low dosage sleeping pills but my mom didn't believe in them and also didn't want her child getting addicted to them. So she did the only thing that she could think of to help me, she had me start sleeping with her.

When I started sleeping with my mom she would have nightmares and I would have night terrors. There was one night that I remember very clearly; I was sleeping and suddenly was awake and staring at the foot of the bed, a man was there and he felt bad. He held down my legs and slowly I felt the pressure moving up my body, I couldn't move and started trying to hit or scratch him to get him to stop. I couldn't yell for my mom, no sound would come out. I lay there crying after he got my hands and held them down as well, then I blacked out and my mom was trying to hold my hands from my face.

My mom told me that she woke up to me crying (latter when I was older she told me that she had a dream that a man was attacking me) I was trying to claw at my thought and was cussing and screaming. Since then my family has accepted my explanation and believe me when I say I can see things, especially since I gave a message to my great grandmother from her husband who had died when I was five months old. I know some others in my family have this gift as well, I'm not sure how strong but I know my brother has walked in on several people in our house.

The reason I'm telling you this is because around five I finally got my sleep somewhat under control, I still sleepwalk, sleeptalk, have dreams of the future (even if some are really mundane), dream of people that are dead, talk to the dead in my dreams, but I haven't had anything take control like that one attack that I just told you about. That is until just recently, I had surgery and was on pain medication that had me sleeping 18 plus hours a day. While tiding my room I found a large number of drawings that I don't remember drawing, but it seems like I was trying to draw something, I'm not really sure what. It's mostly a large mass of scribbles but I'm trying to understand them.

I want to know if anyone would be willing to tell me their opinion on what happened to make all of this come rushing back. Now that I'm off the medicine I can't sleep like I use to, I can't get as deep as I used to and I wake up to anything. My awareness of everything has risen but is being more of a pain because of it. I get more and more 'visitors' and a whole new level of 'feeling' instead of feeling if a room is bad when I walk into it I can feel which room is bad when I stand outside the door.

I have been getting extremely nauseous around negative people (which is interfering with school and work) and migraines come more easily and last longer. My grandfather's brother (a Miwok - Bear Clan elder) told me that I was a shaman, and because I turned 19 while I was still recovering from my surgery and on the medication that my energy could have broke my suppressing walls that I made when I was three (he says this could also be the explanation for my two spirits as I am Pangender). He has offered to take me to a gathering in Mariposa that may help me to cleanse but I have to wait for a gathering. He has been doing white sage cleansings on his own for me and it seems to help a little.

Frank has since returned and it is great to see him again, he said that he was sticking close but I was dead set on ignoring everything. He has been watching me sleep lately and making sure to wake me if I start to sleepwalk or anything of the sort.

So really the question I need answered is this: What can I do to live a somewhat normal life, or at least help me ease into this so I don't have migraines and insomnia? Any suggestions would be graciously accepted.

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angleGirl111 (1 stories) (113 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-15)
frank is your protecter (gardon angle and will protect you always)
Try calling him back
Then you won't have night terriors
I do somthimes
But not as bad
My protecter (gardon angle)
Isent as stong so I still see feel bad energy
But srounded urself with a egg will help
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-15)
Emm melotonin did absolutely nothing for me, but then again I can intake 10x more protien then most people, so that could be one reason. Ha-ha
Margo (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-15)
I have always been a great dreamer, full color and what can I say, every night is an adventure. My husband has always been a light sleeper, restless legs and rarely dreamed. Our Dr. Put him on 6ml melotonin before bed. He is sleeping better than I can ever remember and dreaming to boot. We also unplug any thing electrical in our bedroom at night to reduce electro-magnetic frequencies. I always try to do some yoga before sleeping it is relaxing and balancing. I meditate and visualize a bright white light coming down into the top of my head and send it up and down your body. I hope this is helpful. Look into Melotonin!. God Bless! ❤
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-14)
hollinor... You were always psychic... Or the spirits would never have bugged you it just took a while for the water to fill up the dam before it came out of the overflow... But the crappy part is everybody needs pain meds. Once in a while and that's when those spirits with an evil intent like to get a toe hold !
dahlia123 (6 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-14)
well vintage I have to agree with Martin and Hollinor meds do let your guard down
to me they sound like attacks of the evil nature, sage cleansings are good
Salt around all the entrances into your domicile is a good thing to

Hollinor I think, you have had a near death experience and that is why you are open now

Vintage I have to say, you sound very awesome...
I am not sure how to get rid of migraines or insomnia but I do know you have to hit a certain rem cycle to stop this
a glass of wine before bed or a beer is helpful just one though
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-13)
Vintage it is normal not to be able to sleep like you used to after coming off of medication. I have major sleep issues, to where I have had to been sedated to fall asleep. Sometimes when you enter another world and see things you aren't suppose to, it comes with a price. I didn't ever have troubles sleep walking/talking, just never going to sleep because of some of the things.

What happens is after the dose you up, the brain receptors don't work normally (like drug addicts and nicotine) With some of these drugs (ex. Ambien, which did nothing for my sleep) stopped my dreams. You will not be able to dream for a while, each time I get put on new med. (b/c I get immuned fast) it stops your dreaming, sometimes it even is target to that specific place. You may not be able to dream at all for months on end *six or more* and see other issues in that area, after a few months you may see to slowly start to regain it back, but at first you will have what I like to call 'other people dreaming', in which you do not have your own dreams, but rather make up small non helpful dreams, that most people have that are 'symbolic'. But most of the time I find them rather pointless, because I do not ususally dream that way. When your body cannot dream, it might try to do other things like incorperate 'flashes', something I got when that dissappeared to redirect what I saw in a different from. Luckily, your brain is creative and can find many different routes.

Be patient it will take some time.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-13)
vintage - I sometimes have some trouble sleeping, a little. I ignore things, but still, I can have trouble sleeping. My husband told me, recently, that I tended to talk a lot in my sleep in mumbles. I didn't know that. Anyway, I sleep my best if I do physical activities and mental and get really tired. I don't about ceremonies, but this works good for me. I always sleep peacefully, always have, but I sometimes wake up for no reason or start to nod off and jar awake. Tired, I just crash.
hollinor (3 stories) (127 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-13)
OMG! I realized I had stopped breathing while reading your story! Now I know when all of my gifts started! It seemed like it was all at once, and reading about your surgery, I felt a light bulb come on in my head. I had serious surgery back at the end of 2000. I was off work for six weeks and was taking some hellacious pain meds. That is when the dreams, seeing spirits, getting scratched... Just EVERTHING started! Edmund, that is when I heard the growling I was telling you about a while ago. I found out later on that I'd had some complications during surgery. And not only that, they almost lost me during my c-section with the twins. I stopped breathing and my blood pressure plummeted. I also had a second surgery between those two, and with all three surgeries I was on some powerful pain meds. All of this took place over the span between Nov 2000 and March 2003.

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story Vintage. Now, I know why all of a sudden I had gifts when I never grew up with them. Amazing.
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2008-03-13)
Vintage... I would have to agree with Martin I would keep doing the cleansing ceremonies with sage with your great uncle and take him up on going to the next gathering. And of course if Frank has protected you in the past I would be asking him to protect you now. Now I'm not a doctor but if I have this right all the problems happened when you had to take the medication for the surgery. Well... Gifted psychics/mediums such as yourself have to be very carefull on what medications to take because your gaurd will be down even if its conscious or subconsciously... The spirit world will take advantage of you when your not in top mental shape due to the pain meds. I know that it isn't fair... But it was I think just your guard was down due to the meds. Hope you shoulder is better and get to the gathering to speak with the elders. 😁
Martin (129 posts) mod
14 years ago (2008-03-13)
Wow, you sound like a very gifted medium vintage. I think the cleansing ceremony and reaccepting Frank in your life are two positive steps to get all this under control. What you can't fight, you have to learn to accept, and sometimes that's when the scary shadows reveal themselves to be good friends.

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