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Increase In Strange Events


For at least half of my life, strange things have happened to me. I've been frequently drawn to fire and wind, and when I dive into water I feel like I am floating in my own mind. The earth seems to surround me, comforting me. However, fire and wind are my main "elements".

This last year, things have been happening, where the wind springs up on humid days when my emotions are charged. I see flickers of light or feel extreme heat for less than a second before I am back to normal.

I know it sounds silly, but I've looked at tarot cards and my horoscope (Sagitarious during 7/23/2014) multiple times.


(Monthly Overview

In the distance, you can see lights. You can imagine laughter. You want to go and check it out! So go and check it out on the 1st. Yep, as the month gets started, you really want to make an extra effort to follow your desires wherever they may go. After all, who knows when you'll be down this road again? And who knows what you might find at the end of it? This spirit of adventure animates your actions on the 4th, 5th and 6th, too, as you seek out solutions to problems that you need to resolve. Great! Give yourself space to really welcome in all the wonderful that's coming your way on the 9th and 10th. Wow! Is this life-changing, or what? Take a nap and give yourself plenty of time to reminisce on the slow and sleepy and sentimental 15th and 16th. By the super-fun, super-fit, super out-there 17th and 18th, the more active you can be, the better! Think deeply, and breathe that way, too, on the 20th. It's good for you! Make allowances if their energy levels don't match yours on the 25th. Don't hassle the boss on the 30th or 31st. It's not the best-ever approach.)

--------END OF HOROSCOPE------

Recently my emotions have been flaring up, and since I'm going to be a teenager in four months, I'm thinking its due to my hormones. Or maybe I'm having some sort of spiritual thing. Evidence: The night before I posted this I was having a dream. Tons of people were crowding around me-almost all of their faces were blurry. In the distance I could see my family searching around, looking for me as I fought through the crowd to get to them. Then, a wall/wave of black came towards them and washed them away, and I flung myself into it to get to them. Once I had, I couldn't see/hear/touch/smell/taste, and my mind was the only thing I really had. Woke up in a cold sweat.

So, help anyone? I haven't tried meditating, but I plan to over lunch break today (sort of, just mind relaxation, bleh bleh) and I want to see if it will help me. Please comment! I need guidance right now.

--- (Spiritual test results-yes, I was that desperate) ---

Psychic Quiz Result


High level

You have shown a high level of psychic ability in your answers. You are in touch with your extra-sensory perceptions and likely feel and experience things more powerfully than others, and possibly even things others don't notice at all.

Comprehensive tests, involving the use of cards, symbols, or dice are available to measure your aptitude in telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis. These tests also help people in developing psychic ability.

ALSO FROM I got a shaman result. I didn't manage to copy the results from that page, sorry.

(Note to self and viewers: Will look in app store for aerokinesis and pyrokinesis meditation music. Just in case. Or take a trip to the pool-the one place I feel like I really connect with the "other worldly" besides in sleep-and I haven't been able to sleep well lately.)

Thanks for all the help! -MuddledClarity

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joni437 (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-02)
Muddled Clarity:

Here to help you, you see your emotions when angry, heated, lashing out, etc. Seems to drive away all the love you invested with your family, friends, etc... Making all black/emotionless...when this happens it remakes an individual separate from the love that would have surrounded him/her. So instead of washing them away, do your best to be the form of love that you know must exist throughout your life...don't let this window of time slip you by, don't start a new cycle of life with less love... Do your best to give those hugs, listen, be helpful, be nurturing to yourself and to others... Know that our time is precious, love will only help all good things flow in your life, I want you to be part of life, the goodness is offers, not cut out of it in some manner- You want your senses-taste, touch, smell, sight, etc. To always work for you, so stick with the best thing ever created... Think with your heart always, less with your mind/head. So love, love, love... Forgive always, because we are all learning and not one is the same or learns at the same level... But in love, we are everything to one another.

Peace be about you dear one.

❤ Joni
Grahamcracker5k (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-07-25)
Hello MuddledClarity, I to am a Sagittarius, born 12/18/96. I am currently 17. You may feel closely drawn to wind or fire because fire is our element. Recently I've been trying to learn how to control fire around me, to increase its flame or whatever the case may be. And once I come to realize it, when I think deeply about the wind, I imagine myself blowing wind in a certain direction and sometimes it actually happens. Some lights flicker when I get near them also, especially street lights. They will flicker when I get near and then shut off when I'm underneath them, so when I pass and am a few yards away, they come back on. Now just to make this clear I have known for awhile now that I am an empath. You may read more about it some other time. But I feel closely drawn the earth and its beings. Like plants, animals and its elements. I feel tied in closer with animals especially, then most people. I feel like when I talk to the animal, it understands me and I can understand it also. There is much more about me I wish to post in an article, but can't at the moment. When I do finally post it. I will be sure to contact you and tell you much more. I know my comment wasn't an answer, but hopefully someone else can use our knowledge and experiences to help you find your answer. Just know your not alone. (:

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